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so many people are bullied acroos the world, its so frustrating when you dont feel you can say something to anyone or the bulling will just get worse.  Im a red head so ive been through almost every name a person  can get, ranger, ginger nigjar, period head, they're are just a spot of what us read heads have to put up with.  i used to get treased so much that i would come home in tears every night, but i never felt i could tell my family because if the teachers wont listen or do anything what would they do.  I died my hair a couple of months after i started  at a new school.  My point not only being towards read heads but to everyone,  the things bullies say mite only last 30 seconds a time they say it but it stays in your heart forever!.  I think the worse part is now that i have over come the being bullyed stage is watching people who have just started school getting the same treatment that i have just got rid of.  Ive been talking to them to let them no that someone is always listning and that your never alone, theres always someone who has been through what you have.  we all have blood, we all are people, and we all have feelings.

Danyall - 16 - WA

I've been there. In the sixth grade, girls called me a b****, lied about me to teachers and other girls, pushed me into poles, and voted me out of lunch tables- for no reason. It got so bad that I had to switch schools, but things got a lot better. I, like many other teens, still face mean girls who try to destroy my confidence to raise theirs, but the victim of that emotional bullying has to realize that it's all because of jealousy. The reason Pheobe Prince, from Seventeen magazine, was targeted by those mean girls was because they were so jealous of her. When girls get jealous, they get mean. So all of you victims of verbal, emotional, or physical bullying- keep your head high, because you really matter in this world, and even if you think no one cares about you- I do. And mean girls- think before you speak. Consider if the attention you get from the mean joke you tell about that weird girl is worth her LIFE. That will  really make a difference.

Ally - 14 - VA

I been almost bullied in my whole entire life.People would call me fat even my best friends.When i would go to daycare i was like 5,6.7 almost everybody would call me fat.And i would cry to my sister and she talks to them to stop calling me fat.This one girl called me fat you know what i did  i stoud up for myself.I don't care what people says you know why because im proud to be me.I would do anything to stop bullying even if its a lot of work.So we need to stop bullying NOW not sooner or later BUT NOW!!!!!

Peyton - 10 - FL

hi my name is chasity and i just read a story in Seventeen magazine about a girl named Phoebe Prince that was born the year i was a killed her self because of peoples rude comments. And so i read on and saw this web site 
and saw that demi lovato was the spokesperson for teens against bullying and im here to say that i absoulutly agree i was in nineth grade last year and i saw how rude comments can bring down someone ego just because some kids have no heart and dont care. i also saw people pick fight because they just wanted to even tho that person didnt do anything to them. im takeing her story i my opion to my school administrator and see if this virbule and pyscial abuse can be stoped. i never knew i could intill i heard that. my love and care goes out to phoebe princes family!! 

chasity - 16 - al

After reading about Phoebe Prince in 17, I felt so shocked as to hear that there are people out there who get bullied bad enough that it comes down to killing themselves. 
It's not right for people of both genders to pick on someone else because they are different or they are the new kid in school. When I was in first grade, it was an awful year for my parents transferred me to the Catholic school in my hometown. One look at me and everyone was calling me fat, ugly, and stupid. I had some type of form of dyslexia, and the bullying and just got worse. I could read, just not very well, and when I had to read in front of the entire class for an assignment, people would laugh Ias I would read. The worst part is none of the teachers did anything about it!!!  I would go to a teacher and tell, but the girls that made fun of me were the golden children. My parents tried to help by getting my multiple tutors to help me in and outside of school. 
Eventually I left the Catholic school for the public school, and I was praised being called the smart girl, and such a sweetheart. I barely got bullied. 
It's just wrong that bullying has to happen, that is why I care.  

Nicole - 18 - NJ

Thanks so much Demi for helping yuou rock and im a huge fan
i hope your seeing this comment i just would like you to know
that your the best and your in the top level and thank you and
i care about people who are getting bulled RIGHT NOW and i
have been bulled soooooooooooooooo many times really! thanks so much sends you a big huge the huge is for demi

Demis number 1 fan - 10 - KW

everyone is made of carbon and has bone mass, muscle, and skin. There is nothing different or weird about any of us. We are just special in our own ways and we should embrace it. Everyone has hopes and dreams and if a bully pushes someone to a breaking point that person won't be able to achieve all that they want in life. Teenagers are the preliminary stages to adulthood and why bother someone you're not fond of, just ignore them. There is no point in torturing people. In the end, bullies get the humiliation.

Christine - 16 - NY

millions of kids are being bullied, including me, and we need to stop this ASAP! it doesn't make you funny or cool to bully someone. it makes you a jerk! i mean come on, people are KILLING themselves because of this. so why hasn't it stopped already? everyone needs to take a stand to stop this crap. me and many of my friends DREAD going to school every day because we know we're going to be made fun of by the "populars" just because we can't afford the stuff they have, and we're different. it's not fair to the kids and teens being bullied that have done nothing wrong. i hope people will stop this horrible act of stupidness! WAKE UP WORLD! stop bullying!

Callie - 13 - FL

i have been bullied since i was in 3rd grade. it's not fair for people like this to go through what they have to go through each day at school. i have been hurt so badly, that i have believed a lot of what bullies say to me and about me. they have definately changed my life for the worst and have made me have suicidal thoughts. i just need to get out of being bullied, i can't take it. 

callie - 13 - FL

i was bullied a was so bad that they even hit me in the face and...broke my nose..i had to get was so hard for me to keep up and im still getting bullied..i have called the principal and he doesnt believe me..What should i do?

Rhimarlyt - 9 - fl

Someone spread some rumores about me, something so gross it made people look weird at me and I feel so bad about it, those rumores are not true of course, I know I shouldn't care, because I've never done what he said.. everyone it's judging me, but nobody understands what exactly it's happening, it hurts a lot to see people talking and looking like that at me, but still, I pretend that I don't care, even if I feel bad all day long.I wish this would come to an end and live a normal life.

Larissa - 16 - -

I have a friend  that people are awlays tesing I am her only friend I try to protect her has much has I can but I am not awlays aroud she think that everyone his her friend  but their not i don t know what can I do top help her.....

Catarina - 13 - Tu

i was once a victim,i was pushed from place to place like a mini stuff toy
and when i took care of my self and never got bullied again i see my best friend  being bullied like i was,he was helpless,defeneseless,and the worst of all i could not do anything to help him.I did not know what to do so i made up a consultance bench whenever he needed help i consult him if he needs help in anyway i can i will not allow bullying to take place

Hady - 13 - SG

some children get bullied everyday.Some get hurt really bad and they dont    do anything about it, i say they should tell a trustworthy adult like a teacher or parent.Im just thankful i dont get bullied and hope i wont.I will help to stop bullying.

Jade - 10 - tx

Before I got bullied they teased me and they teased me so bad that I ran home because of it .I used to before I went to shcool Id cry but I had one good freind who went and told the teacher the bullie got in trouble.

Jacob - 11 - nz

well i being kindof not so popular in school got made fun of and My BEST friend would hang out with those girls! They used to call me really bad sware words that I shouldnt mension and one day it was a special day for me because it was my favorite celebritys bday and so I was in Girl Scouts and the troop leader put me in a group with my best friend and she said she wanted to be in a group with the girls that were mean to me! so then on the way home I overheard them talking to me and I went home and started crying! and now i have OCD an anxiety desorder that was caused by me not having enough confidence in myself! So help STOP BULLING!!!!!!!! 

Rebecca - 11 - Ny


CHOYCE - 11 - GA

Well, when I was in 6th grade people would say I was stupid,ugly,fat,etc....But im only 110 pounds and I AM proud of it because most of it is mussle.AND I have good grades so I think they are just jelouse of me and that is how it is for most or even ALL  girls/boys!I want to see the day when ALL the people getting bullied join toether and show the bullies what GREAT WONDERFUL people they REALLY are!!!!!!!!!!It hurts BUT we CAN stop it, we just have to stand up, they say hurtful words and NOT what is REALLY on their minds!!!!!PEACE!(Y)

Arieal - 12 - SC

I've been bullied since I was 8 or 9. At first it was just a minor problem, one boy calling me names. Then over 3 years it turned into most of my class hating me and calling me names. They would always tell me they liked me when none of their friends were around and that the only reason they were pretending to hate me was because they wanted to fit in. I finally told my teacher and we had a class discussion. Mostly it stopped. Now we're in high school and most of the bullies went to my school. The only thing going on now is the occasional comment and one or two accusations of something. I wouldn't want to be a part of their group anyway because they act irresponsibly and older than their age. I wish bullying never existed. I know it won't go away unless we join forces and take action!

Vanessa - 12 - AU

This has happened to me before, I remember when I saw this girl and she saw me and I was her target. I was often called fat by her. I was a bit overweight and it was my weak spot. That's why I  was scared to go to races and anything that could show that I was a bad runner and that I was overweight.  I used to go to school with my stomach  sucked in and I used to run to the bathroom and take deep breathes befor eI held in my stomach. I used to do it soo much that now I  am used to it.  But it never felt good. BULLIES HAVE NO RIGHT, THEY NEVER DO AND THEY NEVER WILL.  Slowly we can help 1 bully at a time to make schools and mre a better place. 

Sophia - 10 - Ab

I've moved around a lot so I am not able to keep many friends. That means I have to make new ones. But so far, everywhere I go, someone has a problem with me! I have no idea why! I am a very sensitive person who never stands up for themself! I know that's bad, but it's true. I am always afraid of what the end result might be. The sensitive side of me reacts to when people hate me! I give people no reason to dislike me, yet they do. It hurts a lot! Sometimes I will go home and cry for hours wondering what I can do to make it all better! I really don't think there is a solution! People are just this way because it's who they are! But I don't want to be hurt anymore! The rumors spread and people shun me out. I just want to live a happy life without any worries about watching my back!

Jessica - 16 - NY

at my school if you live in a trailer or if you are over a 1oo pounds then you are bullied. And i am both . i am lucky because i have friends and i get good grades but it would be nice to not have to stand on the side of the hall so i wont get knocked down and it would be nice if people wouldnt call me fat or ugly.. I want bullying to stop because the people who get bullied, are the ones who are always scared and are the ones who get brake downs  i wish they realized how cruel and or idiotic they seem to us.

danielle - 12 - tx

When I was in middle school, I was an immature kid who did stupid stuff and enjoyed it.  But then as I entered high school I came down with a horrendous disease that took much of my enjoyment of life away.  My family sent me to a treatment center and I made a full recovery.  The people at the center told me that I would be able to fit back into life just like everyone else when I got better, but I never have been able to.  I think everyone my age isn't worth being friends with and I haven't exactly enjoyed my life since I got out of the center.  My sadness this summer has quickly led me to believe that my purpose in life may not be to enjoy, but to help others so they don't struggle through life.  I hope to form an anti-bullying organization this coming school year.

Jake - 16 - Pa

my friend used to be bullied and she didnt tell me that it was MY best mate doing it. i didnt know what was happening until i discovered it myself, and i was horrified. My 'best mate' is now nothing to me, and the girl she was bullying is now my closest friend. i think its awful to know that some people out there are suffering what my friend had to, and i want it to stop NOW.

marie-claire - 13 - NY

There's a girl in my class who I don't like and she doesn't like me but the only "friends" I have in my class are friends with her, so I end up around her a lot of the time. The other day, she was trying to get me to move off the table (but I had no-where else to sit) and was trying to get the other girls to say they didn't like me. It didn't work though, because the others were ignoring her - and so was I!!! She gave up after 10 minutes and hasn't bothered me much since!!! Come on, guys, together, we can fight against bullying!!!

Chloe - 13 - UK

I've been bullied just because I'm abit fat,they called me names that shouldnt be mentioned,and it wasn't only verbal bullying they used to hit me real bad too,and the worst part was that even my bestfreinds we're joining in but in an indirect way,and my parent weren't a support at all they'ed be to busy to listen or they will just tell me that it's going to be fine,you have to solve it yourself,but then I got a true best freind and she supported me and she helped me speak up to them and now I'm all better so advise to all stick to your best freinds and never be afraid to speak up your mind cause it wont stop unless you did something about it

Avril - 13 - CA

I am a girl!!!!! I had this friend who was really nice and we were in a group of friends of  6 to 10 people. Then my friend started acting like jerk to the group and me. we stopped being friends. we eve told the principle and teacher. She stopped because she knew we had the power to destroy bullying and we got her suspened. I knoe it was right thing to do because people were getting hurt and I wanted to put a stop to it!! Thanks Demi for trying to stop bullying. If we stick up to bullies we may stop bullying. 

Preeti - 10 - oh

I'm a girl, 17 years old. My friends well almost everyone around me keeps on calling me adopted. Altough it isnt tre it still hurts hearing that kind of things especially when its about your personal life. People think Im adopted just because I dont look like my father. Well how would they even know if they didnt even seen my dad when he was younger. Just becase he's swedish should  also have to look white and too liberated too fit in? I dont think so. I sometimes loose face and be discouraged for all the negative comments i get from other people.

Eliana - 17 - ph

The boys from my school are bullying me everyday. They say I'm stupid, and laugh about me, without a reason. I can't understand them this hurts so bad. They are stupid, because they just do it. My mum don't listen to me when I say that. Or she says 'It's okay, that's just boys'. They are not boys... They're Monsters. I can't understand them. I just want to share it with you.
I hate it, when someone is bullied so we have to stand up against it! They're not able to say what we have to to! We're not robots and we have our own life! 

Christin - 15 - AZ

I think bulling is wrong in any school, no matter who  you  are  or what you look like. Because teens from all over are getting tired of being picked on, called names, being made fun of, their just tired of it. And there's gotta be a way to prevent it from going further.

marisa martin - 22 - Oh

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