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I'm from Brazil and I was bullied at 2007, and this is the worst thing that can happen to someone cause you're gonna to remeber for ever about it, and I still remember all the things that people used to do, I WANT THE END OF BULLYNG RIGHT NOW.

Julia - 15 - BR

No one should be bullied. We are all one human race and we should do anything within our power to make this world a nice place to live becuase we only live once. No one should feel dread or be scared of another human being...

anon-e-mouse - 13 - NY

Bullying is not Ok. Plain and simple. No one has or deserves to feel scared and alone...everyone should feel safe, no matter who you are.

Stephanie - 13 - ID

I know how it feels to be judged on their appearence or personality.  I formed an group of kids being bullied and see what we could do together to stop it called TOWC, ( the ones who care).  I think it helps the kids more.  Some people might find it lame because were in middl school but I dont because I really feel like its people like me who will cause an impact on bullying.

Skye - 11 - VA

i've never been bullied, but i know that it is painful on the outside, and the inside.. i hate when i see people being bullied because i don't know how it feels to be them. i want to put a stop to it.

Kyle - 11 - MN

i neaver bullied before and i will nevar  do it

amber - 8 - mn

I used to be friends with the bullies at my school, and I didn't realize how they were hurting people before they started bullying me, now I'm the girl that stands up for myself and others. And these days the bullyies do not bully me or any of my friends anymore, just because they do not get anything out of it. I care because I want to help others find the strenght to stand up against bullying!

Karen - 13 - CA

I've seen people i really care about be bullied and kids that i don't even know, and sometimes i think that it hurts me worse then it does them.
But i want bullying to stop for everyone, no one deserves to be treated the way some people are. I'm going to do everything i can to stop bullying in my school, and in schools everywhere! I don't want my kids or grandkids to be afraid to go too like some kids are today.. 

Amber - 16 - AR

I've never been bullied, but I hate when I see other kids being bullied cause I think that if I was in their places that would be just horrible, I hope that someday bullying stops.

pinky - 12 - FL

i've been bullied not really bad though and i've like always had the corage to stand up for myself so evenaully people knew i want afraid they still try but i have a lot of self confidence and im like yep totally and they can never get me to break

kristin - 12 - WA

I was never bullied, but I did witness it a couple times. And, I was the one to step up and say, HEY! That's NOT cool. There are alot of kids out there being taken advantage of, and its NOT cool. We all need to work together and STEP UP to stop this. And thumbs up to Demi for doing that.

Chase - 13 - KY

Everyday when I see this kid, he calls me pinoccho because i have a long nose. And he is a bully to everyone, and im taller than him so everyone excpects me to not be threatend by him, but it still hurts and i don't like to fight.

Serena - 11 - CA

I am bullied nearly everyday at school. I hate it so much. 

Stephanie - 16 - PA

I know this girl on my bus and people are always bullying her. It's wrong. I want everyone who gets bullied to know that there's always someone waiting to be your friend. 
                                       -It gets better, just takes time.

Cassandra - 17 - WA

i get made fun of alot because im short. everyone trys to take advantage of me being small. i think im perfect the way i am and no one can change that.

Catheryn - 11 - NY

Thank Goodness, I'm not bullied, because I'm homeschooled. But I definitely think that everyone should step up and try to fight bullying. It's kind of revolting knowing that so many kids are bullied every day! It's not like they did anything! Together let's make a difference.

Julia - 12 - VA

At school, I am bullied almost everyday. Sometimes I feel insecure about my weight, my style, my looks, or my grades. Personally, I don't think I am fat, I love my sense of style,I am beautiful, and I don't really care if peole think I'm a geek. People are beautiful in their own ways because everyone is different. 

Michelle - 11 - CA

I hate people bullying me because I'm always the quiet one and they think I will do what they want me to cause I'm weak and when I get mad I try to bully them back but I know I cant because I'm not that kind of person.

Intan - 11 - KL

I never got picked on because ppl say i was the bully but when i found that out i stopped making fun of ppl

sabrina - 12 - ga

I get bullied at school. Its horrible when your scared to go to school because of the bullies. I think demi is doing a great job preventing bulling for kids that get bullied. 

Amy - 14 - DU

i care beacause i have been bullied, and its not a fun thing to go through. Demi is doing an amazing job with preventing this for me and for all of the other kids that are bullied...she is truly amazing. 

Jennifer - 15 - fl

in school i always get bullied and mae fun of. im a really shy person soits hard for me to make friends. i would say more than half the people in my grade don't even know my name. i sit alone all the time and i always hate it when we have to get partners in school because i always end up wothout a partner. i always get picked on and at lunch i sit in the bathroom and cry. bullying is not acceptable, i know how it feels

anonymous - 13 - NY

people get bullied all the time and it hurts me inside from seeing it happen. It's unacceptable and horrible!

Kim Nguyen - 14 - AB

theres a girl in my middle school that no one likes or believes. it makes me sad for her. i get bullied to.once some girls made me feel so bad i wanted to stay home from school. i almost wanted to just die but i realize that they were just jealous because of the awesome friends i have... i just want everyone to know that just be you that if  someone takes the time to bully that theres someone taking the time to stop it.

breanna - 11 - tx

i have a younger sister  that  is the most loveable person you could ever meet.. but you know you always have that group of people that makes you not want to go to school either because your close isn't the latest fashion  or your just not "COOL"  she calls me everyday crying because she get's bullied at school... so i just hope and pray that we can come together as a team and abolish bullying bc someone can really get hurt

tanya - 18 - nc

I have never been bullied but I see people being bullied, I feel sad for them being bullied everyday.. I just wish this bullying would stop, so the people being bullied could live their life happy

Eugem - 15 - Ph

I have NEVER been bullyed. But a couple days ago this kid in my class beat  up a 5th grader( by the way we are forth graders) on the bus FOR NO REASON!!!!  Then he made up a whole diffrent story to tell that the boy started calling him names! Then my best friend was right there watching and she said it was a whole diffrent story. I don't ever want to be bullyed and not anyone else go through it ethier. So I want to help to prevent bullying from happening.

Shelby - 9 - KY

I was bullied in Elementary, Junior and High School. I am in college now and it still happens. If we don't stop it with the younger generations it will keep happening. I've been blessed with a great mother to help me through it and keep my esteem up but a lot of people don't have that. 

Eli - 22 - Wa

I have never been bullied, but I know people who has and it's so sad because I can't make that people stop doing terrible things. I always wanted to help these people but had no idea of how. Now I'm participating, and you ? ;) Thanks Demi Lovato for being this great person you are. You now help people from the whole world !

Fernanda - BRAZIL - 16 - ES

Bullying needs to stop now. I've been phisically and mentally bullied since kindergarden and now in high school. It has ended for me and needs to be ended for others.

Sue - 14 - FL

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