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bulling is very horrible. ive seen on the news everyday people dying because either they have called gay or been made fun of. i dont understand how people can make fun of other people to make a luagh. i just think one day it will all end! <3 Amen! i give my heart to all the people being bullied! :)

Krystal the beast :) - 13 - mcallen texas

Ive been bullied by four of my best frineds. it did not feel all started on school they called me names and they teased me.i just cant imagine what other kids go through each day.this REALLY NEEDS TO STOP! because the person thats bullying you or another person, one day they will regret it!

Maggie - 13 - Illinois

I was bullied all the time from Elem~High school!! I'm in a wheelchair & I have been all my life b/c I have spina bifida & nobody really understood why,& I know that's not an excuse,but of course a a kid in Elem & middle school u kinda just have to believe it,the worst thing that I've ever had anyone say to/about me was actually when when we were in Science class,I think I was in like 7th grade @ the time & we were learning about ramps (inclimbed planes & that kinda thing) & anyways the guy that was ALWAYS the main one picking on me through middle school raised his hand & goes "o so you mean that ramps are only for retarted people!" & I just looked @ him (w/o saying anything back) & I was wanting to scream SO bad,but I knew that wouldnt do anything,prob just get me into trouble,but luckily I had my 3 best friends sitting around me in that class & when they heard the guy say that they were all like "just calm down dont freak out! that's all he wants is for u to say something back to him" & I didnt b/c thats all they want is to see if ur strong enough to say something back!,but in reality being the stronger person is when u DONT!! 

Brittany - 20 - Vivian,La

I care because i was bullied before. Bullying people is the worst thing you can do to someone. The group of girls that bullied me tried to beat me up and ruin my life. One of them lied to my Mom and the others just wrote me hate notes and wrote inside of my desk with a sharpie. After a while i felt so misrable i had panic attacks. My Mom and Dad got me a therapist, but it didn't help. What those girls would do to me was so mean. My principal and I had a lot of talks. They said it was normal midddle school problems. They didn't help and i ended up switching schools in the middle of the year. My new friends are so nice and i m finally happy. The only thing that makes me sad is knowing that because i left someone else might be getting hurt by those same girls. Bullying needs to stop.

Danielle - 12 - New York

wy do people bully.

cruz - 9 - iowa

im in high school and have been bullied for 3 years now. the bullies made me feel like it was my fault and i was a bad person, but its not true at all. they took away everything from me until i was alone and had nothing left. i have tried to kill myself which was stupid but at the time it feels like you have no way out. i didn't want to tell my parents becuase i was scared they would think i was a wimp or pathetic but just talking makes it you feel so much better. Dont let them make you feel like your nothing.

abbie - 16 - England

i am bullied all the time at school. over the summer i changed my look and went back to school, but im still bullied. im not the smartest person but i want to make my parents proud so i try to stay on task in school but its really hard when kids tease you all of the time. i have a few friends but not many, most of my "friends" talk about me behind my back. i have thought about killin gmyself at this young age but i havnt only because of my parents. i dont tell them about what goes on at school becuase im afriad. iv told my addvisor and tons of teachers at my school about being teased. they try to help but the other kids dont really care. i have been picked on since the 2nd grade mostly because i have red hair. everyone calls me mean names about my hair and no matter how hard i try to change my look everyone always has something mean to say. i am hopeless now and i dont know if i can continue on. i stay hopeful becuase i want there to be an end to bullying

Katherine - 13 - FL

My sister used to be cyber bullied. She was always upset about something. It made me sad to see her like that.....TEENS AGAINST BULLYING!!!!! STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!

Maddy - 14 - Rhode Island

a friend was bullied and i've seen how much it hurts...
I hope the bullying will stop!

Eline - 12 - Belgum

I care because when I was bullied I felt like nobody wanted to help me and that nobody cared, not even the teachers who I thought cared I signed the petition cause I want this to end

Mallory - 13 - Canada

I have been bullied in the past by many people who underminded me and said that i would never acheive anything. However the bullying i received has not ended my dreams and the bullying only got one thing from me and that was not to give up but try even harder so i could prove them wrong.
I gained my confidence by being involved in a charity called Roots and Shoots. The Roots and Shoots Programme was created by Dr Jane Goodall  to help the youth of today understand how to help the enviroment and the wildlife as well as ideas on how to help your local community. I beleive that bullying as a whole should be stopped. So be inspired and get involved. 
Lets all put a stop to bullying.                           

John - 14 - Inverness in Scotland

i have been bullied and i know how much it hurts. My school is horrible about teasing others, its like if you dont fit in then why are you here kind of thing. I am taking a pledge to end bullying

Chela - 17 - wv

i care because i was a target for bullies. but im learning how to become my own person and stand up for myself. they call me names but i dont listen i know my friends will stand by me no matter what. so i can stand up and be who i want to be and not let bullies pull me to rock bottom. 

breanna , - 14 - IN

im being bullied.  I t hurts like mad, especially when my friends dont do anything about it, or help me through it. I only have one friend i could ever rely on, and i find that horrible.  I feel as if people cant stand me and they despise how i look :/ 
The one thing you cant do to bullie is bully them back. never do that because youll only get yourself into trouble. tell a teacher, or someone you can trust.  
The end of bullying begins with us <3

natasha - 15 - lancaster , england

Hey guys, i'm Molly iam Bullied maybe not very much but it still hurts, people call me fat and piggy it's not nice and the friends that i have support me i am lucky because it's not that bad but if we don't stand out against bullying it will get worse so join Pacer Center's Teens Against Bullying and put a stop to this

Molly - 11 - Geneva, Switzerland

I have been bullied. There is not one day that I haven't thought about ending my life now. Ever since I was in Kindergarden I have been treated like this. Sad, huh? Teachers at my school try to act like they care. But honestly...I dont feel like they do. Almost nothing is enough. I am now on medications for anxiety and seeing a therapist. LIfe is aweful, or in my words, a haunted house. I wasnt to stand up and make a difference. This happens everyday and adulys aren't enought, this is not a joke. But yet most teens treat it like a joke. This really hurts, and I wont ever be the same me again. I know Im not alone, yet my parents always say "there are worse situations!" BUt really? It shouldn't madder..I mean I am their daughter. Or am I just some other story? I have recently started a club at my school to stop this. It hurts, I hurt, This needs to end!

Molly - 12 - North Carolina

I've been bullied. Well, I'm still being bullied. It hurts. To hear all the things that they think about you, just for they're amusement. There's nothing I could do. I used to sit there and cry, and hope that it would all stop. It hasn't. I support anyone who's been bullied, or who's being bullied. It's a tragic thing. People kill themselves for that. It hurts to see someone being hurt. It hurts to be hurt, for doing nothing. Innocent people are targets. 
No one likes being bullied. Bullies, do it for fun. They do it for their own amusement. People talk behind my back, pretend to be my friend, make fun of me. There's no one I can talk to, except the guidance couselor. She doesn't help.

Adriana - 11 - Ca

Somebody has to.

Dylan - 17 - Indiana

I was bullied in primary school and I'm still bullied now but with people I call 'friends'. They don't invite me when they go swimming, they talk behind my back about me. They always mention my name when I'm sitting across the table. I would love to tell someone but I can't because I feel embrassed and shy. I feel like I'm the victim and I should be bullied. I have also got ginger hair and tiny spots which is bad for me because I go to an all girls school and there is lots of pretty girls and I'm the old one out. I want to move school. I just wanted to say, if your getting bullied or was bullied or seen someone get bullied. Stand up, make a change and it gets better. If you see someone getting bullied, don't just stand there. Tell someone who tell the bully to leave them alone. I'M AGAINST BULLYING AND NO-ONE SHOULD DEVERSE TO BE! just remember, nobody's perfect.

Chloe - 12 - UK

Ever scince  I  was  in  pre-school  I   was  bullied.  One  day  someone  took a plastic knife  t o school  and  told me they  were going to  kill  me. She  ended up cutting  my  t shirt.  I found ways  to cope  like  listning to  music.

Trinette - 12 - CT

I was bullied. Here, in Peru, is a reality too. Nobody talks to you, everyone mocks you, hits you, laughs at you. All finished when I transferred to another school. Now, I'm fine, but other people in my class are been bullied. And I wish I could help.

Paloma - 15 - Pe

I have been bullied, I was bullied most of my childhood. From 1st to 7th grade. Even though I'm older now I still feel the scars from all those years of torture. I used to come home everyday from school crying to my mom because of a new name the kids figured out to call me. Most importantly my little brother is now going through bullying. He has thought about killing him self because of it, needless to say I am very adimit about this Teens Against Bullying, and want bullying to be stopped..

Kelsie - 18 - WA

I care cause i get bullied at school everyday. And i know how it feels. So i don't like to see people get bullied cause getting bullied is not cool and not fun. So if any of you guys see anybody body getting bullied please help them. And if you are a bully think twice before you bully anybody body else. What if you were getting bullied ? Would you like it? No you would not. So please do not bully anyboby. Cause if you don't help some one when they are getting bullied you don't know what they will do. What i did when i was in 9th grade. I was cutting and i was trying to kill myself. So please help out as much as you can. 

Kaitlyn - 16 - NY

I've been picked on alot for living on a farm i know its stupid, and i'm tired of not caring. I also learned that sometimes friends are part of the clique and don't say anything when they pick on you but tell you in a text to  do something. I've thought about sucide and i've thought about cutting and neither of them would end the pain and if you killed yourself it would just get you picked on even more because the people will know that it was there bullying that led you to suicide. I get picked on at least once a day and know how much it hurts sometimes standing up helps but in my case it don't and no matter how much support i have i still feel alone. I just wish the bullying would stop so from now on no more! I'm 100% against bullying and will fight it no matter how much support i have. Thank you Teens against bullying and my family and friends for the strength to fight this. 

Lizzy - 14 - NY

i  am a  bully im trying to change it but it is hard cause my frieds are commming mad at me and there lik popular and man so i am going to find new friends

julynn - 12 - ia

I care because (even though i've never been 'bullied') i could imagine that it would be a never ending tunnel of PAIN. I've had people talk about me, start rumors, and i've lost friends. Thats hurt a lot already. I don't consider it bullying. But im trying to make a change. Pheobe Prince was bullied because she was from ireland? I may be only 13 but thats absolutley WRONG! But i just wanted to comment. Share my thoughts. If someones being bullied don't just stand there. DO SOMETHING! :)

Meaghannnn - 13 - MA

I am in the second semester of 6th grade. Im not bullied now, but i was bullied when i was around six years old.  I am friend with a bully. She really knows how to hurt a person, both physically and emotionally. I've tried to deal with her before, but she turned everybody against me. Every since then, people just ignore what goes on. She's even got the teacher fooled.
I went onto youtube and watched videos of demi lovato talking about bullying.  Although  she has great advice, and she's my idol, im too scared to do anything about this bully. I don't like it when anyone is upset.  I have enough stress being a military child, and the sibling of an autistic little boy. Thanks for the advice Demi, but i'm too scared to follow it. 

Tatyana - 11 - HI

i wanna help because i think bulling is wrong everyone should enjoy there life yes me myself has been bullied and it feels horible i even tryed to find easy ways to kill my self and miss school and eveything it was just this one boy making everyone call me names i wanted to getmy sister in to have ''words'' with him if it got worse but i didnt because it will make it alot worse i am in year 9 and i feel like life isnt going to get any better :/ 

Selmore - 13 - UK

i was bullied too.

Noora - 13 - Us

most of my classmates and the childrens from other classes are bullies.I don't know what can i do ? I hate that

Milena - 15 - BG

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