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I have Tourettes and people use to call me a freak. I didnt really have any friends and i felt alone:( No one should feel like they are alone or they are a freak just because they have problems. 

Asia - 14 - pa

its not fair

Michelle - 14 - Denver,Colorado

I have been bullied since 2nd grade and i still do. i had a friend who committed suicide because of bullying. I have been looking out for others since then so they don't have to go through what my friend and i had to go through. Every one gets bullied, but we can all stop it make a difference

Ethan - 16 - orem, ut

no one should have to go through that. i wish people would just get along without all of this drama.bullying is never YOUR fault. and never become the bully. it is not a way of life and should never happen so don't believe that lie. word cant hurt you physically, but they can hurt you internally and you may never forget it. don't let them put you down and don't be a bystander, help them. tell an adult.we have lost enough people to suicide because of bullying, we shouldn't lose anymore, so stand up and speak out!

Jasmyn - 14 - meredosia, illinois

I care because I was bullied when I was little but I don't anymore and I just don't like to see others bullied. The people that stand up to bullies of their own or help out other kids by standing up to their bullies are my kind of people. I want to thank a few people that helped me in elementary school when I was being bullied. If I knew them still I would probably be pretty good friends with them. 

Kyle - 15 - Michigan

bullying can destroy lives and devastate self image.  

Holly - 34 - USA

I care because no one should be treated unfairly, no one should be picked on and no one should have to feel alone. I was bullied from 1st to 6th grade; now I'm in the 12th and it took me almost six years to realize that all of the bullying still effects me. I'm doing my senior project on bullying and I feel like there will be a change soon. Bullying should be taken very seriously because it is very real.

Brittney - 17 - Louisiana, US

I've never been bullied but when I see something like that, it just makes me feel sick. No one should pass through things like that

marina - 22 - MA

I have been left out a lot, been given the rudest glares, heard the things they had to say about me, all of it. Bullies destroyed my confidence, and they have torn me down to the point where i thought i wasnt good enough. I dont think anyone else should go through the cycle of inconfidence, depression, insecurity, and what they think is false hope. I have gone through a lot because of bullying. It has destroyed me inside and out. Bullying really hurts people, even if you dont see them reacting to it, you dont know if they go home and cry theirself to sleep or think about ending it because of one thing someone said. Thats all it takes to push someone over the edge sometimes. If anyone reads this and is being bullied, youre not alone. Talk to someone youre close with, it doesnt even have to be family. Maybe just a good friend. Whoever it is, they will help you through this dark time. I cant say i dont deal with it anymore, it still happens all the time. But my close friend has helped me see that those words cant hurt me anymore. Stop isolating yourself, dont hurt yourself tonight, and please reach out to someone. Best wishes to all of you, i hope you find your light. Keep fighting, it will get better. ❤

Makayla - 15 - Missouri

I have been bullied since about 1st grade but now I am going to take a stand so, who ever is with me like a facebook page called speak up to bullying

rachel - 13 -

Not everybody in this world is meant to be perfect. The fact that a bully is making us feel inferior is just absolutely heartbreaking. Nobody deserves to be bullied-so many people suicide because some people don't understand when to stop joking. Everybody in this world should all be loved equally. Do you know how important life is? Don't dwell in your own depression. You have people who care about you. Don't let the bullies dictate your life. You have a whole team surrounding you, why let one person ruin the game? Keep your head up; I promise you it's worth it. I for one am a fighter of bullying. Smile because that's the best weapon to bring a bully down :). 

Linda - 16 - Wisconsin

its important because you will  make the other person cry.The second reason is because  you will want them to treat you right.GOLDE RULE.THE THIRD REASON I care is because its not fair if they get bulled. the finnle reason is because you come to school to learn and not bully.THE END.

kzon - 9 - detroit michagan

its important because you will  make the other person cry.The second reason is because  you will want them to treat you right.GOLDE RULE.THE THIRD REASON I care is because its not fair if they get bulled. the finnle reason is because you come to school to learn and not bully.THE END.

kzon - 9 - detroit michagan

it dosent matter if your fat or skinny tall or short Its what you feel about yourself becasue you only live one life so live it to the fullest!

Briah - 11 - Milford,Ct

I care about this a lot because was bully when I was in 1,2,and 3 grade I thought that when I move to a new house and a new school things would change but they didn't bully me because of my appearance. When I told my teacher she did nothing it when on like this in till fourth grade there I made new friends and help me. Now my friend is getting bully and I want to help her.

melinda - 14 -


i believe that people should not bully others. the reason i believe that is that when people bully me it doesn?t feel good and people shouldn?t have to go through that. It's not so fun being called names, pushed around, or anything like that, I care because I believe that we as a world can come together to prevent bullying from happening. Bullying is a very serious cause and causes much, much damage on the victim's life. I care because I too was bullied. 
over the years i?ve been bullied a lot. for multiple reasons, my hair looking crazy or me not wearing the latest clothing. bullying is in our nature so we just can't help it. it has became so harsh, theres cyber, verbal, physical, and social ways to be bullied people getting beat up, people have been overcome with depression or even anorexia maybe they even committed suicide. Therefore, we need to stick together and be nice to one another. If you're the bully, take a walk in your victim's shoe and see how it feels to them.
It breaks my heart that people get bullied,including me. I don't understand why people think its ok to hurt someone from the inside and out.I  never want anyone to have to face bullying. we are all different. Everyone judges someone even if they don't know the person. 

**** - 12 - irmo south carolina

I dont want others to make themselves feel invisible like the people they bully and I feel the urge to speak up for the bullied.

Mckinleigh - 12 - louisiana

I care because, I've seen students being bullied. The students balling up inside and having no one to turn to, its a terrible thing. When I were to see someone being bullied I'd help the one becoming bullied. It's not right, nobody deserves to become bullied. If we don't help the ones who are being bullied then were just as bad as the one who is doing the bullying. STOP BULLYING!

Cassandra - 19 - Indiana

i have been bullied before from being told to kill myself, stabbed in the hallway at school,pushed into lockers, and hate pages about me on social media. It really bugs me that my school says that they can't do anything about this. So basically they are saying that from people causing me some medical issues and depression they won't do anything about it. So all this anger and sadness about all of this has made me want to do anything to prevent bullying from happening to others. Lets all pitch in together to stop bullying!

Alyssa - 12 - michigan

All my years in elementary, I was bullied because I was a very shy and quiet person. I would never talk to anyone and I always had my head down, thinking when will this end. Around 3rd grade I was depressed and had suicidal thoughts, I had no friends nobody to talk to. Until my mom noticed right away. Because of her, i am not the same kid anymore. When I started middle school I was made fun of but my mother was by my side the whole time. She is the reason why I am here today. Yes, it is hard but you just have to talk to some and realize it will get better :) You are not alone. 

Bianca D. - 15 -

I know what you feel

leah - 9 - camarena

I was bullied and I still am. I come home crying every day off the bus because people would call me really bad names and say stuff about me that isn't true. i didn't tell my parents anything and I hid all of my feelings because I was always told that the bullies like it when you show emotion to their actions. I am still scared to even walk down the hall ways because I used to get binder slapped and pushed into lockers and beat up. everyone would text me and tell me everything wrong with myself. that made me very  self concious and feel like I wasn't wanted, I turned to self harm to help. all of this stuff happening to me made me servierly depressed. and I just want everyone to know that hurting yourself doesn't help.  And if YOU feel like you're not wanted think again because you are, and to make you feel even better just think... there are thousands of cells in your body fighting to keep you alive and all that they care about it you. I am here for you.  please remember that you are strong. you are gorgeous and you are perfectly you. 

Autumn - 13 -

I care because as a kid, I was very quiet and shy.  Because of this, I think people took advantage and bullied me.  As I'm older and have kids of my own, he tells me stories of how cruel kids can sometimes be.  I think this is a very common thing.  He stands up for himself but that doesn't mean the comments do not hurt him.  

Stephanie - 39 - Minnesota

Bullying is poison that pleasures bullies. Like a drug, it starts slow and steadily increases. Unless substituted with compassion and forgiveness bullies will not stop. Students, you know who these people are. DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW! You may the one voice for someone who is in deep pain. I wish someone would have helped me when I was younger. I forgive all the bullies in my life and take on the responsibility as an educator to help those students in need.

- 24 - TN

i been bullied since the 1st grade

laterrian - 13 - rayvilee,louisiana

i have gotten bullied sence my first day of first grade. the thing is though i try my best to keep going because if i can make it so can others. ya it's hard and you get knocked down but you've got to keep going


i have never got bullied but i seen it and it is horrible.My best friend got bullied and i standed up for her.but i thought no one was going to help and then all my friends where right beside me to to everyone out there who thinks there alone, your not.

Anonymous - 14 - Anonymous

you is kind
you is smart
you is important

- 14 -

i am deeply disturbed that i was involved in a bullying incident.

i am older and wiser and know the results of such negative actions.

if only i could take it back...i would do it immediately...i am sorry terry...what you were put did not deserve such treatment...i don't know where you are at today...but i hope you found the peace, love and happiness you deserve...again i am deeply sorry and hope that some how this reaches  you and all those others who are who are being bullied.

karen - 48 - califorina

Sometimes people can hide what they really feel and you never know what they are feeling until they are gone.. So speak up and do something before its to late.. There's no such thing as having too many friends... So make a new one a bring someone up!

cassidy - 14 - ND

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