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all the time i see bulling and all we have to do is to stand up for each other and also put an END TO IT never be alone.
for the people who was bullied we all can hear you and you are not alone

deanna - 13 - wny

Bullying is wrong. If you bully then nobody will be friends with you.
If your being bullied you should never bully back.

Raymond - 10 - Ohio

I have been bullied my whole life. When I was young I never told anyone, family or friends, it sure hurt my self esteem later in life. Due to my bullying I have a hard time socially. Please , if you are being bullied, tell someone, they may not be able to do anything, but at least they will know and can help you get through the pain with love. When I was bullied in elementary school there was a janitor named Mr. Jones who helped me out of some bad bully situations, he could have turned away. If you see someone being bullied, please help them. Thanks.

Warn - 44 - Virginia

I care because I know what it feels like to be bullied because I was once bullied and it is not a good feeling. I care because I am here for support and I think everyone should feel appreciated and loved.

Aaliyah - 14 - Georgia

This is ridiculous conduct. And never accepted. Its got to stop: the cruelty and violence. It destroys lives both physically and mentally. 

Annett - 52 - fl

I know what it feels like. STAND UP TO BULLYING NOW

Ava - 10 - ohio

I know what it is like to be bullied in high school. Not physically. It got to the point where this girl was saying things to me that I could never repeat, and it went so far that I did not feel comfortable going to class. I NEVER want anyone to have that feeling of being unsafe or scared to go to school. I know that feeling and just knowing that kids go through worse acts of bullying scares me. What is the world coming to?

Kelsey - 19 - Arizona

you never really know what is going on in someone else's life & bullying whoever only adds on to whatever situation they're going through. 

Danielle - 16 - South Carolina

My little brother has been bullied ever since he started school he is now in third grabe its hard coming home to him crying. One day he came home saying he was sick me and my mom immientlie knew that something was wrong turned out that his so "friend" had been kicking and picking on him just because of his speach problems so we went to go talk to the principle and the kids parents the parents just kept defending their son and said well my son would never do that and said are you sure your brother is not just trying to get my kid in trouble for nothing and we knew he wasnt, after they said that the principle thought that my brouther was lying so the principle did nothing. My brother is nnow at a new school and doing a lot better.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Victoria - 11 - California

I was bullied in elementary school and middle school. It was a very hard time for me and I felt so lonely. But recently I joined Unify Against Bullying ! Check it out and do the unify selfie challenge ! It's a great program.

Rae - 17 -

Just saying, i'm not being bullied, but I care about other people too. 

Shut down bullying!
Take it down!
Other people matter too!
People who bully will be stopped!

Ryan - 9 - TX

I am an educator preparing pre-service teachers for the teaching profession. Other than the moral and ethical reasons for why I care, there is the academic reason too. In short, if a student in our classroom is overwhelmed with anxiety because they are being bullied, there can be little valuable learning taking place for them.  Consequently, their needs are not being met emotionally or academically. Valuable time for the learner is wasted as well as for the student doing the bullying. Attention must be given to each individual situation so that the bully is educated on acceptable behaviors, the bullied is provided with skills to help with standing up for themselves, and the bystanders need support in finding their voice and reporting when a student is a victim of bullying. 

Maria - 59 - Pennsylvania

Every name that a kid has been called has lead them more and more into depression.

Alyssa - 13 - Wisconsin

Ive been bullied and I know how it feels when you go home and spend hours in the mirror, pointing out every flaw, and keeping track every time you find a new one. I know how it feels when you spend nights in the bathroom crying your eyes out. how it feels to be in a hospital because you are a "self- harmer" and once people find out they call you an attention seeker. I want other people to know what happens and I don't want other people to go through it. im still going through it at 10th grade. I spend hours in front of the mirror trying to find something to wear that I wont be judged for. if I wear dresses Im a hoe, if I wear sweatpants then i'm lazy and a hoe. either way I lose. I need help. that's why I am on this site. I feel lost and I don't know where to turn. I just want other people to know not to give up. you might be going through it, but find those people who care. ive done it all, self harming, eating and purging, all of it, and it doesn't make me feel any better. turn to people. play to your strengths. draw, write, sing, do what makes you happy and distract yourself. and if you are not being bullied, stand up for those who are being bullied. don't give up people!!!! 

Sarah - 15 - VA

i want to help others like me.I want them to know that they are not alone.
right know i am studying to be a social worker which i know can help make a change about bullying.
i hope there is also an agency which is open for bully victims ,which they can develop themselves through the help of persons  that was also like them.I was dreaming to help people like me by building an agency in each schools that can care and protect each bully victim from the ridicule of others.

sophie - 19 - philippines

...I work with a bully who targets people she sees as inferior, helpless, or vulnerable. I care because bullying hurts everyone: the target, bystanders, even the bully herself. I care because bullies ruin careers and lives. I care because bystanders in the throes of denial or fear often become unwitting participants and enablers. I care because people who would otherwise never bully gang up with the bully on the target. I care because people and organizations who have the power to put a stop to the abuse and harassment become bullies themselves when they blame the target. I care because bullying can happen to anyone at any time. I care because bullying is not against the law. I care because this insidious diseased behavior is as old as humanity, and it has to stop. 

Christine - 50 - Idaho

Not only was I bullied when I was young because I had long hair and was pretty, but I just found out from my granddaughter, that she is bullied in her school all the time. My granddaughter has a disability. It hurts her alot. I am trying to assist her in getting through being bullied. There should be more posters in schools all over the United States against bullying, but there needs to be more conferences to getting the word out. Also did you guys know that bullying also goes on in the work place. It has been happening for years. Posters should also be placed in every work place. You would think that adults wouldn't act this way, but they do. Its sad.

Mary Frances - 57 - MI

I care because it hurt my feelings and it wasn't fair.

Lilly - 14 - Alabama

I care because I have been bullied my whole life. I have experienced firsthand what bullying does to a person. I was bullied for being the ugly girl with acne and a "flat chest", and later continued to be bullied for being the pretty girl who blossomed. Women AND Men should be EMPOWERING each other, not calling women deragatory names and treating each other with disrespect. 

Bullying does not just destroy a persons self esteem, it can destroy a persons LIFE. People now are being bullied for ALL TYPES of things. I believe the public have become more aware of bullying now compared to 15 years ago when I was in high school, however I also believe that unfortunately bullying is happening MORE and MORE. Unfortunately bullying will always happen, but if only ONE person can be helped from incredible organizations like PACER then its all worth it.

Tania - 31 - Toronto



I've been bullied my whole life and at this age I'm just coming into loving how and who I am .i just have hope for everyday and do any little thing that makes me smile.your all beautiful and amazing don't let anyone tell you different.

Drea - 23 - Wellington Florida

When I was in elementary I was bullied because I didn't look the same and I wasn't the same size as everybody. But that didn't stop me for what I liked to do. I believe if just keep your head up then you can do what ever your heart feels like doing.

Kirsten - 13 - Houston tx

I going into high school, and knowing that I've been bullied my whole life, I'm always scared just thinking about it. Although so many people have been around people like us who get bullied, their still is That group of people who don't want us to get a happy ending. I just hope that  one special day will come, when bullying will stop, and those who bully realize what harm they do us. 

Morgan - 14 - Kankakee,IL

I care because being bullied isn't funny. See I was bullied when I was younger because all the girls at school were skinny and I wasn't. It didn't really bother me till 6th grade year I gained a lot of weight I weighed 145 and was 4'11 they use to make fun of me and call me hippo and stuff and I remember just going home and crying. In 7th grade I built up confidence and was still overweight but I grew 7 inches. I fit into the popular crowd now but am still overweight and feel insecure. Everytime one of my friends make a joke about being fat to other people I step in and remind them that you wouldn't like it to be done to you and your not that skinny after all. You can't stop the, all but at least starting a little bit helps. No one deserves to be bullied by anyone just like I said to my friend who bullied a overweight girl. I said what if she went home and committed suicide because of what you said to her you would have to live with that. My friend is now against bullying so I care because it's not right. Be you no matter what no one can bring you down don't let them be stronger.

Nicole - 13 - Arizona

I am going through it right now! This one girl K**** on Instagram said stop telling every one that u were "cyber and verbal bullied by L***** and D*****"! I said I have proof! I got mad b/c I felt like my parwnts would not be supported. Kids need to report bullying I hate how I see people getting bullied but I do nothing! Nobody does b/c they dont want to stand up for that kid! I am now entering 7th grade and one of my bullys r in my class! I was talking to her and she said that she was sorry and wantex to be friends agian! Beloeve or not my bullies were my Best Friends since 1st grade!! I forgave and hopfully 7th grade goes well! Plz go to someone I cant handle this be honest! Tell teacher friend Mom or Dad before spmething serious happends!Ur special in ur own ways! People neef to find that out!

Brooklyn - 12 - Md

Kids or even adults who like to bully have their own crucial moments wherein they don't know how to deal with that problem. They are angry with their parents, siblings or even the world and they like other people to suffer too just like them. If you are being bullied, the only way to help yourself and the one that bullied you is to seek help. I know it will sound weird, but they, too, need love and understanding.

CL - 24 - Philippines

I care because I feel like everybody is a beautiful person and nobody should put each other down. I'm not trying to sound like a hippie or anything, its just...I have witnessed so much bullying and it really breaks my heart. I don't understand the point in bullying someone just because they were different. Different could be really good, but nobody wants to give it a chance. I have been bullied before, but I told my mom as soon as it started. And I thought that the whole situation at the time was really stupid because the problem I had could have been solved with a 30-second conversation. I mean, like, really???!!!! The girls who had a problem with me could have come up to me themselves and we all would have understood that it was all a misunderstanding. And that can be the case for many bullying situations. Communication is more important than you think. My only recommendation for any victims is tell someone....please. Please just tell someone, I'm not trying to sound like some cheesy commercial, I'm being real. You need to tell someone. If you have no one to tell, reach out to a guidance counselor at school or a teacher. It could really help you, you don't deserve to live in fear. When you tell someone, you are taking the bullies power away. Anyway....umm....that is why I care.

Guadlupe - 12 - A Place

During the second grade I developed a tick disorder similar to Tourette's syndrome.  I was confused and embarrassed by my involuntary blinks and twitches and the ridicule of my classmates made me feel less than worthless.  Because of which,  I began suffering from anxiety attacks that made me wished that I was invisible.  I chose not to participate in class and kept to myself during lunch and recess.  This reclusive behavior only made me seem weirder and gave the bullies another reason to taunt me.   It was only with the help of my parents and two very special teachers that I became more accepting of my condition.  Once they convinced me that I had more to offer in life, I transformed into a totally different person.  Every year when I start a new school grade, I still get teased about my twitches, but I can handle it.  It is no big thing because I refuse to let anyone define me because of something I cannot control.  Through the years I have worked very hard to maintain an A average (and won President Obama's  Academic Excellence  Award), earned a green belt in Tiger Schulman's Karate and I am very active in the Elk's charity events that raise money for disabled children and veterans.  The more interests I developed, the more friends I made who liked me for my  personality .

Riley - 14 - NJ

I care bc I am sick and tired of everybody bring judge on there pass or there act or how they look it is so mean to be a bully and wen I use to be around bully's i was like uhhh...this not me bye I don't do this I have been bullied before but I told a adult tell your principle your teacher or you parents and if the person keep doing to jus laugh and walk away and say thank you and then they will say man that did not hurt them then you'll be the bigger and better and smarter person and tell them think before you act 

Aliyah - 10 - Maywood

Bullying is a serious thing. I've been bullied before and it hurts. It hurts a lot. It feels like everyone hates you. I even thought of suicide when I was bullied, even attempted it. My friends stopped me.They showed me they cared. They made me feel important. They made me feel like a HUMAN BEING. That's why I care. We all deserve to be loved. Love you all. Hope you take care of your bullying situations and inspire others!  

Jasmine - 12 - Washington

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