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I have been bullied ever since I started Kindergarten and all the way up to my senior year. I care because I know what it can do to a person, I know the struggles and the pain. It hurts, It hurts alot and to know that it's happening everywhere scrares me. I used to cut and I wanted to kill myself because people wee always telling me how stupid, ugly, and fat I was. I went a whole shool year only eating one meal a day to try and lose weight. I tried sitting with different people to try and make new friends. Nobody would accept me. I sat by myself a lot and when I started my new school in Junior year it got worse. I hada mental breakdown every week and I cried myself to sleep hoping the next day would be better. I dpmt want anybody going through what I went through and I want to end bullying for good. I want to break the cycle! I love you all and I want to just tell you to STAY STRONG!! <3

Ashleigh - 18 - Minnesota, U.S.

I've been bullied since I started preschool. And it was all because I didn't have the coolest bows in my hair. I'm in 7th grade now, and I get bullied worse than ever. All but two of my friends have left me. Ever since I told them about my depression and self harming issues, they have been calling me names and made me feel like I'm not worth anything. I care because no matter what, there will be people who don't like you. But I care about you, more than you think.

Emaleigh - 13 - Ohio

i care because i have been bullied to the point where i didn't think highly of myself and i didnt like how i looked

icecys - 18 - detroit

I go through bullying I have for 10 years now, they always find reasons to bully me. I guess what I'm saying is I care because I felt the aggression of bullying and I don't want anyone else feeling about them selves  the way I feel about myself :)

Kristen - 15 - Maryland

I know how it feels to be bullied, and be the bully. I wanna change the way people feel and I want to help those who have no where else to turn. I want to be the person I wish I would've had when I was down.

Kendall - 16 - Tennessee

I've been on both ends of the stick. I've been the bully, and I've been bullied. People at my school don't realize that people change, and aren't willing to give the second chances some people desereve. I want to help the kids who feel like they have no one because that's all I wanted when I was down... was someone to be there and really care and that's what I want to be to someone. It's out of hand the way some kids are feeling about themselves because of other peoples opinions. It has to stop and I don't know what it's going to take for some people to realize it. But I'm going to spend the rest of my life being the voice of the ones whose voices are too shakey to do it on their own.

Kendall - 16 - Tennessee

Bullying is silly. Who would have fun being cruel, rude or mean to someone? Being prejudice or saying hurtful comments isn't at al fun! Bullying must be stopped. And if any of you bullies are reading this, think abiut this... Why?

Sammy - 14 - Australia

i am currently bullied in school i get bullied all the time but when i do  i have some friends that are there for me. But i get called the worse names ever! i have read all of your stories and i read them and i started crying like honestly some of the things that have happened now a days makes people terrible. BUT SUICIDE THOUGHTS AND ACTUALLY DOING IT IS NOT OKAY!! i promise things will get better. stay strong for me and i will stay strong for you!

Alyssa - 14 - Wisconsin

i think bullying other kids are being totally mean and it is not nice too do that to each other treat others the way you want to be treated okay thats all that matters.

taylor - 16 - southport high school

There is never an excuse for bullying.  There is no excuse for anybody at any age to gossip-it makes people feel bad about themselves and I am a victim of gossip and let me tell everyone-it hurts badly.  
Gossip is bullying and needs to stop.

Anonymous - 31 - USA

bullying hurts not just the victim but the community. stay strong honey. 
p.s. there is a kangaroo in my backyard right now, wishing you luck

Sydney - 14 - Sydney, Australia

my son gets bullied he gets sick physically sick from this. Please help stop bulling its so very sad. Not everyone in fact no one is the same. However everyone does have feelings.

mary - 42 - st paul mn

Ive never been bullied before now. Im not used to people calling me bad things and hating me. If its this hard for mw, i feel horrible for the other people being bullied right now.

Lindsey - 15 - California

Just because someone is diffrent doesn't mean there wierd it just means there more special. People just need to understand and take a stand because bulying is a big issue and no one deserves to be treated unfairly

Librada - 15 - PA

I have been bullied since I started school. I have self harmed do to bullying.I have been knocked out and treated wrongly. I have delt with it my entire life. I finally decided to take a stand in 7th grade. I was sick of seeing it, sick of watching people I knew have their lives ruined. I will not let it happen anymore. I choose to take a stand.

Sara - 15 - Newport News, VA





I have seen the things that people who have been bullied have to endure, and it is not okay. No one should feel alone or not safe, wherever they are, whether that is at school or at home. I have friends who have been bullied/bullies, and I have been bullied myself. It is not an enjoyable experience, and nobody should have to go through it. 

Emma - 15 - Minnesota

how would you feel if someone bullied you? physically, emotionally, or verbally? it isn't right. so please stop it. 

alex - 14 - houston

i have been bullyed before! it really sucks to be bullyied becaouse you loose the poeple you trust and love 

Cierra - 14 - Georgia


Mary - 13 - Ohio

I care because I have been bullied for 1/3 of my life. I understand all forms of bullying, and I wish to help those who need to be helped. If someone had been there for me when I was being bullied, things might have been different, so that's why I'm working hard to help out anybody I can. 

Delaney - 14 - IA

I never got bullied but i think it's horrible that children all around the country get bullying. children who do this must stop!!!because nobody deserves to get bulying and i am so sorry for people who get it.

VJ - 15 - utah

My little sister cries to the point of making herself sick because she doesn't want to face the kids at school. 

Bree - 22 - Belfry, KY

When i was really young i started to get bullied and i mean when i was in pre k it was really bad by the age of 10 i started to cut and then i went to therpy for it. What im trying to say is NEVER BE BULLIED INTO SCILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont let any body tell you that you not beautiful because YOU are beautiful!!!!!! (:

Kaylee - 14 - Quincy,IL

No one should be made fun of for just being them selves that's just not right I was bullied and it isn't fun. I have a friend who was and still is being bullied and he's being bullied because he's gay. People don't just get picked on because of the way they look its also the color of there skin what gender they like and Many other reasons. Bullying is no just a part of life you can stop it

Asia - 13 - PA

I care because I was bullied for superficial stuff. My hair is red. This is because of genes me parents passed down to me, not anything I did guys. People say, "Gingers have no souls" or even that "Gingers will steal your soul". Frankly, this is not only outrageous but it doesn't even make sense. I no longer raise my hand in class very often and I flinch a lot when ever someone I don't really know gets very close to me. Bullying made me this way, I want it to stop. Stand up for others guys. 

Care - 13 - Ohio

Because i know the pain that is felt

Jade - 13 - Georgia

I feel bullying is very wrong. Everyone has feelings...right? It's sad to think someone would want to hurt human being. IF you are bing bullied...stay strong. Know that people care(: If you are a bully...STOP. 

?????? - 11 - ???????

I never really goten cyberbullied, but i've gotten bullied. I want to help prevent bullying and cyber bullying because i know that it hurts a lot of people and some people even commit suicide because of that. Some even start to hurt themselves. At school, we're making a project and you have to choose something you want to prevent and i chose this. I'm making a powerpoint and i will present it later this week. I'm also making a poem about it and many other stuff. I want to help stop it. 

Julieta - 12 - TX

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