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every girl/boy deserves to be respected by peers.

-NIL- - 12 - ca

I care because i was verbally abused by a boy in my class during eighth grade year. When the teacher would leave our class to go do something he would call me terrible names, names that i had never heard of. This happend everyday from almost the beganing of the year to almost november. I didnt want to go to the teacher because i thought the boy who would tell me all those bad things would think i was a tattle teller. Then one day i just snapped and tried to beat him up for saying all those things. I was devistated, i couldnt believe i tried to do that to someone. Then when i talked to the principle i told her that was not how i should have handled it. Next time something like that happens i know to go to the principle for know on.  Its a hard thing to go through and no one should  go through any type of bullying or abuse. 

Chelsea - 14 - TX

i was always bullied about my weight, i let their words get to me, i began to eat more. it just seems like most people do not know when to stop. i was also made fun of because of the clothes i wore. sometimes i didn't want to go to school so i would fake sick. i never had a lot of friends, sometimes i think they were only my friends because they felt sorry for me. i know a lot of kids that commited suicide cause over issues and bullying. i was at a turning point of commiting suicide also tried cutting myself cause i was never happy with the things i had or with the person i was. i turned to my sister she helped me get through it all. and i am very greatful for that. i care because i don't want anyone to feel like they don't belong. 

Elizabeth garcia - 18 - tx

'' It seems like so many people don't take bullying seriously. When will they finally understand the consequences of bullying someone? I was bullied a lot in elementary school for my height, and even religion! Sometimes I would lock myself in my room and just cry myself to sleep, it was that bad. Lesson to be learned: Bullying is NOT a joke, and we all need to work as a team to fix this issue. So that's my story, everyone! 

Sara - 12 - WA

well, i care because i was bullied for a year and i hated it......It's wrong when someone think that they will better than you by beating you down. I'm glad that the person who bullied me didn't go to far because there are too many people in this world beeing bullied that can end up dead.
I will never understand why someone beat others just to feel good with themselves, it's really stupid and wrong.
Just remenber that you can't keep silence because is worse for you, be strong and always count with your family because they are an awsome help.

Monica - 15 - pt

i'm getting bully all the time. i just  want it to stop so i don't have to think about it anymore. i have to go to thearpy and that dose help a a little bit.      I don't want anyone else  getting hurt . so lets put a stop to it.

erika - 13 - ab

I have always felt the need to be different and students at my school don't  like that. Everyone blends in and molds together, but the people who ruin that are bullied. I was one of the people who ruined it. I would get so upset that I would cut myself and find any excuse to harm myself. I still don't blend in perfectly, but I've learned to embrace it because that's what life is all about. It's about being different. My heart and all my love goes out to Phoebe and her family and any other person who is bullied

Caitlin - 15 - VA

my little brother gets bullied all the time and this is his first year in high school. I am very worried that he could get hurt and so I talk to him a lot about being safe in school. It is sad that a child has to be afraid to go to school. I absolutely have no respect for people who bully but they need to be understood so they can be stopped. I caught two boys in lunch picking on my brother and I confronted them. They did not have much to say. I care because I love children and they shouldnt have to feel fear and teachers should stop looking the other way.

Arely - 25 - az

I care because there are so many misconceptions on what bullying really is. It's not just the physical abuse. It's the psychological/mental , cyber and emotional aspect as well. There are so many mean people in the world, especially at school among teens, and so many cliques where girls single each other out of groups that's it's sickening. I had a really rough year in the 10th grade this past year because girls I thought were my friends really weren't. It was a horrible year for me, mostly because of their psychological , cyber and verbal bullying .  I'm still struggling with it now,  especially since one of the girl's mom said some hurtful words to me on facebook. i'm seeking thearpy. Hopefully it'll get better. 

Ashley - 15 - IL

The reason i care is that i got bullied. I got bullied from a freind boyfriend and she was going along with it. He threaten me that he was going to beat me up, he called me fat hourse. i was so scared. i do care because i want to end bullying for good. Because i am kinda scared now and but it not going to stop my life from one person to hurt me. 
This is my story why i care.

Kayla - 15 - CA

I was bullied a lot before highschool, by someone who I thought was my friend. I didnt have anyone to stand by me while being teased, I didnt have a friend to comfort me. I use to cut, and I contemplated suicide, and attempted it, twice. After I got out of middle school, I left my bully "friend" behind. I realized how much I would've missed if I committed suicide. I would have never of met my real friends and I would have devestated my parents. I have been through so much teasing, and it hurts me so much to see other people being bullied, especially to the point of feeling theres no way out except to take your own life. That is why I care

Allison - 16 - NY

My best friend was always bullied from the first day I met her, which was in third grade. That's why we're even friends. Two years ago, during gym, some girls came over and started to call her ugly and stuff. Now, in our little group of friends, I'm known as the one who'd stick up for my friends, and my BFF my little SISTER. So when these two girls started to mess with her, it killed me inside. The look on her face is what did it. I nearly hit one of them with my shoe. And sometimes she feels as if other people are using her. She's still bullied today, but by boys. They call her ugly, say she wears too much make up, and it kills me to see her cry everytime we talk. I realized I don't want anyone else to be inthe same situation as her. That's why I care.

Michi - 13 - IL

i still get bullied allot because everyone thinks im dumb well im not! i may be left behind but the chances are of me being dumb is that no one is perfect and i have ralised that so if anyone calls me dumb all i kno is that its gonna make me a better person .......but my opinion to bullying is never get down always stand up for yourself be strong confident and the world shines on your future today! dont care what the bullys say!  just ignore them and walk away...ThankYou

abbe - 12 - AU

in middle school this group girls started bullying three of my friends and they had no reason why. it started getting worse and worse. one of them even hit one of my friends with her jacket! and on  another occasion, i saw them cursing out one of my friends and in class i asked her if she was alright, but she said about another time where they kept toching her hair and she had no choice but to call them off. she started crying, but when class started, she got better. all of them should have went to the teacher, but they decided to stick it out. the next year, a few of them moved away and the bullying stoped. it hurt me seeing my friends being bullyed, but they were so brave that they inspired me to be brave too, to always think of the positive. not of the negative.

Stepanie - 17 - CA

When  will it be enough for people to realize, that hurting people isnt the answer. Jealous, Anger, Depression, Family Affairs and much much more drive people to bully. But why! It happens in the hallways in the bathroom locker rooms facebook face to face gossiping. And it brings me to tears to hear about so many percious lives being lost because people are careless about their actions. im constanly bullied through school and yeah the teachers talk about it but they never do anything about it!!

Emily - 13 - ca

I had a best friend who was bullied. She was embaressed by it. She'd deleat text messages without showing them to anyone, and pretend to even me that the things people would say to her walking down the hallway never bothered her. I noticed and asked it about her one night when she was over at my house. She got very emotional and started telling me all thease horrible things i never knew people were caipable of saying. She made me promise not to tell anyone and so i didnt. Things started to go down hill for her when i left last summer for a two month vacation with my family. She had no where to turn to because she was to proud to tell her family and i was her best firend. I told her to call me whenever she needed to talk but that wasnet enough. She went into a deep depression and started to physically abuse and cut herself and i had no idea it was that bad. I never new teenagers could be so mean. I didnt know my firend, the girl who could shake of anything, could be made to feal so bad. I told someone after that and my friend got help. It was hard to do. She hated me when she found out i told, but later she thanked me. No one should go thorough what she had to. Thats why i care. 

Racheal - 15 - IA

I was bullied most of my life. I hated the way i was and at a point wanted to isolate my self from everyone. I was bullied because of my weight, and that hurt me very much. I wanted to change the way i was to have friends. But the same friends i had chosen to be with, helped me through it, and now i dont care that im skinny, im healthy, beautiful, happy, and proud for being me and noone else. I want to help those who have been through the same position as me. Because i know if my life became a living helll through that situation in my life, i dont want anyone to go through what i did.. My own friend is gong through that, and Im proud that I can help her, because I went through that.

Krysten - 14 - NY

My Bestfriend has been bulied her whole life. No one likes her because she's different but I love her for the reason of her being different. Everyone would act like she didn't exist and just scream at her and push her punch her and all. I put a stop to it I threatened everyone by telling them i'd go to the prinicipal.They all stopped and let her be the way she is. I find her an amazing friend no matter what! 

Keilin - 13 - NJ

I've been bullied since my 1st day of kindergarten. Whether it was of my looks, ethnicity , or the way I acted. I learned that not everyone is willing to help and some people might not even want to hear you out but I will and I'm here to fight against bullying. I went into a deep depression that just recently ended after a stint in the pscyhiatric hospital and after an attempted suicide and years of abusing myself. I know now that if no-one wants to help then you need to help yourself first, I'm not saying that no-one will help you but try to get help no matter what but if you do not succeed then you have to be the first to stand up and speak out! Not just for yourself but also for the people all around the world that are bullied each and everyday!

Dieudline the Haitian - 16 - GA

I didnt really know about bullying , till it actually happened to me . I was Third grade when it all began . Populars . They hated me . Who knows why ! Well , it got so bad that the leader of this group , sent a couple of guys to come up to me . This is what they said " You better back off . Or things will get ugly . " I came home crying . I told my mom . An thats when the principal got involved . Everytime I get scared , I tell my parents . But now . Everyone things Im a tattle teller . And Now they think they can pound on me and stuff . I heard from 3 girls older then me that older girls wanna beat me up or think Im ugly or think Im a show off . But Im not . Im really shy and defencless . I cant fight ! Thats what its all about around here . Ive been cyber bullied alot . People scare me . Thinking they can stomp all over me . My best friend even tried to train me to fight . And thats why I care .

Kamerin - 13 - GU

I care because it's not fair to be treated nasty just because the other person does'nt like you. I've been since elementary school just because of a boy that liked me. It's been going on for four years and im really sick and tired of it. A few weeks ago I was eating lunch and three girls came up to me and one of them grabed my lasagna and dumped it on my hair! The worst thing was that the whole cafetria watched and the teachers didnt even do anything at all. But with the support of my friends and family I was able to stand up for myself. Im really glad that there is a website like this to show kids and teenagers that they are not alone. And a big thanks to Demi for standing up for us and not ignoring us. I love you! thanks.

claire - 13 - CA

I've been bullied practicly my whole life and so to know that people are working hard to end it means a lot to me.  It wasn't until I went to a different high school that everything turned out better. But we shouldn't have to switch schools or anything to have to make everything better. Pheobe Prince finally showed people how bad these things can get. I was even thinking about suiside at one point but I was still able to be here because I had a couple of close friends. But, it shouldn't go up to that point to anyone. Bullying needs to stop and I hope that when I have children that this will no longer be a problem. Thank you for helping other people that bullying is bad and needs to end and to all those who are being bullied, you're not alone and we are fighting to help you right now. Stay strong always and forever. <3

Tamara - 15 - NJ

I care because my best friend has dealt with bullying ever since elementary school because he was different. He goes to a christian school, and is bullied because of the MUSIC he likes. Because he's into art and not sports, and now his best friend is being bullied. The other football players intentionally hurt him in practice just because he's friends with my friend. I myself have never really been bullied, but he's always telling me how bad his day was because of the other guys. They said something about his music, or how he dressed. The teachers do nothing about it. Heck the teachers seem to agree with it. I'm sick of it. All I want is to see my best friend happy again. This is supposed to be a christian environment, but it seems to be worse there. Two of my friends are being bullied because the minds of these people are sick and twisted and they can't accept people who are different. And I want it to change.

Brittany - 14 - AL

im against bullying because i always have been bullied. i didn't really understand at first that thats what was happening. i mean on tv everyone poortrays bullying as physical abuse and thats not always the case. i was verbally abused for two years before i really understood it. i hated myself. and i sortof still do. when i was younger i had this best friend. she was sooo sweet and always hungout with me. but one day she came over talking about her friends that were gonna jump me because im ugly or something. i started crying because she said she wasnt going to help and that they were right. after that i was beat up alot and even after i moved away it still happened. my family is going through a rough spot becuase i was in trouble for truancy. i was too scared to leave my house. i hate myself because i let it get to me. im not the kind of person who lets that stuff happen but i did. and even worse i stopped doing what made me happy. i love to be on stage and sing and dance. but i was too scared. 
im against bullying and im taking a stand. noone should go through what i have and i want to help make sure noone does! 

mikayla - 15 - MI

I care because I have been bullied for two years. It's mostly been because of boys, jealousy and catty fights, but it has driven me in depression, and made me feel ways that no one should have to feel. I also care because three of my close friends were friends with Pheobe Prince, and this makes her story really hit home for me. I want to help prevent bullying, something that happens often in my school, and I plan on starting a club this coming year to promote awareness and to prevent other kids from being affected the way I was. RIP Pheobe. You have made a difference.

mary - 16 - CT

hi demi  I was on this website  and read it ,  I  was bullied  being in junior infants by a girl and I told my parents and teacher anf they tried to solve it, and nothing  change  so I  said to myself  I  don't  have to putting up with  this stuff  I  have my friends,family and teachers. So I stood  up for myself and I wasn't bullied again!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:

p.s  I am a  huge fan of your work!!!!!!

siobhan xxxxxx - 11 - uk

i care because i was bullied once. Every so often i get bullied by the same people. i am so thankful for my friends but i know that even when their there, the bullies still bully me behind my back. I get a sick feeling whenever i witness bullying, i think its crazy and it needs to be stopped. i would do ANYTHING to stop bullying and thats why im signing the petetion. I hope we can make a difference in this world. i am willing to make this world a safe and fun place to live in.

Lizzie - 13 - AZ

After reading about Phoebe Prince in Seventeen , I felt so disgusted with people . It seriously made me cry to hear something awful such as this . And the worst part is I can relate to Phoebe . I'm currently pregnant , going into my senior year and I am now judged and bullied by so many people . I go on this site , formspring and people comment and harrass me annonymously and tell me horrible things every single day . I used to cry myself to sleep and I even started cutting and hurting myself . But I have learned to stop all of that thanks to my amazing friends and supportive family . I wish Phoebe was told the things I have been told . I wish I knew her so I could give her a huge hug and tell her everything will be alright , and that their opinions don't matter . My mom tells me all the time that people only do those things simply because they are jealous and I will continue to believe so because it makes me feel so much better . At times I still cry , especially when I am alone . But knowing that I have the support I need gives me enough strength not to do anything stupid or horrible . All my love goes out to Phoebe and her family . I hope they stay strong . -Carleigh , 17 , WA

Carleigh - 17 - WA

I read an article in Seventeen magazine today about Pheobe Prince - and it turned my life around. I will no longer be the bully, I will be the prevention. I will no longer put-down, I will build up. I will not cause the things those bullies of Pheobe did - I will not cause death. I will not cause suffering. I will not cause pain. I will not bully.

Riley - 14 - IN

bullying is wrong on every level. i just read the story about Phoebe Prince, and it tore me to pieces. my heart and my pain goes out to her and her family and friends. the years of high school can be so rough and for her to have moved from Ireland to Massachusetts was a great accomplishment. she came to the land of pure hope and oppurtunity. and instead she went through pain and humilitation. it is one thing to humiliate a person for their race or skin color, but to critize them for being who they are, is a whole different level of rudeness. i believe in self love and inner confidence, and no one should have to feel unwanted or beautiful because of bullying. Phoebe will always be on my heart and mind. and i hope i am able to help stop the spreading of bullying! 

elizabeth - 19 - IN

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