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I care because throughout school I've seen people bully other kids and I feel that it is wrong. Not only does bullying shoot down many people's self esteem, but it also makes them forget who they are or who they want to be. This is a problem that is not handled as much as it needs to be. I care because out needs to be stopped. Period.

Joyful - 15 - Pennsylvania

I care because I've been bullied from 1st grade through 8th and I've suffered from self-harm, depression and a eating disorder. I'm just recovering and I don't want anyone to suffer like I did. Bullying is wrong and inhumane. No one deserves it. 

Cherish C - 15 - Miami, Florida

I was bullied from elementary school until high school. Rumors were spread about me, I was physically attacked, spit on, called names. Anything that other students could do to make my life miserable they did. My life was pure *!$*. I still do not know to this day why I was the target. Even today at 34 I am dealing with anxiety and flashbacks from being bullied. Bullying has a lifetime effect.  It breaks my heart every time I see on the news a student kills themselves because they see no other way out of being bullied. I appreciate everything that you are doing to shed light on this serious issue.

Samantha - 34 - Anon

I Care Because, People Should Not Feel Like They  Do Not Belong Here.

Kitana - 15 - Bixby, Ok

Caring is right. We should know how kids feel about themselfs and others. We need to end Bullying RIGHT NOW!! So that Means that bullying is not right. If you see Bullying anywhere, Tell an adelt or teacher. Are you a bully? If you are, stop Bullying and come on this website and be a kid against bullying. Bullying is not cool. Be teated what you wanted to be treated. My parents tell me to think about your actions.Stop Bullying And Speak up to OTHERS AND YOURSELF.

Erika - 10 - Fredicksburg VA

My friends have been bullied and I have stud up for them. I want bulling to end at my school. But most people that bully were bullied at young ages and think that everyone needs to to feel that way

Leah - 16 - UT

I was bullied last year when i was in the 6th grade. and i don't think its far just because you are different than some people doesn't like you. that doesn't  mean you aren't cool it just means u are unique and special and if there are any people that are out there that bully you just think through your mind that they are just julous of you and that u are yourself and only yourself and nobody can change you. you just have to stick out and believe in yourself. because there are some people out there that are like you and do believe in you. because i might not know who you are but i do believe in every single living creature.

Amanda - 12 - Texas

I care because i been bullied because I'm different from others i dont think anyone should be put down everyday becase of the way they are and for the bullies that bully other kids you guys don't know there situation you can call someone fat and there already starving themselvs.. And that's why i care make a stop to bullying help others :) 

Emilie - 14 - Canada

I care because I've been bullied since 5th grade. I dont want anyone else to go through what I had to go through. The bullying was so bad I wouldn't eat, I lost about 20 pounds because of it. Its not a fun experience at all. No one deserves to be bullied. So many people are killing themselves because of it. And that sickens me. So bad. Because most of them are still teenagers and have their WHOLE life to live. I'm gonna stop bullying one way or another.

Tori - 15 - Indiana

Everybody join me and stop bullying around the world.

Marcus - 11 - Johnson creek WI

when i was in 7th grade i met a girl...whom i can't mention her name..but she was been bullied and made fun of, that she smells,doesn't bath and lots of harsh things. she got tired and keeps things to herself, i tried being her friend because i was picked on in 5th grade and i knew how it felt, so i tried to convince her that she can open up to me and trust took a while but when she opened up finallyyy. she busted out in she hides her emotions and swore never to forgive them.....bullying is making peoples lives difficult and painful!!!

ogechukwu - 13 - warsaw,poland

i want bullying t stop because i was bullyied and people called me worthless and that i was nothing and that nobody likes me... it hurt...really bad i never want anyone ever to go through what i did

Lydia - 10 - seattle,WA

i want bullying t stop because i was bullyied and people called me worthless and that i was nothing and that nobody likes me... it hurt...really bad i never want anyone ever to go through what i did

Lydia - 10 - seattle,WA

I totally care because i am constantly bullied and i feel that it is not right for people to be judged for who they are. Plus half the people that i know who are bullied, their bullies do not even know them personally. I feel like people believe that they can make fun of anyone or anything just because they can and it{s not right! It needs to stop right now, because people seen to commit suicide more and more because of bullying and over 160,000 people stay home from school each day because they are feared of being bullied and it{s outrageous!!!! Though most people don{t see it as bullying and harassment, it is. I just wish our world had better pride about themselves and others that way there is no need for bullying. 

Victoria - 14 - Indiana

I care because I was bullied and it didn't feel good. They try to make you feel like you are not smart and get to your friends. A girl who helps you came to my school it was very inspiring.

Nick - 12 - New Hampshire

I was bullied in different schools due to a disability and it hurts me to see people being bullied for simply being themselves.  Bullying is not cool and schools and parents need to work together to send out the message about how bullying affects people of all ages.
Say NO to bullying.  

Anonymous - 30 - USA

I have been bullied since 3rd grade, I am now in 10th grade. No ever stood up for me even though there were witnesses. I was bullied both physically and verbally.

Austin Koch - 15 - New York

I was bullied along time ago in elementary school. And eversince i got into Middle School i have wanted to prevent other people from feeling like I did.

Stephanie - 15 - NY

I have been bullyed since he 4th grade. people would call me fatso and stuff. And I keept telling myself "sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never heart me". I keept telling myself that ultill 3 years ago... then i just snapped... i tryed to find away out but i couldent it just kepet packing in.

Corey - 13 - Ohio

Bullying must be stopped. It hurts everyone effected by bullying and is not right anywhere. Everyone is different and it's a good thing!

Bronte - 13 - Nowra, NSW

I was bullied at my old school. It was really tough. I didn't have many friends, and I wasn't popular. I hope some day all bullys with understand what it feels like to be bullied. Then, maybe, they would stop.

sky - 12 - windermere

Nobody should be bullied at all, it is wrong in so many ways and unfair. If you're being bullied talk to someone, your friend, your parents, teachers, etc... It's never too late to speak to someone about it. You're life is worth more than those who hurt you.

Evelyn - 16 - Union City, NJ

I have been bullied. I was bullied all through middle school, and even a bit in high school. I always knew I was different, but I never thought people would make me feel like less of a person for it. It did ruin my self-esteem. It has led me to have trust issues. Some of the people that bullied me were my "friends" at one point, but most of them were people in my classes, or at lunch, or that I had to pass everyday in the halls. It sucks because people make fun of you for things that you cannot help or change about yourself. I can take a joke, but sometimes people take things way too far and it becomes hurtful. I used to feel really good about myself until this started. You have to stand up for yourself. Trust me, it's worth it. Now that I am in the next chapter of my life, I feel a lot better. I am stronger. What I went through made me so much stronger.

Jay - 18 - Florida

Bullying is something really bad, and its really sad that its actually spreading in this world. bullying can cause some really bad issues, like eating disorders, self harm, bullemia and many other stuff, bullying should be stopped. if you're reading this and you have EVER been bullied, i just want  you to know, that you're beautiful and you're worthy of life. and whatever those bullies told you, i just want you to know that its not true, and that i love every single person who's reading this, stay strong. 

Anonymous - 14 - Dubai

How come whenever I turn on the news, I see a autistic person being bullied? Why them? They're not any different then us? Just because they have autism? Seriously, people, you can do much better, by NOT BULLYING!!!!!!! 
If you think about it, we're almost all the same! And what we're different, we have to be tolerant about!
(Tolerance means that you accept people for who they are)


Kari - 12 - California

I was there when PACER was in Iowa, I go to a school here obviously... where? Well, I'd prefer not to say, but I'm glad PACER was here, we finally got something... recognized. I care because I notice a great increase in bullying... why? Is it cool? What are kids learning... better yet, NOT learning? Do they think it's a joke? I think we all need to step up and tell younger people... tell EVERYONE it's not a joke, and this stuff is real... if you see someone being bullied, even if you think it's a little joke... STOP it! Step in.

Just Me - 18 - IA

This is the response to a "hey" I sent to someone on chat...."U stupid little girl leave me alone no one likes u so get a life and ya I get that u like me and all but tbh u r annoying ugly and fat so ya"  This happens all the time at school. People are just mean and it makes me sad that I can't have to any friends. it is so bad I want to change schools. I really wish the teachers would open there eyes. 

Lena - 10 - Alabama, Guntersville

i care because i use to get bullied and i now how it feels and i think that if your the bully you can change that now. Another reason is because i don't want people to feel bad about there selves. i know everybody can make a change by standing up to a bully everyday you can make a change. 

anna - 14 - cedar rapids

I get bulled because I have ADHD and I will go crazy in class. People will push me and hit me and call me a mean names. I'm depress and I cut myself hoping pain will help but it makes it worse because people will call me Emo and they will hit me more 

Timothy - 13 - Council bluffs, IA

When i was little maybe around the age of 5 i got bullied for the first time for having a guy friend and no girl friends. I was the skinny short little girl always sitting in the back as elementary came around because people called me 'anorexic' 'skeleton' 'ugly'. I would get picked on alot and i thought it was never going to stop. It did though around 7th grade. I still get name called for being to skinny but i have a voice now those people do it because if they're insecure they believe we should to and thats not correct. Dont stay quiet have a voice and it will all go away i promise. Im 5'7 now and do all these activities, they made me stronger and i made them weaker. 

Jacky - 16 - California

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