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Ever scince  I  was  in  pre-school  I   was  bullied.  One  day  someone  took a plastic knife  t o school  and  told me they  were going to  kill  me. She  ended up cutting  my  t shirt.  I found ways  to cope  like  listning to  music.

Trinette - 12 - CT

I was bullied. Here, in Peru, is a reality too. Nobody talks to you, everyone mocks you, hits you, laughs at you. All finished when I transferred to another school. Now, I'm fine, but other people in my class are been bullied. And I wish I could help.

Paloma - 15 - Pe

I have been bullied, I was bullied most of my childhood. From 1st to 7th grade. Even though I'm older now I still feel the scars from all those years of torture. I used to come home everyday from school crying to my mom because of a new name the kids figured out to call me. Most importantly my little brother is now going through bullying. He has thought about killing him self because of it, needless to say I am very adimit about this Teens Against Bullying, and want bullying to be stopped..

Kelsie - 18 - WA

I care cause i get bullied at school everyday. And i know how it feels. So i don't like to see people get bullied cause getting bullied is not cool and not fun. So if any of you guys see anybody body getting bullied please help them. And if you are a bully think twice before you bully anybody body else. What if you were getting bullied ? Would you like it? No you would not. So please do not bully anyboby. Cause if you don't help some one when they are getting bullied you don't know what they will do. What i did when i was in 9th grade. I was cutting and i was trying to kill myself. So please help out as much as you can. 

Kaitlyn - 16 - NY

I've been picked on alot for living on a farm i know its stupid, and i'm tired of not caring. I also learned that sometimes friends are part of the clique and don't say anything when they pick on you but tell you in a text to  do something. I've thought about sucide and i've thought about cutting and neither of them would end the pain and if you killed yourself it would just get you picked on even more because the people will know that it was there bullying that led you to suicide. I get picked on at least once a day and know how much it hurts sometimes standing up helps but in my case it don't and no matter how much support i have i still feel alone. I just wish the bullying would stop so from now on no more! I'm 100% against bullying and will fight it no matter how much support i have. Thank you Teens against bullying and my family and friends for the strength to fight this. 

Lizzy - 14 - NY

i  am a  bully im trying to change it but it is hard cause my frieds are commming mad at me and there lik popular and man so i am going to find new friends

julynn - 12 - ia

I care because (even though i've never been 'bullied') i could imagine that it would be a never ending tunnel of PAIN. I've had people talk about me, start rumors, and i've lost friends. Thats hurt a lot already. I don't consider it bullying. But im trying to make a change. Pheobe Prince was bullied because she was from ireland? I may be only 13 but thats absolutley WRONG! But i just wanted to comment. Share my thoughts. If someones being bullied don't just stand there. DO SOMETHING! :)

Meaghannnn - 13 - MA

I am in the second semester of 6th grade. Im not bullied now, but i was bullied when i was around six years old.  I am friend with a bully. She really knows how to hurt a person, both physically and emotionally. I've tried to deal with her before, but she turned everybody against me. Every since then, people just ignore what goes on. She's even got the teacher fooled.
I went onto youtube and watched videos of demi lovato talking about bullying.  Although  she has great advice, and she's my idol, im too scared to do anything about this bully. I don't like it when anyone is upset.  I have enough stress being a military child, and the sibling of an autistic little boy. Thanks for the advice Demi, but i'm too scared to follow it. 

Tatyana - 11 - HI

i wanna help because i think bulling is wrong everyone should enjoy there life yes me myself has been bullied and it feels horible i even tryed to find easy ways to kill my self and miss school and eveything it was just this one boy making everyone call me names i wanted to getmy sister in to have ''words'' with him if it got worse but i didnt because it will make it alot worse i am in year 9 and i feel like life isnt going to get any better :/ 

Selmore - 13 - UK

i was bullied too.

Noora - 13 - Us

most of my classmates and the childrens from other classes are bullies.I don't know what can i do ? I hate that

Milena - 15 - BG

I have been bullied my whole life. Why? Because I can sing with vibrato. Not many people can get this skill at a young age. they get it when they are older. I got it when I was 7. I got made fun of everyday. The etachers even told me to "sing like a normal kid". I was crushed. And then people would judge me on m singing. Some people thought I was an arrogant snob. there is also a bully who sits next to me on the bus. So why don'y I get a new seat? There are no other seats. He's mean to my friend because she's Jewish, and about everyone I know. I've gone to the counciller. So has  my friend. She also went to our teachers. But he still bullies. I hope bullying will end because wrll What good does it do. It is ot fair to treat kids like that just because they aree different than you.

Raquel - 12 - NJ

I care because bullying is getting worse day by day. Kids and teens have it hard at this time because they are finding their true colors. To have someone judge you, pick on you, and hurt you in the process leaves a lifelong affect on your life. Trust me, I've been there. I'm in 8th grade, about to start high school. Some people may say "well, you're just a kid going through drama. It's normal." & that's just the thing. It SHOULDN'T be normal. It shouldn't be normal to come home crying every night because you're not 'popular'. It shouldn't be normal to feel like you're worth nothing. It shouldn't be normal to feel like the world has abandoned you. This has to stop. I am determined to make a change in my school, and the world. <3

Jade - 13 - Ga

I'm from America and at my school, kids bully other people all the time! Whether it's because they have disabilities, dress differently, quiet, or how smart you are.  I've been bullied ever since I was in second grade because that's when most kids start getting bullied.  They continue to do it because I was afraid to stand up to them, I didn't like violence, or fights but now, I stand up for myself..but it doesn't help..They continue to think what they think, and say what they think.  They don't know our story, They never lived our life and never will.  I know many kids/teens commited suicide due to bullying such as Ryan Halligan so I think bullying should NOT be allowed at all and parents should be more caring and do something about it.  I hate seeing someone feel depressed, like their alone, and nobody understand what it's like..but many of us do!  We go through this day by day..non-stop bullying.  Some serious, some not as serious but everyone takes things differently.. everyone is different in their own way and that's what makes us all unique.  

Lisa Zhang - 12 - PA

I am bullied and i know how much it hurts. I have been a bully so i know how it feels to bully, i still dont understand how girls can be so cruel and heartless though. Needless to say i will never be a bully and stick up for anyone who is being bullied !!!! Being bullied has ruined my reputation, taken away my friends, my freedom, and sanity. I have had to get help from professionals. Been on the verge of rehab several times. I've self harmed myself and by being bullied became depressed, suicidal, and given up hope on even going back to school. Bullies are hard to deal with, but just know your not alone! lets stop bullying for once and all. being a bully is not cool i know..... && being bullied is a serious thing I KNOW. its left me with scars and memouries i'll never forget that i wish i could.

Cheyenne - 16 - GA

My little sister has a learning disability she is bullied on a daily basis. I hurt for her everyday because children with special needs struggle with everyday life and school should be an escape for them. Instead these children are made to feel like crap everyday just because they are a little different than eveyone else, but at the end of the day no matter what we are ALL human beings. Since she has became a high school student I take this bullying issue very seriously and sadly the public schools in Chicago don't. Hopefully some time soon bullying will be something very serious all around the world.

Ashley - 21 - Chicago, Illinois

I care about bullying alot. When I was 8 years old up to 10, in my old school. I used to cry alot. People did not hurt me physacilly but emotionally. But it still hurt. I was depressed so bad, my family decided to change everything, move house, move schools. And now, I am happy and help people. Most of my friends bully some people and now I stop and tell them off. :] I am 100 percent against bullying!

Janine - 12 - uk

I care because i was bullied since kindergarten.  People made fun of me because i was so smart and because i have a tendancy to say um alot.  i dont know why people cant accept the fact that were all different.  I was never a bully but i was friends with a couple bullies and i never joined in with the bullying.   I am 100%against bullying

holly - 14 - ny

we are in this together 
My name is thays navarro and i am from brazil

Thays - 13 - mg

I have been bullied for seven years and it still goes on,I always hear names when I walk down the  hallways...I actually got shoved into a locker with my stuff flying all over the hallways,I get picked on for how I dress,How pale I am,And even because in few of my classes I answer a lot of the questions in class.I hate being bullied and I wish it would stop.I just got called a cliche and a teenybopper today,and Its people like that who leave scars,I wish I could end all this tormenting...

Carissa - 15 - NY

I care because i've been bullied to the point where the names got to me so bad, that i treid to end my own life. So many teens kill themselves due to bullying. If everybody stood up against bullies, we'd have no worries. But we're stuck, hurting, terrifed, and voiceless. This site is giving US teens a voice. A voice to stop the bullying. To stop the hurt. To stop all the pain these people are causing. 

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can shatter your soul .

Toni - 12 - NS

I'm from Portugal. I care because I've been bullied since I can remember and at the time bullying wasn't really mentioned here, if it was mentioned at all. In my case, I didn't get my parents support right away because I was very young and they thought I was being spoilled so I stopped telling them. But a few years later, when things got really serious, I told them what was really going on and they listened, they talked to my teacher and the girl who was bulliying me. I standed up to her. I thogut I had no one to ask for help and that I would never make any friends, but I had and I did make friends, real friends, that I know I can trust. Even if you're afraid or embarrassed of telling someone, don't be, tell your parents, talk to a real friend if you have one, they will listen and help you along your way, but most of all stand up to the ones who are bullying you, ignore their comments and live your life. Sometimes it might be hard but don't forget you are not alone, you will always have someone supporting you. I'm much stronger now and deal with it much better then I did before. Stay strong. Together we can fight this!

Carolina - 18 - /

I care because I have been bullied myself for almost a year from my so-called friend. It really hurt me alot and even though it was about 3 years ago it still hurts me a lot. I don't know why some people are so rude or why it is funny to them to bully other people. What I did was, I told my parents everything and they gave me the strength to carry on. I ignored the ones that bullied me and I just made my own way. I have to say that I'm stronger now.
We have to stand up and do something about this! We can't go on this 

Kristina - 13 - EU

I have been bullied many times people have called me fat and gay and it herts but my teachers and parents helped.

Allie - 12 - VA

I live in Brazil ... actually have not seen any similar institution here, bullyng really is horrible. 
I have always been weak and intimidated, the second series so far in six series. 
I found people like me here, there and thank you for the Teens Against Bullyng'''' 
I was very humbled ... last year I was on the court from college and from there everyone started booing me and the grades of all ages was a horror ... I can not say why, I cried a lot and felt escluido but when was close to seeing my father pretended to be happy and not tell anybody, no matter where I am the bullyng with me, I do not mind being different, I now have my best friend who is helping me at all, thank you for everything.

Jonats Nunes - 13 - CA

some people actually get hurt ,not just on the outside but on the inside too,i used to get bullied because of my weight ..i can admit they have stopped,but there are still a few people that just cant .like im only 11 guys and im going on diets ,havin to stop eatin at 7 o'clock ,sometimes i think its my fault why all this happend ,sometimes i wish i was never born but then again nobodys perfect,but i still want to change ...

lauryn - 11 - EU

It hurts.  I wish people didn't bully.  I wish they were happy with themselves.  I wish people could just be nice.  A lot of people arw bullied and it's just not right.  Everyone says ya it's bad but the people that actually do something like tell an adult are the ones that are putting a stop to bullying.  Thank you Pacer's for letting my voice be heard.

Stefanie - 14 - FL

hey i'm from belgium
i don't get it why people bully, the first time that i stepped up for someone was for a girl that i bullied myself and i apoligized to her and now she's one of my good firends and she's an amazing person and i tought by myself I was really a horrible person! and i hated myself for months! now every time that i see someone getting bullied i step up for them i say to the bullies:"leave him/her alone" then they start shouting at me but .... i don't care what they say i just feel good because i helped someone. and i'm about to help alot of persons in my life and i don't care what people say bout me. after that all i was bullied myself that was awfull isn't really a good word for it.. i don't think there is a good word for that. but now.... i believe in me just like demi's song says: not gonna be afraid, i'm gonna wake up feeling beautiful today and know that i'm okay, cause everyone's perfect in unusual ways! you see now I believe in me!!

jolien - 14 - /

Bullying hurts, in school I would get bullied and no one would do any thing! Now when I see my friends getting bullied or even some one I dont know I'll do what think is right and I'll stick up for them even is it means I'll get bullied to. Because I've been in the position and I know how it feels when one one is there!!!!!!!!!!!

moniqua - 13 - MT

I know the feeling of being cut down by the things you're most self concious of and wishing your teacher wouldn't turn they're head the other way. The feeling of being taunted because your small and easy to intimidate. To have nasty rumors spread causing friends question you. Bullying is relentless and I'm lucky to have had a few friends who knew me and backed me up to helped end my bully's attempts to ruin me. Bullying effects so many people's lives and I'm happy to be a single voice of many against bullying.

Katie - 17 - Tx

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