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  I care about bullying because I was bullied myself in school from Kindergarten to the twelve grade. The bullying started when I first started elementary school and it didn't end until I graduated from high school. I was constantly teased and harassed everyday when I went to school. 
  I was bullied physically, verbally, mentally, and emotionally. I was teased and picked on for everything for the way I looked and how I acted. It wasn't easy to go through what I went through in school. I was called many low down names in school on a daily basics. I was picked on about from my face features to my body features. I was teased for being different from the other students because I was quiet and smart in school. Other students used to put their hands on me and they would hit, slap, and push me around on a constant basics. 
  The name calling, teasing, and physical abuse continued from grade to grade and it got the best of me at times. At first the bullying and teasing did bother me a lot but after a while I got used to it because it became a normal daily thing for me. I went through a lot in school with the bullying, teasing and harassment but I made it because I had people to support me and encourage me through this period of my life.

Daryl - 23 - South Carolina

no person deserves to be treated like they are not equal to the next person. We all have our own stories that make us who we are and they deserve to be heard rather than taken advantage of. 

Michelle - 19 - Boise, Idaho

Everyone bullies me by not sitting with me at lunch and everyone calls me names all day long everyday and I hate when nobody even wants to sit with me at lunch :(

Mary - 17 - Canada

I was bullied for over 8 years. I know what it feels like to constantly feel like you aren't good enough, pretty enough or smart enough. I'm now entering my senior year in college as a Social Work major in hopes of becoming active in bullying prevention not only in grade schools, but college as well. I hope to make a difference and have a ripple effect across the country.

Emily - 21 - Vermont

Bullying can ruin someone else.One person can impact on someone else positive or negative.I want to try to make that impact positive. One smile, one compliment, one kind word can make someone's day.

Taya - 16 - CT

Bullying is wrong and i want to stop it all around the world i want the world to be happy and joyful cause everyone wants to be safe and happy 

Teahyla Abernathy - 11 - ohio

i care because i used to be bullied all the time from 3rd to 5th grade. its hard when most of the kids in your grade turn on you i used to have people say that i was stupid or retarded and i got beat up a lot. i did what everybody told me to do like walk away or ignore them but it didn't work still got bullied in tell got in middle school got to hang out with kids that didn't bother me but still i am  still called names when i pass those people in that hall that bullied me. i say to the people that are getting bullied stand up to yourself by telling a teacher or tell your parent and don't be bystanders it pays in the long run.    

Austin - 11 - u.s

I've been to multiple schools in multiple states. Each of them had a high amount of bullying. I eventually learned to ignore them. If they don't stop I stand up to them. They won't know what to do. Don't be rude. Don't be mean. Be assertive, but don't drop to their level.

Samantha - 12 - Wisconsin

all people should have a dream. People should not be bullied because of the the way they look or act. Your life is yours and you should follow your heart, and not pay attention to what other people think of you. You were given a life to to do what you do best and impact the world. Other people are going to try to bring you down, but you can stand firm in knowing you are special and you do matter. Each person in this world has a purpose so don't let other people change you. You have to be you.  

Elizabeth - 13 - Indiana

I know what it is like to be bullied. I am being bullied right now. No one should be hurt the way they are now. There is nothing as bad as being bullied. Never give up hope.

Holly - 12 - Victoria

While I'm sitting at home crying wondering how I got put into this situation, your hear talking to me on the phone telling me everything is going to be alright. I care because I may not be here right now, but because of those of my friends who have been here for me, have helped me get through my struggles. Bullies only make me stronger now that I know I can be brave. I can stand up for what I know is right.
Thank you bullies for making me a better person.
Thank you too all those who have helped me over come my struggles
And to all those who are still struggling today, everything is going to be okay and each and every one of you are unique and different, and in any humanly way possible beautiful. <3

Sierra - 16 - Wisconsin

I was always getting bullied in and out of school my alot if people. I still am bullied. I'm different from most kids my age and I know this, they hated me because of it. I was called rude names. Cussed at. I still am. I know how it feels, what bullying causes. You can get depressed from it, I am. It can lead to suicide and cutting, hurt. Physical and mental hurtness. It doesn't feel ok. No one should have to go through bullying. Bullying I'd wrong, really wrong. It's bad and stupid. People need to stop bullying cause most bullies don't know what they've done by bullying a person until something that shouldn't ever happen happens. SO STOP BULLYING. 

arianna - 11 - ohio

I was once a victim to bullying and I want to make sure no one goes through all the pain I've been through. I want to help make kids feel safe at their school.

julia - 12 - kokomo

I care because i know what it is like to be torn apart or scared. But you have to know that, that person is just one and as long as you dont let it get to you, you can live a long happy life. You just need to know that that persons opinion doesnt matter. I have also seen kids that take out all of the hurt and anger on others, but dont stoop down to their level. Create your own level above eveyone else.

Kylie - 12 - Oregon

Bullying creates a sense of shame, lack of confidence, and insecurity that never fully goes away. There's no justification, period. One of the major reasons why bullying isn't taken seriously by bullies themselves when being told not to do it is because they play it off as "just joking". Ignoring it doesn't make it go away, it makes it far worse - it helps the real ramifications of bullying fully materialize. Bullying includes cyber bullying, it includes condescension (something teachers do without realizing it), and it especially includes peer pressure. I had friends that were there for me, but that didn't make the pain of being bullied hurt any less. Kids are brutal, they are incapable of fully empathizing and understanding what they are actually doing. This is an issue that is far too overlooked, and assertive action needs to be taken by every parent and every teacher in America.

Noah - 20 - New York

My son went away to summer camp and was bullied while there.  I was not aware until the camp had ended.  It was distressing to my son who did what he could do to cope. I have tried to help my son by  talking about what happened and what to do in the future should it occur again.

It brought back memories of my own childhood and the few times that I was bullied.  I felt powerless and alone.  I chose not to talk about what had happened to my parents or others.  I know now that it is important to shed light on these dark situations.  With light comes healing.  I hope to continue to help my son to not be quiet and hold these things inside and to better prepare him for adolescence.  

My heart goes out to kids that have been or still being bullied.  I also feel bad for the bullies themselves as they need our support, counsel and strength to help them stop their behavior.  

Chuck - 40 - NC

last year a kid in my school committed suicide because he couldn't handle it anymore. I've always been against bullying, but for me that was a wake up call. I've been bullied before and it sucks. I don't ever want any person to feel like they are not as "cool" as someone else. We are all equal. It dosent matter how many friends you have, how much money you have, or anything else. I care because I don't want anyone to feel so sad that they feel the need to tie their own life. 
"If you see a friend without a smile, give him one of yours"

Alexa - 13 - IL

last year in 6th grade a boy in my math class who I sat next to committed suicide. It was such a tragic event it was so upsetting and felt so unreal. I always knew bullying is such a horrible thing and I never want to see anyone be bullied. It is a wrong choice and no one should chose too. I have been bullied as well I and it's such a  bad feeling. I hope that one day there will be a solution to bullying.

Aimee - 13 - IL

I have bullied many times. I have been yelled at, shouted at, even excluded from groups. It feels very very bad. That is why I care. Everybody should care too. If you don't care try caring. 

Rupoyu - 11 - Roswell, Georgia

I have bullied many times. I have been yelled at, shouted at, even excluded from groups. It feels very very bad. That is why I care. Everybody should care too. If you don't care try caring. 

Rupoyu - 11 - Georgia

Kids used to bully me when I was young. They used to say I wasnt pretty or I was to fat. Girls used to make fun of my hair, becuase I have natural curls they said I had a wig. Then I learned they were just jealous because they didnt have what I have. Dont let anyone take away your joy, keep your head up everything gets better.  

Isaliz - 17 - Chicago, illnois

It is wrong and needs to stop ASAP.

Ethan - 13 - North Georgia

No one should have to suffer from bullying.  Bullying hurts very much!

Lucas - 12 - North Georgia

No one should have to suffer from bullying.  Bullying hurts very much!

Lucas - 12 - North Georgia

I have seen many people be bullied, I have never been bullied, but I try to stand up for the kids who have. Ive fought kids just to get them to stop bullying other kids. I feel bad for the kids that get bullied. i guess im kinda in a group of friends, but i still ahng out and be friends with everybody. If run in to me youll probably see me in a kinda country/rebel crowd, but im friends with any one who would be friends with me.

jojo - 13 - North Georgia

I have seen many people be bullied. I have never been bullied, but I try to stand up for the kids who are. I've fought kids just to get them to stop bullying other kids. I feel bad for the kids that get bullied. I guess I'm kinda in a group of friends, but I still hang out and be friends with everyone. If you run in to me you'll probably see me in a kinda country/rebel crowd, but I'm friends with anyone who would be friends with me.

Jojo - 13 - North Georgia

I care because bullying isn't nice and no one should be bulled because of there high,hair style,hair color, the way they dress or the cloths they wear or there skin  color. 

dennis - 15 - North Georgia

I care because I experienced bullying, and I want it to stop.

Brody - 13 - North Georgia

Bullying can make people want to hurt themselves and make people mad. 

Alex - 12 - north georgia

Bullying is a nationwide problem that needs to be stopped!  No one needs to be bullied because they are different.  Everyone is different in their own way.

Dalton - 12 - North Georgia

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