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I care because nobody deserves to go through getting bullied. It's not fun its just mean.

Jacob - 12 - North Georgia

Bullying can hurt people mentally and have them feel badly about them self. In an extreme case that person could feel so bad that they want to hurt them self or others, which just makes it worse. 

Tucker - 12 - North Georgia

Bullying is a nationwide problem that needs to be stopped!  No one needs to be bullied because they are different.  Everyone is different in their own way.

Dalton - 12 - North Georgia

Bullying can make people want to hurt themselves and make people mad. 

Alex - 12 - north georgia

everyone has the right to be treated with respect.  Bullying hurts people, makes them feel less of an individual, and degrades oneself.  It needs to STOP!  I know how it feels personally and will do anything in my power as a TEACHER to make it STOP!

Claire - 34 - N. Georgia

I have never been bullied but people at my school have and are being bullied and all I want to do is find a way to tell the bully to back off but not start a fight or make me a target. So i'm just just trying to find some advice.

Lauren - 11 - FL

i have been bullied and i know how bad it can make you feel

mat - 16 - illinois

bullying causes a lot of physical and mental harm

mat - 16 - illinois

I care because I am currently going through it now. I just got a hair cut and they are bangs. Everyone seems to like them and then two boys seem to bring my day down. No matter how many compliments I get, just two negative things brought me down. I had a wonderful day and they said I looked horrible, bad, etc. In bangs. It really hurt me and now I don't want these bangs and I am trying to hide them. I keep hoping that soon they will grow out enough to hide but, nothing is working. Thoughts have buzzed my mind on how wonderful it would be to be home schooled or gone just some where new. I don't want people to go through what I am going through now. I think kids being bullied at younger ages then this is just unrealistic, no matter what age I think it hurts everyone no matter what.

Kem - 12 - Georgia

I was once bullied till I figured out how to prevent it from happening again. I feel like no one should be bullied i will do whatever it takes to make sure no one has to go through what I went through. If anyone need someone to talk too im willing to be all ears because we all been through it and I'll help you resolve this problem thanks for your time.

Jose - 20 - California,Los Angeles

Getting bullied feels terrible, especially when people talk behind your back when you are right there. The girls I sat with hates me, so they reported me to the guidance counselor because they think I'm not cool, and I'm wayyyy shorter than they are. They said what I said made them feel weird, even though I never said anything that was as bad as what they said. The counselor called my mom and said it was all my fault, even though the girls swear at everything and talk behind other people's back every chance they've got. Now I'm in trouble and they are walking away feeling so happy. Now they look at me like they are better than everyone. The counselor isn't doing anything even though she knows the main suspect. This needs to stop.

Scarlett - 12 - Massachusetts

Someone cared about me

Jennifer - 13 - Texas

I have made many mistakes in my life.  I have been mean to people, and they have been in turn mean to me.  Ever since i was in kindergarten, people have been picking on me, and I should have seen it coming.  I really, really want to help people who have had to live like me.  I go to school, it's tough, but I get home, and while she may be gone now, she made my life super difficult.  Now I know how to be the bully, and the bullied.  it's not really fun on either side of the table, and I want to help people like me, because my life was one that nobody NOBODY deserves.

Myrah - 15 - USA

I know how it feels to get bullied. I have been bullied for 8 years now and I am still getting bullied. And it isn't fun at all. I also have some friends that are getting bullied too and it sucks just to know that someone you care about is getting picked on and also it sucks just to see them going to pain also. I get bullied at school and online they call me fat, ugly, weird, and other hurtful names. And the pain that I am going through right now, nobody should ever go through but I know that there are some people that are going through maybe even worse that I am going through. And to know that some lives get lost due to bullying I just think that that takes bullying too far. And when I see people getting bullied I step in and say something because I can't just stand there and do noting. I'm just too nice to stand by and watch. That is why I care.

Kaitlin - 15 - NE

Nobody deserve to be treated badly, we all are humans, we all deserve all the love of the world, we deserve to stand up for what we believe without being insulted and threatened, we deserve to not be afraid all the time
We deserve to live a beautiful life

Damaris - 16 - Bolivia

My son and Daughter were involved in a bullying situation at school last week. My kids are fine and the school handled it very well and I'm happy that the school has handled it in the way that they have. My daughter was grabbed and pushed to the ground while sticking up for another little girl and my son, while standing up for his sister and the other girl was grabbed from behind and his front tooth (luckily a baby tooth) was punched out after he tried to walk away from the confrontation. I'm so very proud of both of my children for standing up for the other girl and for each other, I'm also proud of my son for trying to walk away instead of using his Karate to fight. They both handled it very well and I'm a proud mother for it. Proudest moment of it all, was the night it all happen, my son said a prayer for the other  boy during dinner asking to help for the boy and make him stop bullying people and to help him not be an angry boy anymore. (I almost cried, I was so proud). 

NA - 40 - NA

it needs to stop...

Bailee - 13 - Indianapolis, Indiana

I know how others feel when they are bullied. I was bullied from 1st grade threw 6th grade. I know how it feels to be made fun of, to be called names, to be pushed around by others that are way older then you. I know how it feels, it feels horrible! adults say it is part of growing up but really it isn't. should a kid have to go threw depression, feeling alone, and being betrayed by there best friend? I don't think so. It can be traumatizing for a little kid especially.   

Gelila - 12 - Maryland

In my school I have been bullied and it does not feel good. It makes you feel bad about yourself .It just makes you ask what is wrong with me why don't they like me

Jamiah - 10 - Brooklyn,NewYork

Bullying is the worst thing that could happen to you when your new at school or you do something that doesn't make someone take you seriously. Don't listen to anyone one who says your different. Being different is called being unique or special in your own way. To overcome this you have to be proud and brave everyday!!!   

Jamiah - 10 - Brooklyn,NewYork

i have been bullied and I know how it feels, it hurts very much. 

Jolie - 13 - SD

Most of my class bullies me. Just a few days ago I was called a fat B**** and when someone stood up for me, she got suspended and the bully got a warning. My school doesn't care if you'?are??bullied or not. They say they do but in all honestly, they could care less. I only have a little amount of friends and the people who have bullied me have bullied me since elementary. I try to be friends with everyone, but it never works, Just because I like a particular band, or I'm dressed a certain way they do anything to mess with me. I've been beaten in the bathroom, pushed into the lockers, had food shoved in my shirt, and been called some of the worst things ever. Being a 6th grade then and having to deal already with that stuff was the worst. Hopefully, everything will go well but until then I'm going to be doing online school starting next year. They say you have to face your fears when honestly, I don't think you should have to. People don't know the affect they have until it happens to them, but it won't ever happen to them, they're little perfects... but raise your chin. You're not the only one who is going through this stuff. People out there will know exactly how you feel, and they'll comfort you. Someone cares whether or not you  believe it!

Alyssa - 15 - Indiana

I was bullied all throughout school. It was the worst in middle and high school. It got to a point I didn't want to talk to anyone in fear they'd pick on me. I had people spray silly string in my hair, call me names... I even had a group of girls put my name in the homecoming court nominations as a joke (kind of like the movie Carrie). And even though I graduated 5 years ago, to this day, some of the things they said still affect me and I'm very self-concious about myself. It's something that I've had to work on day by day. I just think to myself that they only said mean things to pull attention away from their flaws. And day by day, little by little, and with the support of my friends and loved ones, I see more good in me than bad. Nobody should ever think they're alone when it comes to bullying. Because you're never alone. There's people out there who know what you're going through and will help you through your issues. Hopefully one day, bullying will be a thing in the past and people will actually treat others with the decency they deserve.

Tori - 22 - Ft. Myers, FL

I care because I have 3 children & I don't ever want them to be bullied or bully anyone. As a parent I cannot stress enough the fact that all parents need to teach their children to be kind to one and other. Teach them that everyone is different and that is okay!! 

Alena - 27 - California

It's part of my "job" as an UPSTANDER and ABC Reader for the Project Cornerstone Program. It would be a marvelous world if there was no bully behavior, but that's not a reality, so I am educating our students on how to resist, react to and refuse bully behavior.  I am an "Asset Building Champion" & a "Caring Adult." I am providing students a "common language" that they can use to stand up for themselves & others. We are teaching that each child is valuable, that tolerance of others is required and that sometimes all it takes is ONE person to do the right thing.

Mrs. Fitch - 46 - Morgan Hill, Ca

I was bullied as a kid too.  We moved a LOT.  I went to more than 15 different schools.  I was always "new" and very poor.  There was lots for the other kids to find to pick on.   It hurt so bad.  I was afraid to go to school many, many times.  Sometimes all it takes is knowing that there is a grown up who cares,  who understands how bad it feels, and who wishes they could make it stop for you.   I care. 

Heather - 44 - MA

I'm bullied at my school. The feeling of people throwing comments at you or hit you, beat you or just ignore you, its making people sad. My whole life I was and still am bullied, I have changed school 3 times now and just can't come to a place where it isn't going on. You can't come to a place, school, country where there's no bulling, people don't know how big the consensuses from bulling is, they don't know how it feels or actually just what it is since they never self has experienced it. It's sad to see how society is today and what they all can do.

Anne Mette - 14 - Denmark

I have Tourettes and people use to call me a freak. I didnt really have any friends and i felt alone:( No one should feel like they are alone or they are a freak just because they have problems. 

Asia - 14 - pa

its not fair

Michelle - 14 - Denver,Colorado

I have been bullied since 2nd grade and i still do. i had a friend who committed suicide because of bullying. I have been looking out for others since then so they don't have to go through what my friend and i had to go through. Every one gets bullied, but we can all stop it make a difference

Ethan - 16 - orem, ut

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