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I've been bullied throughout the first two years of high school... after that i completely shut down. I wasn't able to build a social group around me and because I felt so insecure about everything I got really depressed and basically shut out the few people i had still left in my life... I pushed everybody who cared about me away because i wasn't able to trust people anymore.  even my best friend gave up on me eventually. I'm not able to talk to people or try to make new friends because i just don't know what to say and i don't know who i am anymore. I feel like i lost my self in the process. I feel all alone and i have nothing left and i feel so empty.... bulliying has  pretty much ruined my life. There's still things I wanna try in my life but I'm scared to do anything because if whatever i undertake doesn't work out, i am scared that people are gonna make fun of me once again. some people get stronger, i just get weaker every second. So I care because i'm still suffering and I still haven't overcome this . I'm still right in the middle of all off this. And I would'n wish it upon anybody. I care because nobody should have to go through things like this!!!

Audrey - 16 - tx

I was always bullied because I was to of the class and won terrific kid 7 years in a row. And then, theres my weight. Not everyone is picture perfect. I have fine self- esteem, except for when I'm  teased. I don't like it; no one does! Ease up on me. I don't starve myself, either.

Jessica - 12 - FL


Madison - 13 - IN

I was bullied. and its not nice. it really hurts. and we have to stop it. Just Believing. I support this cause anf i'll tell all my friends to support it. SPEAK NOW.

Nathalie - 14 - ch

No one deserves to be bullied, we are meant to be loved and adored.  

Leandra - 16 - SA

my little brother is autist, he have the asperger sindrome and he has been bullied since elementary school, he is now in middle school but he has been in a different school almost every year since first grade and when he finally gets adecuate to the school, something happen that he has to change school. i just want him to feel safe and respected by the others kids, and they don't bully him because he is diferent than them.

Paulina, Chile.

Paulina - 21 - CL

i want to make a diffrence and help kids out  one voice is not loud enough but we can all change that 

karen - 13 - fl

Because ive been bullied and is still being bullied  because of my facial features and its caused me to become depressed and its also caused me to Cut myself and it needs to stop thats why im putting my foot down

Phylicia - 16 - CT

I have been always bullied.  Everybody in the shool laugh about me and my friend. They make me a lot of jokes about my face or gestures. I can't resist anymore, now  I'm always depressed, I don't feel secure with my face and body, so I never wear skirts or dresses cause I'm afraid about other people, I think they will laugh about my aperance. Now I don't have friends, nobody talk to me, they just laugh. I 'm always alone and the teachers look at me and they believe that I'm werd. I CAN'T RESIST ANYMORE!!! I don't know what to do, I have been thinking on cut mysel but I resist!!! I need help!!!

Tania - 15 - CA

In class we're learning a lot about bullying and you hear all these stories and think 'wow this really is happening to kids like me!' we're putting together a bully awareness presentation and we're making a video. I hope it helps others realize that putting others down doesn't make you better, it just changes people's view of you, normally for the worse. 

Honolulu - 12 - HI

i've been bullied befor .... it hurts .... i would do anything to see all people reach out to bullies .. I believe ... KIDS are the ones that can make a difference in out world .. were the ones , as we grow up we can change the world in soo many ways .. you have to believe in yourself .. think befor you act! 
    no one deserves to be bullied ... it just happends . I BELIEVE ... So Should You!

Alyssa - 12 - NL

I don't like seeing people bullying someone, it makes them shy and insecure with themselves, and as they grow older, they prefer to be alone rather than making new friends.

Andrea - 20 - PH

Bullying is not cool, help put a stop to it and show people that you care. Do this and hopefully you will inspire others.

Chezney - 18 - UK

im poor,so yes i am made fun of. im chubby,so yes i am made fun of. i am short, so ya they make fun of me. i am very insecure and have scars from cutting. it hurts more because i dont really have someone or anyone to talk to. i want to talk about it, but the way they might react doesnt set well in my stomache. so i keep to myself. i try so hard to be strong and ignore the rude comments. but you cant ignore. it all just piles up in your brain and finally you break down crying. ive shed so many tears,i dont think i have any left to cry out. so,i care because it has and still is effecting me,horribly. 

kaitlin - 13 - fl

In North Carolina we have to do a graduation project. I chose Cyberbullying as my topic, wronte a 10 page paper about it and got chosen by 3 different middle schools to speak in ASSEMBLIES of 8th graders to tell how internet safety and bullying needs to be a MAIN concern by all. I had 16 students come up to me after the assembly to talk about their issues on the internet. EVERYONE: YOU CAN GET ARRESTED FOR CYBERBULLYING.

Cecilia R - 18 - NC

In the past and sometimes now, I have been bullied alot on the internet I was given alot of abuse. But now I have seen this, I want to make a difference not just to me, but to all the teenagers around the world to make this stop. I am just so glad that I can contribute to all of this :)!

Sadie - 14 - UK

Bullying is wrong. And sometimes one person isn't enough to stop them. So let us unite and show that we care! STOP BULLYING!

Riley - 11 - PA

I actually used to bully a girl like 5 years ago just for fun, but I didn't realized how harmful that could be for the girl , suddenly I stop seeing her and years later on messenger she told me that she was about to commit suicide because of me  because all the things I said to her, since that moment I realized it wasn't a game and it is something serious.

Ana - 15 - QR

I have been bullied since elementary school,because i was always  taller,older and because i had a little more meat on my bones than the other girls i even had to join home studies because i was so self conciouse of myself.So now im putting my foot down and telling others that i stand against bulling because it hurts and i know that there are many other teen out there that need the support

Savannah - 14 - ca

because a close friend of mine has developed a social phobia from being bullied in school. She rarely leaves her house now because she's so insecure about how she may be perceived by others. I hope people will take bullying seriously and learn how to show compassion, not hate.

William - 18 - LA

As a person with a disability, I have been bullied and have other kids with developmental disabilities being bullied. It has made me scared how typically developing kids and adults take advantage and make life miserable for us, trying to fit in.

Ryan - 14 - California

I have been bullied through the internet, and until you experience it first hand, you don't know just how harmful, and hurtful it is - but by the time it has happened, it's too late. Be yourself and if someone trys to tell you otherwise, don't let them.

nicole - 14 - ny

every person is special and different and good at something.  Let others know if you are being bullied.  A parent.  A teacher.  A friend.  Someone at  church or mosque or temple.  We all deserve to be treated with respect.

Teresa - 43 - NC

I'm very insecure with myself now. I've always been picked on by the mean, popular girls because it's one of their "rules." If you're not mean to Falon, you get kicked out of the group. They turned a lot of people against me, and now I only have one friend. I hate school because of these girls. I've expirienced everything from cyberbullying to being beat up, and the teachers do nothing. So I feel bad for anyone else who gets bullied. No one deaserves this.

Falon - 13 - LA

I just wish bullying would stop<33333

Laura - 14 - nj

I've been bullied since kindergarten. People call me ugly and fat. Now I think I'm ugly and fat. Sometimes I want to kill myself.

Alicja - 10 - CA

Many of my friends killed themselves because of the bullying. I am not the same now. That is why I am against this.

Charlie - 13 - IL

Bullies scar people for life and I want our youth to make this world a better place not worse.

melissa - 37 - Maryland/Baltimore

i believe people that bullys need to have someone to talk to ,to find out whats happening at home. Theres something  thats going on at home  thats making they take it out on them becauise they want them to feel the way the y feel so they want be the  only ones left out and stuff you know

tytiana - 11 - co

Here in Germany many teens and children are so concious of themselves and criticise others to make themselves feel great. In fifth through seventh grade I was bullied for my looks and personality. It was so hard to get through it, but I knew I would make it through if I believed in myself. I  have become so strong. I can just encourage everyone to be the strongest and most positiv you, you can be!

Aerin - 17 - /

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