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no one should have to feel alone or invisible because people are cruel in school or online. Everyone deserves to have a voice. Bystanders need to stand up for what they KNOW is right. Stand up for the person being unfairly treated because it may end up that you save their life. No one deserves being bullied, so stand together and end it!

Emily - 14 - IL

i was bullied and its not right for kids to have to live through the pain

thomas - 13 - new jersey

I always been bullied since I was a kid.I'm still been bullied even I'm 16,I have no friends...I'm alone..I always hurts physically and emotionally..I hope there were "the international organization" that could bring me to anti bullying meeting
...but at the same time I want (bullying things about me) to be keep as a secret...james not my real name by the way
..I'm not living in uk

james - 16 - uk

It's always better to help out in bullying. It is so much better to be with others than to go solo. So try to help everyone and anyone. Also learn both sides of the story. The bully might have a sad back round and may need a friend.

GAMERSUNION - 12 - New York

Majority of my elementary and middle school years I was bullied . Thoughtout my life I was a heavy set guy and for that kids always pointed and laughed this was the worst feeling ever. Kids and even teachers yes the teachers I know it's sad but this is reality. The way I delt with mine was staying close to family. I know not everyone has a lot of siblings like I did but having a church family is just as good. The church allowed me to meet other kids my age And helped me a lot with bullying but it's always people there for you. It is true that you are never alone. And I do understand that there are some good kids and teachers out there I just hope that no ever will have to go threw Wat I went threw much love to all 

Jarvis - 19 - Memphis

I was made fun of by a boy in my class and he said that I was fat,ugly,stupid, and weird but I think I'm amazing the way I am so I know what it feels like to get bullied so .... DONT BULLY!!!! TRUST ME IT NOT FUN AT ALL!!!!!

Samantha - 9 - nj

bullying is not okay, and that everyone is a human and needs to be treated equally as the next person.

Kaitlyn - 14 - North Carolina

I care because I love you. Even when the rest are gone... You will always be loved by me. I want you to know that you have the world in your words. You have the will power to change the fabric of time/space with what you say. Speak up friend: use words of joy, happiness, and love living with peace. Love thy enemies, for if you feed them kindness, a shower of fire shall rain upon their heads. I tell you today and forever, don't forfeit your battles and run your race. Soon... soon your tired spirit will have the rest it needs; and If you need help, ask the right people and ye shall receive it. I can also tell you for a fact that you're not alone: As long as you've got love in your heart, whether it be mine, your friends', your family's, or your own, you'll never be alone. Just FOREVER know, I'm JUST like YOU: Loved. - Your Friend J. Paredes

Your Friend, Justin P. - 17 - Earth

I know what it was like. I had the strength to make it to today but it wasn't easy. The scars don't go away, you'll never get that time back or do a reset.

Really the only choice you have is to make a commitment today to work toward a better tomorrow.

Fabian - 30 - CA

I went through a minor depression myself, that is why I stand up for what is right at my school. My friend is going through tough times himself. He has no Mother, Farther or siblings. Everyday I see him, trade greetings, be friends. 

I always help someone in need. I help, I care, I befriend.

Joshua - 11 -

I've been bullied since my peers could talk. My wrists bleed every night. I don't want anyone to go through that. It hurts internally and externally. Help me.

Reagan - 12 - Georgia

This is for My daughter She is Sweet kind loving the most beautiful smile She is the best person you can ever have a friend ship with .My daughter has been getting bullied on and off since she was about 7 years old my daughter suffers from seizures The Medicine she was taking at that age was a type of steroid which made her gain weight and she slept alot because of the reaction in the brain when she has seizures. She is 16 now and in high school kids still bully her she always been brave and walked away or ignored whom ever who was bullying her.I always encouraged her and try to stay positive and always try to talk to someone..Kids are very very mean even Adults.Trying to keep her encouraged everyday but its hard when she has to go back to high school everyday. Where kids dont care and even some teachers..

tyra - 16 -

I care because bullying is not good. Bullying is not okay, and I wish other people can get the help I did when I was bullied.

Kai - 15 - United States

If you are being bullied please talk with someone, isn't your fault you don't have to be ashamed or, if you know someone that is being bullied please be kind with him and being his friend. That's will help a lot.

Maria - 16 - Italy

i care because i am being bullied it i dont like it. so i wanna help others.

Shanntae - 17 - Arkansaa

It's not funny. I suffered bullying for years. Today I have 28 years and I'm only alive because of my family, some close friends and many (as) psychologists and psychiatrists. I rarely leave my house. I pass all the time in my room. (playing video games, reading, drawing, playing guitar). It is very difficult to deal with anyone close to me. World... stop this. Bullying is not funny

LoneWolf - - Brazil

I care because I have depression.I know what it feels like to feel so little, and sad, I wouldn't want anyone feeling this way because some bully wanted to decide how much they're worth. Everyone is unique, and brings something different and new to the table. 

mik - 17 -

Bullying is a painful experience. I know because I've been through it and I have friends that are going through it right now at school. You never really fully recover from bullying and as you get older you'll probably start bullying so it doesn't happen to you. But it won't work. The only thing that will happen is that you will start getting bullied all over again. Bullying isn't cool, and it's actually dangerous and illegal. So many kids and teens have injured or even killed themselves because of bullies online and at school. And I know how they thought because I was headed down that road before. But I learned that ending your life over something that's able to be fixed with help and support of others. I just want to help end bullying and help lower the number of children wanting to harm themselves or are being bullied. 

Jasmyne - 12 - Texas

I'm 36 years old and was bullied my entire schooling. I don't know how I made it, but the effects of that time as a child has stayed with me. I have children of my own, and one is going through it. It enrages me, especially because of how wonderful person she is. If you see it happening, stand up. A person can only be so strong alone."

Brittney - 36 -

I know the feel of being bullied or just being put down. people who bully often dont know what they do to people. they make people feel low, insecure, etc. and it discusts me. kids commit suicide because of bullying and it breaks my heart. everyone is beautiful, everyone is unique. thats what makes us...US. we werent meant to be a copy. everyone should embrace their own flaws along with everyone elses, be nice! treat people with respect! and most importantly, LOVE EACH OTHER💝

Brianna - 15 - Arizona

I have been bullied so much and I know it hurts. The people at my school have good hearts, but they don't know how bad it feels to be bullied. There used to be one kid at my school who everyone treated differently. Even though he tried to be everyone's friend, they gave him the cold shoulder. The worst part was: They didn't understand that what they were doing was bullying. Even the teachers and coaches began teasing him. I tried to stand up for him, but then everyone would just bully me. The bullying got so bad that he had to leave the school. And when he did, everyone got excited. I don't think anyone should be put through that. That's why I started the Anti- Bullying Club at my school. Stop bullying! It HURTS!  

Natalia - 12 - California

At my school, there is lots of bullying. It really makes no sense to me because the people who are getting bullied are be themselves or minding their own business. and those kids are called weird and stupid. I stick up for those people because they don't deserve that. I mean do they really deserve being teased for being themselves? I don' think so.Even if you don't like them or think they are weird, don't point it out, let them be themselves and keep opinions to yourselves. Also, all of those bystanders out there. If you see bullying, stick up for the person being bullied. You know its wrong and you can't just stand there and let it happen. If needed, tell a trusted adult. PLEASE STOP BULLYING!!!!!

Megan - 13 - Michigan

I care becuase I hate seeing people get hurt... Physically and mentally. Another thing I HATE about bullying is that we arre all human,but we are all different. People should not get teased because they are different. It is just so wrong. Even if I dont normally hang out with someone, i will talk to them or give them a smile. It really does help. So if you see someone down, all you have to do is smile, it could make their whole day.  

... - 12 - Someplace

You are more than what bullies call you. You are who you are, but you are not the mean names they call you or try to categorize you as. You are better so don't let them get you down. You are nice, friendly and fun, and smart. Talk to someone you trust it will help because it helped me when someone called me names on the internet. I used to believe her and it put me down but i wont put me down because of someone mean.

Ray - 11 -

Bullying is not the sullotion to anything, be yourself and don't believe the bad rumors or things people say to you, because you are strong and you are most impotantly you. :)

Hannah - 9 - Virginia

There are many people out there that feel alone, and it is not fair for any of us to feel this way. From experience, bullying is not a joke, and if you are being bullied, stand up and tell someone, because keeping quiet can only cause depression, anxiety, and so much more. There are people that have been in YOUR position, so don't feel alone, because you are not."
No one should ever feel alone, like no one cares. Learn what you can do to create schools and communities that are united kindness, support and hope to all students, especially those that are vulnerable to bullying.

Stephanie - 15 - CA

I care because I been bullied ever since 3rd grade maybe younger then that. I recently had depression and anxiety and I go to counseling because kids are cruel they make fun of the way I dress my weight everything.

Marissa - 17 - Pennslyvania

There are many people out there that feel alone, and it is not fair for any of us to feel this way. From experience, bullying is not a joke, and if you are being bullied, stand up and tell someone, because keeping quiet can only cause depression, anxiety, and so much more. There are people that have been in YOUR position, so don't feel alone, because you are not. <3

Stephanie - 15 - CA


keke - 11 - tampaFL



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