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When i got to 6th grade, Life started more difficult. I closest friends, and everyone would pick on me. I just fit in. I only had five real friends in my grade out of 40. In lunch, i had nobody to sit next too, other than my one best friend, and these 3 girls, that were really rude and used to pick on me. I would get teased, and there would be so many rumors about me constantly and i would be the last to be picked for partner activities. A girl told everyone i had lice one time. The only one that would stand up for me, was my best friend Angaya. I never knew what i would do without her. She gave me all the advice i needed. Unfortunately, she moved in 7th grade. On the first day of 7th grade, i sat alone at lunch. Of course, nobody even cared. I was so embarassed I spent most of the day going to the bathroom, and crying there. All i wanted to do was go home. It was that bad. the 2nd day got better. These 4 girls actually decided to sit at my table. 8th Grade was a little bit better. I started standing out, and talking to people and made more friends. But now, going into 9th grade, i have a lot more friends than i did. Thanks to marching band, and demi lovato. 

Katie - 14 - NJ

my only child, a daughter, was bullied throughout school beginning in 5th grade.  I remember this because of a comment made by her teacher at the time who had taught  this grade for several years and had two older daughters of her own.  She said, "With girls, this is when begins."  I highly respect her, I only wish she could've told me when it ends.  Together, my daughter and I fought "city hall".  I met with teachers, principals, district superintendents, legislaters and ,quite often, state police.  I emailed the PA Dept of Education along with excerpts of threats from IM  More often than not, I was told I was making a "big deal" out of nothing.  That this is JUST part of growing up.  The district super told me  that barging into a staff meeting was 'terribly out of line' when he had repeatedly ignored my requests for a meeting.

To all kids and parents, the safety of our children is a right as a human being.  And when this safety is threatened, it's much more than a 'big deal'.  I'm an expert because I lived it through my daughter.  I felt the fear, had the nightmares and cried every, single day.

Thanks for recognizing bullying as the 'big deal' that it is.

Elizabeth - 54 - WV

In the 6th grade I was bullied. It may not have been the worst from of bullying but it was terrible enough. Iwas isolated by a group of girls. it was either you were part of their crowd or you were a nobody. Me and 2 other girls in my class were the only ones not part of their crowd. Even my only friend, my 1 best friend joined their group, and she started hanging out with them. They teased me about everything from the way I dressed to how I did my hair. I just remember my whole 6th grade year being horrible. On the weekends I would tell my mom how I didnt want to go back to school the next day once sunday came. They called me 'A-girl' becasue i got really good grades. I am takinga step to do something. Just the least bit of recogintion to what bullying does goes a ong way. I am ready. I am ready to win the fight against bullying. Enough is enough. Lets end bullying. We can accomplish anything together.

brittany - 15 - ny

It has happenened to a friend because of a boy. There was the girl everyone wanted to be friends with , that meant more popularity yet more hate yet at the same  time more envy. My friend got into the clique and there after totally ignored me and our friends till one tragic day. A new guy arrived and the cool girl liked him, but instead he liked my friend. The girl found out and started tormenting my friend making her do bad stuff , like polishing her shoes or giving her, her pocket money or lunch box in the name of being a friend. things got out of hand and got out of the group after that people would cal her all sorts of names from whore to ugly to the  most stupid person in school. It really tormented her having that happening everyday for one full term. She almost killed herself over this thats why i care . More and more teens are going to kill themselves over this, and yet the bully does not even think its affecting them at all.

Vanessa - 14 - Jo

i know what it's like to be bullied. This is a serious problem and it should never be okay. I have been hurt too much, and people i know have been hurt too much. I know a girl who is 11 years old, and a girl poured soda all over her head. that is just unnecessary and rude. I strive each and everyday to make this world a better place. This is a very important topic that should not be avoided. Kids, talk to your parents or someone you trust, parents, talk to your kids too see if they are okay. We can end bullying! it starts with us, here and now!

Cassie - 16 - Ca

I don't think bullying is a good thing. I think that their should be a law or something about bullying.

Maryah - 12 - PA

For a long time in my life bulllies made me hate who I was then i realized that I am so much more than they think I am and that by living my life and living it well I was proving them wrong

connor - 16 - Az

I'm turning Gothic because I think it will make them stop bullying me...Mom doesn't understand about how gthis affects my grades

Unknown - 11 - CA

I've been bullied in 6th grade and now going to 7th and I just want to live a normal life in 7th grade but I cant and I want to change schools...I dont fit in, and people turned their backs on me....I wish someone could understand how it hurts.

Kiara - 11 - CA

I've delt with bullying for the past ten years, since I moved off a military base. At first I couldn't understand why people alway picked on me, then I found out it was becuase I was "weird". I'm in high school now and am suck with two girls in my homeroom who love to belittle me. No matter how much I hate it and want it to stop, I hope that as long as it goes on that I am the target becuase I can deal and move on eventually. Some people can't and I want to spare them from something that no one should have to go though.

Brooke - 14 - VA

Why do people do that???

kristyn - 8 - tx

I go to a Catholic Schcool and I'm proud of that, but even in a place like that, bullying goes on. Juat little things that people would say to me made me offeneded or even made me cry. I know now that I really do need to stop this before it gets out of hand. Thanks for encouraging me Demi!

Annamaria - 13 - CO

i hate bulling ive been bullyed thruout my whole life and  it never stops. My scholl holds the assemblies that are about stopping bulling. and i agreed with all of it and i stand for this program all the way.

katrina - 11 - mi

i've been bullyes all my life because of my weight. it hurts alot and some people just don't get it. I try to never let my emotions get the best of me but when ever i see another kid getting bullied i go over ther and try to stop it. i just wish there was more i could do

Autumn - 13 - FL

My Sister, has been bullyied throughout her whole High school Life. She was always called names because o fher weight, and Because she acne that made everyone feel even worse, i finnally stood up and said something to My parents, but the school didnt do anything about it, finnally my sister gave in and dropped out in Year 10, and its such ashame because she was sooo Smart! she couldve take her life so much further, then she started hanging out with the wrong corwd she,  got into Drugs and all of that, But she is slowly recovering and i am proud of my sister today, no matter what has happened in her Life!

Libby - 16 - ns

My Name Is Rina, I have been bullied all my life, it started out as kids from the neighborhood, than Kindergarten  Through grade 7. Grade 7 was the hardest time for me because I would be called names and anybody who was my *friend*  would turn on me.         It eventually got so bad that I was in a state of depression and thought of suicide, My family didn't see any changes because I would hide my fear away from them.    I suffer now from a strange anxiety, I fear trusting people because I am scared that they will turn on me...     This Comment is getting harder, and harder to wright because the further I go on... the more memories flood my head, 
I feel that I need to break loose and show the world that I am not scared to stand up and fight for myself...  Thank you Demi  <3  you are my Hero.!

Rina - 13 - C

I had being bullied by facebook, they wrote offensive, horrible and painful comments, which make me want to die or not even go to school!! Even my suppossed "bff" didnt support me, and turn out to be against me and join to the ones who bullied me! :( This is my senior year and i hope the comments and whispers behind my back stop! I talked about this with a psicologist, she told me that what people say about me doesnt defined myself, it defines themselves, and they may have bigger problems and a sad story behind their masks! SO IM AGAINST BULLYING LETS STOP IT CUZ NO ONE CAN GIVE YOU A VALUE U DNT DESERVE JUST BECAUSE THEY DONT WORTH AT ALL

Fernanda - 17 - TX

I cant stand being bullied, I am in Middle school and I dont think I can take much more of this, one girl came up to me and yelled "You know what would make life better for me and you?" And I said "What?" And she yelled "YOU OUT OF IT" I thought long and hard would life be better with out me? Possibly 

Brianna - 12 - CA

my little Sister is only 8 and is is really suprising how young bullies can be as my Sister get's bullied. It really annoys me as she is such a sweet little girl and these other kids that are really mean and think that they are amazing gang up and verbally abuse her, and sometimes even hit her and she comes home crying and covered in bruises. It makes me sick and my family want to put a stop to it. These bullies who think that they are strong really are NOT. Bullying is a sign of weakness as you have to make others feel bad to make yourself feel good. I want all of these innocent children to have a positive experience in school and to have self confidence, not trying to miss school because they want to hide from bullies. We need to do something about it. That's why I care.

Chloe - 13 - UK

Ever since I started middle school, it has been hard for me socially. I have a type of Autism and occasionally get the "you're so cool (not)"  behavior from girls and boys. Bullying is a serious problem at my school and no one has established a Bullying prevention program. This year I intend to fix this problem with the help and support of the friends I trust and the Teachers I admire.

Emily - 13 - OR

i am in middle school which IS the toughest section of a girl (or boy's) life i was bullied last year by my OWN so called friends. they don't know how much it hurts. i stand up for the kids being bullied! who knows maybe you have just made them decide not to kill themselves i am  still praying not to be bullied this year. crossing fingers! 

Taylor - 13 - Ca

I was bullied most of elementary school and during seventh grade--the most insecure time of your life. I never really let it get to me. I just hung out with all the guys because they didn't care if I talked about certain things or looked a certain way. I was one of the guys and they liked that. Especially in seventh grade. I'll admit I was heavy for my height, but that didn't stop me from feeling beautiful most days. No one really ever made fun of me for my appearance. Mostly it was during P.E. if I fumbled, the girls would yell at me, saying "Oh come on!" I tried never to show any change in emotion to them, because that would only be fuel to the fire. All the bullying I went through--name calling, what have you--I know it's the least amount a person can go through, but it made me stronger nonetheless. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for two years, but I'm over that now and no one bullies me anymore. Seventh grade was the last time anyone ever said a mean thing to my face or behind my back (that I am aware) So don't let the bullying get you down. It won't last forever.

Allison - 17 - WA

I'm just starting middle school and already, there's this girl who wants to beat me up... I'm afraid of going now. She was nicer last year, but she's changed now. I hope this sight can help anyone from being bullied.

Brianna - 13 - mi

bullieling is not so cool i have always bein scared of being bullied, seen it been done with others it is very scary and i know with this it can help us all.

benedicte - 15 - il

I was bullied all throughout middle school and it was unbearable. I was humiliated everyday by my classmates and I felt so helpless and defeated. Although it hurts to remember that experience, it has also made me stronger person today. It pains me to hear of how many kids are being bullied today and how many are committing suicide because of it. To anybody out there who is being bullied: remember that you are a beautiful person and whoever is hurting you probably hates himself/herself inside that they can only get confidence by criticizing you. Bullying is cruel and hurtful and it needs to stop right now! 

Melissa - 17 - WI

i have been sexually harrassed verbally and it is really hard to tell someone else about that because those bullies can scare you.  I don't understand how bullies live everyday knowing that they are hurting someone else.  I also care because some people don't know how to speak for themselves because of disabilites, but it still hurts them all the same.

Claire - 13 - NC

im still  being bulled  ive  had anuf  

amy - 14 - oh

I've never been physicaly bullied, but when i was younger I would always get verbaly bullied! I don't know how bullys can live with themselves kn owing they hurt someone in anyway! I think this is a very horrible way to live being hurt everyday! My mom would tell me when I was younger, "Just ignore them, sonner or later they will stop." But now i know that it's ok to tell an adult to help you! My little sister sometimes comes home crying because she is being bullied(verbaly), and i get so Angry! I want to stop bullying because It's NOT right and It doesn't feel good!

Alexis - 15 - CA

i was bullied when i was younger since the 1st grade. it stopped when i was in the 8th grade. from the 1st to the 8th grade life was rough. i used to go to school dreading the day ahead because of the hurtful things they would say. there were times when i asked my mom if i could stay home when she said no i shuttered at the thought of how cruel the kids would be the next day or just how cruel they were generally. i would cry myself to sleep or cry randomly during the day thinking of how tough school was for me. there were times when i was a little older (7th/8th grade) when i thought of suicide or cutting myself just to relieve  myself from the pain but i thought that wasnt a good idea because that would show weakness and i didnt want them to think that they could do this somemore i left that school though. now in high school i get a fresh start and try to forget the hurt that was caused by these people. im no longer bullied. but people in my school are. when i see someone bullied i stand up for that person but still afraid that i might get bullied too. i dont get bullied in the end. i try to prevent this when i see it happening but people dont learn. this needs to stop.

Krystyna - 16 - MA

Being bullied hurts. You feel alone and helpless, but remeber you are not alone and you are not helpless. I can't count the times and reasons I've been bullied. Sometimes it's gone to far, especially when someone is killed. RIP Pheobe and to all those who have died because they were bullied. You will always be loved and remebered.

Tegan - 14 - Ab

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