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In the past and sometimes now, I have been bullied alot on the internet I was given alot of abuse. But now I have seen this, I want to make a difference not just to me, but to all the teenagers around the world to make this stop. I am just so glad that I can contribute to all of this :)!

Sadie - 14 - UK

Bullying is wrong. And sometimes one person isn't enough to stop them. So let us unite and show that we care! STOP BULLYING!

Riley - 11 - PA

I actually used to bully a girl like 5 years ago just for fun, but I didn't realized how harmful that could be for the girl , suddenly I stop seeing her and years later on messenger she told me that she was about to commit suicide because of me  because all the things I said to her, since that moment I realized it wasn't a game and it is something serious.

Ana - 15 - QR

I have been bullied since elementary school,because i was always  taller,older and because i had a little more meat on my bones than the other girls i even had to join home studies because i was so self conciouse of myself.So now im putting my foot down and telling others that i stand against bulling because it hurts and i know that there are many other teen out there that need the support

Savannah - 14 - ca

because a close friend of mine has developed a social phobia from being bullied in school. She rarely leaves her house now because she's so insecure about how she may be perceived by others. I hope people will take bullying seriously and learn how to show compassion, not hate.

William - 18 - LA

As a person with a disability, I have been bullied and have other kids with developmental disabilities being bullied. It has made me scared how typically developing kids and adults take advantage and make life miserable for us, trying to fit in.

Ryan - 14 - California

I have been bullied through the internet, and until you experience it first hand, you don't know just how harmful, and hurtful it is - but by the time it has happened, it's too late. Be yourself and if someone trys to tell you otherwise, don't let them.

nicole - 14 - ny

every person is special and different and good at something.  Let others know if you are being bullied.  A parent.  A teacher.  A friend.  Someone at  church or mosque or temple.  We all deserve to be treated with respect.

Teresa - 43 - NC

I'm very insecure with myself now. I've always been picked on by the mean, popular girls because it's one of their "rules." If you're not mean to Falon, you get kicked out of the group. They turned a lot of people against me, and now I only have one friend. I hate school because of these girls. I've expirienced everything from cyberbullying to being beat up, and the teachers do nothing. So I feel bad for anyone else who gets bullied. No one deaserves this.

Falon - 13 - LA

I just wish bullying would stop<33333

Laura - 14 - nj

I've been bullied since kindergarten. People call me ugly and fat. Now I think I'm ugly and fat. Sometimes I want to kill myself.

Alicja - 10 - CA

Many of my friends killed themselves because of the bullying. I am not the same now. That is why I am against this.

Charlie - 13 - IL

Bullies scar people for life and I want our youth to make this world a better place not worse.

melissa - 37 - Maryland/Baltimore

i believe people that bullys need to have someone to talk to ,to find out whats happening at home. Theres something  thats going on at home  thats making they take it out on them becauise they want them to feel the way the y feel so they want be the  only ones left out and stuff you know

tytiana - 11 - co

Here in Germany many teens and children are so concious of themselves and criticise others to make themselves feel great. In fifth through seventh grade I was bullied for my looks and personality. It was so hard to get through it, but I knew I would make it through if I believed in myself. I  have become so strong. I can just encourage everyone to be the strongest and most positiv you, you can be!

Aerin - 17 - /

I'm always bullied and i'm even goin to thereopy .I get scared because i know that she'll fight me,hurt, or do anything to put me down.  Now one of my best friends started backin the bully and i'm tired of it.

Lindsey - 10 - VA

errrr. i knew an awesome girl... she was bullied because of horrible rumores. she saw only one wy out,,, I am against bullying

sara - 15 - ca

i care, my lil brother who is a special child was bullied, i love my little brother. and i can't do anything cause i'm far from him and i really want to protect my brother from bullies, my lil brother was love in school, my family and his friends. i care for those who are being bullied like my kid brother, teachers and the school faculty members should do something about it. one of his classmates hit his head on the table, and i felt horrible just hearing about it. hope someone can do something. i can't just sit here and do nothing. 

veronica - 20 - CA

icare because there is a girl at my school no one likes her because she is mean to every one.

katie - 11 - wi

i was a bully once and i feel bad about it.

Jarek Henneman - 11 - Wi


Stacie - 12 - fl

My brother gets bullied becasuse he has a cleff-pallet (Speaking disorder) And seeing how we're twins people like to pick on the both of us. It doesn't really bother me that I get picked on, but it bothers me to no end when it happens to my brother. We might fight a lot, but when it comes to something like that, I'm the first person to jump the bullys case over it. Since we moved to our new school he hasn't had any problems, and we've been able to meet new people and have new friends.

Linsey - 15 - AR

Me and my friends are bullied every day for being smart and normal, not boy crazy and mean. I have no idea what I did to these people, but they seem to hate me and my BFF Rach the most. We never did anything, honest. They refuse to work with us, call our names out, and call us derigitory things. I go to a Catholic school, which makes everything harder, because our teachers refuse to believe these kids would do anything. I wanna leave school so bad, and I cry a lot. I want to stop this NOW.

Kiki - 14 - NJ

I feel so bad when I hear stories about kids getting bullied. No body deserves the things people say about them. It angers me when people make fun of someone for being really smart, or when they are really dumb. Even if someone annoys you sometimes doesn't mean you have to make their lives miserable! Every one is special in their own way. Everyone has feelings and everyone wants to be accepted! If you are being bullied just know that we are all out here supporting you and you don't have to feel bad. Every one is created equally. No body is superior to anybody. Theres a song that goes, "let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me" if that was everyone's motto, imagine  how wonderful the world would be! I personally have never been a target of bullying, but I still care because NO ONE deserves to be treated badly.

Elle - 14 - FL

i get cyber bullied sometimes and i know how it feels to be treated like that and i don't want it to keep going!

Emily - 11 - V

My freind Maddy and I were bullied. Maddy was bullied because she went somewhere for extra help and a girl though that she was so dumb that she had to have someone help her work. I was bullied because I wasn't popular. I would want to play a game and they would say that I wasn't popular enough to play. Then the girl that told me I couldn't play would call me names like "Idiot" "dumb head" and she would pick on me. Later the following year she left but her friend were still being mean and bullying me. Last year I started to get better for me but my friends all tranfered schools and I haven't seen any since 5 grade promotion. 

Nina - 11 - CA

I've been bullied since the 3rd grade. At first it was because I was white and since my mom and dad are from Chicago, Illinios, they didn't know how to deal with it. I've put up with it ever since then. Before I would just go to the bathroom and cry for about half of a lesson and wouldn't really talk to anybody. As I grew, I don't cry over it, at all, I just went to tell a teacher to parent for help and if that doesn't work, I know now that it's bad an all but I just snap back at them. Now that I grew up and learned, I just ignore them but its really ahrd because they don't pick on me because I'm white, but my religion. It's gettng harder now to not snap back but I don't because I have my friends to back me up. If I don't tell they will. I'm just happy to have friends that care. I'm tired of being bullied and it's just tearing people's lives apart. I want it to stop, now.

TJ - 14 - SC

I was bullyed all throughout elementry school. The pain i had from all the negativity was terrible. I still remember the words they said. I will never remember what they looked like, if they were popular or not. The bullying that I went through was so bad that I felt depressed. I never want to see it happen to someone. No one should ever go through that. But if you are, understand that you are not alone.

Sierra - 14 - CA

i know how the teens feel who are being bullied because i was bullied all threw elementary and somewhat middle school. Its not a good feeling at all i came to a point where I tried to change who i was because i had become so insecure about myself. So I would do anything to help stop the bullying because too many teens are committing suicide they need to know that someone is on their side. I really don't cae who you are if you're being bullied trust me I have your back. So whatever I can do to help I will. Everyone is in my praers and God Bless you all

Dyamond - 18 - CA

i am a football player and people say football players are bullyes and were not were aginst it and thats all.

holleyo - 15 - tx

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