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..One of my class get bullied from 3 other guys.. No one helps her. Then I got zo this page, and it opened my eyes. I've got on the side off the bullied one and now they aren't anymore mean because I wouldn't be friends anymore with them... She's so thankful for what I did. And I love this feeling that I helped her! Thanks for this Website... Hope everyone know how terrible that is!-- 

ps. I'm from Switzerland. x

Gabriela <3 - 16 - be

I'm almost 11 years old and i have been getting bullied since preschool. I try to stand up for ymself but im too shy. I always get harassed by boys and they make fun of mu looks my name and they call me A-Man-da . It really hurts me and i don't want other kids to go through what i go through. I cry myself to sleep. i fake sick too get outa school, and when im not even in school i hear they talk about me. I just hope other kids won't have too go through what i do. 

Amanda - 10 - MA

"i've been bullied by some neighbors when i was in grade 2 because of my nickname, and my parent still don't know i've been bullied."

cen - 11 - ph

My little sister is being tormented by boys and girls the same as her and older(!). We're doing everything we can to make it stop, but they keep bullying her. It's been happening for years. Now she's scared to go to school and to youth clubs. I'm scared incase she wants to commit suicide. I don't want to lose her. She hardly had any friends, and she comes home crying every night. I need to know how to help her. I'm scared for her.

Abi - 15 - UK

i have seen all or most of my friends bullied and i told the people who are being the bully to stop and since then theyhad stopped but bullying happens alot at our school and to tell you the truth no teachers try to stop it...sad right..??

jocelyn - 12 - ia

I was bullied and it tore me apart. I don't want anyone else to have to go through the things I went through. Or make the mistakes I made because of it. 

Laura - 16 - UK

i've been bullied for the past two years,and sometimes i just feel like giving up hope:'( but demi has inspired me and given me some hope,and maybe this website will make that little change,which will make a huge difference..

anonymus. - 12 - UK

i've been bullied since 1st grade and now im in 5th grade but my perents still don't know ive been bullied bec of my name and my ballet

Dyan - 11 - ph

it's not really me being bullied, but my friend, they bully her because of her goiter which i think is so uncool and mean, she cries often, but when she tells her mother they just tease her even more, thats why i commented is 'cause i want everbody to know that talking it out relly helps, like my friend and i did. 

anonymus - 12 - pp

I've been bullied because I have short hair and the things I like...Well I'm tired of it! I want to be who I am, not someone I'm not. Why can't they accept me for who I am? I just want it to end!

Toni - 13 - IN

i've been bulied for 5 years and still get it. i have told the school and nothing really gets sorted. i think everyone that gets bullied should tell someone as its really inportant.

lucy - 15 - UK

i never been bullied, but i want to help stoping with this!  Actually, i saw one time a little boy been bullying with 2 older guys. I didnt do anything, because i was very scared by the situation...

Soraia - 14 - CA

When someone bullies someone else- they probably have a reason... but that's no excuse. Either way, you should treat  everyone- including bullies well, because you don't want to turn out to be the bully in the situation.

Anna - 12 - MI

I am tired of people getting their feeling hurts 
I don't want the same thing that happened to Phoebe Prince & Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover and other kids to happen again.
I want people to feel safe being who they want to be.

Ruth - 16 - CA

I want to be ME. Not someone they want me to be. If you don't like me, Leave Me Alone!

amy - 15 - mn

I always been bullied all off my life.And It hurts my feelings....Sometime i want to tell theme bad things....But i dont want 2.Cause i know someday i will be the one who diserv to be Respected.They can say about me whatever they want but someday they gonna be sorry.I am me and im going to follow my dream.

Katherine - 14 - RM

I might have not been bullied but I have been hurt. Being hurt by my 'bestfriends'. Even if the people who are hurting you happen to be your 'friends' tell someone, cuz they aren't a friend if they do what they do to you. I learned, and I'm healing

Shivani - 13 - MA

well first i would like to say thank you to demi and everyone who put this website together, it has helped alot of people i know ti face their bullying problems and it has helped me too, so thanks again, peace and i hope it hepls others too!! =)

jessica - 14 - uk

I got bullied in 5th and 6th class. When teachers said something everybody sais sorry, but when the teachers was not there everyone was starting bullying me again.
In 7th class we switched the people in the class, because we can choose between 2 languages.
In my new class everything is alright and everyone is nice to me and all the others in class :)
Ps. sorry for my bad english, I'm from germany^^

Julia - 14 - DE

I was bullied in 8th & 9th grade. I was taken out of school for it to stop. Teachers, principals, deans, ect. Did not help me when I needed it. I wasn't able to finish High school because of this growing problem. I got my GED, & now some of my siblings are faceing this ordeal. We need to band together & put a stop to this once & for all!!!! I tweeted to help spread the awareness.

Sheila - 21 - Nv

I don't think I have been bullied yet but I still think Bullying someone is NOT OKAY. My friends and I were called some bad names at school but actually we stood up for ourselves and it actually has kinda stopped yet. Since weve been so brave and self confident to stand up for ourselves, we actually get along with some people we never thought we would. 
IT'S IMPORTANT TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS. I know it's hard but I think it really helps. Good luck.
Teens against Bullying.

Katha - 16 - DE

my cousin commited suicide two years ago because he was being horrifically bullied. I would do anything to prevent this from happening to someone else. Can you imagine being like that, so scared/confused/alone? No one should have to go through that.  

Devon - 16 - WV

I know what it's like to feel low after someone has put you down. Everything has been nearly perfect in my life until this year bullies at school. From this message forward, I'm telling you to not care, and don't buy into the pressure. The bullies that got away, will get karma. Lucklily my bullies play mind games, give me looks, call me names, etc. I'm just telling you that the key is to not care, keep moving forward.

Anonymous - 14 - MN

"I'm constantly being picked on by people because of my past and the people I hang out with. I haven't had the courage to stand up formyself so I'm lucky I have friends to stand up for me. If you know someone who is being bullied, you should help them because it's a scary situation to be in and you don't know what it is like to be bullied."

Kenny - 15 - NJ

I care because I know someone who rencently commited suicide after being bullied. She was a great girl, who was always happy. She was cyber bullied until it was too late.  Lastly, I was also bullied, I was called ugly, fat and other gross names and to this day, two years later, I'm still affected by it, it still hurts me. I think every teen should get involed with this great cause.

Miranda - 16 - NY

i know how it feels. everybody should look around themselves. you might e bullying people and not even know it. there is no downside to helping

Courtny - 14 - ny

Witnessing bullying and doing nothing to stop it is almost as bad as being bullied. Stand up for your friends.

Tyler - 16 - KY

Bullying makes kids feel depressed. Many kids feel bad about themselves because of bullies. I am sometimes bullied ,but I always try to ignore the bullies comments.

Karolina - 12 - IL

I get bullied at school just because im from a different country and i cant speak english propely and im too scared to tell the teacher because im probably gonna get even more bullied :(

Agnes - 13 - Uk

i am bullied.i mean most people at my school dont even know who i really am.teachers see it everyday and do NOTHING about it.all that just cause the way i look.i cant to anythig back. i try too be the better person. i have had friends who were nice to me then sudenly just make some really mean comment cause other people were,or laugh at some lame joke about me,then expect me to be okay with it.sure i stand up but they dont care they destroy my life.HELP!!!!

anonamous - 11 - md

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