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Bullying of all forms is not right. Whether it's with abilities, gender, race, beliefs, hobbies, or looks. Everyone has something alike. We are all humans, and we have feelings

Veronica - 12 - Illinois

because we need to stop because there are many people who love to pick with peolpe and i be pick one becuse of my speech... and i will stand up to bullyings

markist francis - 14 - la laffettet

I have been bullied about the way I dressed and I am too skinny and that my family pick cans up for money not too my face but behind my back which is sometime worse because they known what they are doing is wrong. I just want the bullying too stop

stephanie - 21 - waterloo, iowa

I have been bullied since i was in 7th Grade. Now a high school Junior and a Freshman In college. Although life has hit me hard I keep my head high. I don't let anyone step in front of my dreams. People have called me every name in the book , told me die even told me I'm worthless. Almost everyday i would cry, cry for hours, and cry myself to sleep. People began to call me fat my freshman year of high school. I began going days sometimes even weeks without eating. My mom stopped me and told me it wasn't worth not eating. I thought of every possible way to commit suicide ?NEVER went through with it. As the years pasted? of all the cruel people . I am who i am today because of what happen. I don't know where or who i would be if this didn't happen. Im not proud of everything i chose to do in my past but I'm happy now. I'm ready to stand against bullying. I put my foot down and don't let anyone jump in front. Be true to yourself. My name is Emily and i was a VICTUM.

Emily - 17 - Anonymous

I care because, in all honesty, I used to be a huge bully.  I made fun of this guy on my bus for a few months in, like, 3rd grade or something.  I definitely am not a buly anymore, and thankfully, I am now friends with the guy I bullied.  I know how much it hurt him when I made fun of him, and now I just look back on that, and not only do I regret it, but I know now how stupid I was.  I get bullied now, sometimes.  It's not severe, but it's still bullying, and it hurts.  I'm thinking about organizing an anti-bullying fundraiser that I would have people perform at...

Janie - 13 - Long Island, NY

When I went into middle school there was a boy who everyone just "decided" to pick on. He would always sit alone at lunch and never once had a friend to call his own. But I never said a word. I was too scared to lose my friends... I was too selfish to help someone in need. A few years later I remembered how many times this boy had tried to talk to me... it made me cry thinking of how alone he must of felt like. Never again will I EVER let anyone decide who is " worthy" enough to be happy and have friends. And I want others to learn from my mistake. When you see someone down on the ground, have the courage to be the hand that picks them up.

Angela - 16 - Des Moines IA

From freshman to where I am now, a junior I was bullied for 3 straight years and as always the bullies never once gotten in trouble What's even more sad is that those bullies used to be my friends until I found out that they were all just using me and said so many horrible things behind my back One of them was like my best friend since 6th grade too It was unbelievable, at first I thought I was just having a nightmare but was all true I would cry almost everyday and hide in the bathrooms And when I try to stand up to myself or even confront them They would tell any teacher that I was close to and say "I was bullying them."
And they believed them (bullies)and I was hated and I no longer can see the caring eyes of my teachers...just cold,icy looks Because in their eyes "I was the bully"  when I had done nothing at all And my teachers would forbid anyone from defending me And now I'm just stuck :(

Anonymous - 15 - Anonymous

Kids and teens, I am 25 and I was bullied almost all of my life up until my junior year of high school where I switched schools. Every single day of my middle and high school life I was talked about. They talked about the way I looked, my hair, my skin, what I wore, that I smelled, that I was ugly, talked about my birthmark I have on my face, told me I was worth nothing and that I was a loser. They offered me gum and later on I found out it was from the floor. They smakced me in the back of my head with rubber bands, threw paper balls in my face. That all changed when I moved to another school. It has gotten even better after high school, when I entered college. In college everyones alot more mature and I made alot of friends there. I am doing much better now and days, I have my Bachelors degree, and am working on my Masters degree in the IT field. Life is moving forward and now it's moving great. Hang in there guys, it gets alot better as life moves on. Don't give them the satisfaction of hurting yourself or letting them see you cry. Stay strong!

Marcus - 25 - Boca Raton, Florida

I care because no one deserves to be afraid to go to school like I was, and nobody knows that the victim might have a disability or problems at home. I speak from experience..

Ali - 12 - Tennessee

Well Im A Junior in high schhol and I've been bullied since Elemtary school. They would tease me about being fat, ugly, and not wareing the cuteist clothes in school. I've never really had alt of of friends but the ones i do have are real, but i have acroosed some friends in my life that wernt really my friend and some that has turned their back towards me. 2 years ago i lost my mom and my little brother is 9 now but 7 when it happened and his so called "FRIEND" would tease him about it when they got into fighs and say " At least I Have A Mom". My little brother was a mommys boy.then my dad got remarried and i didnt feel i dont belong and her kids tease me about being fat and ugly and no one sees that im hurting inside . sometimes i dont what to and i think about... would they be better without me? should i run away? Ive Thought About. but i dont i stay there and just ignore all of it.. 

Isabella - 16 - NA

i have been bullied my whole life. I know how it feels to fell like there is nothing for you, and that you don't have future. i have tried suicide a lot. i always had my friends to stop me i have very few friends but the ones i do have r loyal. i am so loyal to them. All the bullying did was give me bad depression i self harm a lot. my friend jacob that i have kept him from killing himself many times. it feels good to know that u don't have to be famous to make a difference or to save a life all you need is to be kind and a good friend. my dream is to help people. i always get emails say how fat ugly stupid and worthless i am. it hurts really bad, but i use that bad energy to help my friend and i feel like i can help a lot of people. have an amazing day.

morgan - 14 - oregon

I've been going through alot i just wish someone could help me i've been teased picked on and made fun of i've been keeping this a secret for a long time and i still am i tried to commit susicide 2 times but cutting my self but it didn't work i've been really depressed about my self whenever PE starts you got to dress in the locker room whenever i had to dress out they would tease me of how my body look's i just wanted to share my story so here it is i lost hope and courage and have very low self esteem due to the harrasment.

Atil - 14 - Florida

my bulling is diffrient i get bullied from boys and I'am a girl i cant belevie how any one could do such a horrible thing :'(

mirette - 15 - egypt

im here becuase i was bullyed last year and i did not like it and i thought if im not being bullied why should they?

jordy - 10 - midland

i was once a bully but then the coined flipped and i was the one getting bullied and i know how it feels and it hurts .

mia - 10 - 85345 peoria AZ,

I care because I was bullied for 4 years and i dont want it to ever happen to anyone again. i understand the pain. Everyone should care!!

Sara - 15 - Tennessee

I'm 6'-10" and weigh 300 pounds, but even I was bullied growing up. Older kids picked on me, so I picked on others. Looking back, what hurt the most was BEING a bully. Speak up. Reach Out. Be a friend.

Jim - 51 - Tifton, GA

I'm 13,I been bullied for 6 years. They bullied me because I have speech problems and I'm different. I come home crying and angry because kids at school talk like crap and angry because words hurts,I wish kids at school would leave me alone,on bus,in the classroom,in the hall way.they all way picking on me. I got so tired of it and i couldn't keep it to myself so i talked to my parents. So now I'm finally have someone to talk when I'm hurt about it and when I talk about it I feel better.I'm still bullied but I keep head held high because their is always someone to talk to.

Ashley - 13 - VA

I hate when people bully because, it's sad to see it happen! I sometimes imagine if I were in that position, I know that I would'nt like it at all. My friend got bullied for being different!! You are you, and only you, being the same is boring! Don't copy someone because you like their clothes! And most importantly DON'T LET ANYBODY CHANGE WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!!! If you are getting bullied, tell a teacher or parent right away, stand up for people!

Anna - 12 - San Antonio, Texas

I've been through alot in regards to being bullied. Alot that people don't know. It can take a great tole on your self-esteem and the way you interact with others. Nothing will ever hit as hard as life but I was willing to get hit and rise above it rather then let myself fall. I thought I didn't need help but most us do. That one helping hand can help turn your life around. You have to learn to accept who you are and adore that person you see in the mirror. The things people say about you are mere opinions that are nothing compared to the way in which you see yourself. :) You can be strong like I was and take the scars you were left with and use them as motivation towards a better life, helping others along the way. Think of everything you went through as a mere obstacle in the way of someone who is capable of doing anything they set their heart to do.

Angie - 17 - California

 I am active in my school with a program called the buddy program. the buddy program at my middle school has the eighth graders helping and mentoring the 5/7th graders. the eighth graders are called the big buddies and the littler kids are called the little buddies. I am so excited for the fall so I can get started. working with them and helping to make my school a better place. For most of the little buddies you are one of their only friends so you need to be there for them. once I herd that you could sign up right now me and 2 of my closest friends said that when we got out of class we were going to the office to sign up. 

maddy - 13 - maine

My school does not have alot of bullying and it is punished very hard. I care because I never had to go through anything like that and it makes me sad when other kids have to go through it. I

Alex - 14 - Md

I know how people feel when they are being bullyied by others. When I was 13 I was cyber  bullyied by my x girlfriend. I had thoughts of hurting my self but then I thought we'll she might be jeloues of me. But then she kept on doing it so I ignored it. I had to stay strong. So for all you teens that are going through bullying I want you to just ignore them and tell someone at home or somewhere where there is an adult. 

David - 15 - Williamsport,Pennsylvania

Bullies think that they are cool by picking on other people but BULLYING IS NOT COOL.Sometimes bullies come from violent or disagreeable families or think it is the right thing to do but it is not . I recently have been bullied by a girl at my school but she has become kind of friendly now which i am glad of. She used to write my name on the board for no reason and be unkind to me what I dont understand is why she was nice to everybody else and not me . Nobody stood up for me but one girl who saw me lingering around the board wanting to rub my name off she told me that i had done nothing wrong and to rub it off so i did . I never have any friends anymore but i really like reading so i read in break time . REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT ALONE TELL OTHERS ABOUT BULLYING AND PREVENT IT .

Maryam - 9 - NSW Rooty hill

I care because I lost my best friend. I care because when I walk down the hallway, people give me weird stares. I care because I know how it feels. I care, because I wanna make the voices that can no longer speak, heard. 

Samantha - 12 - California

I care about this and a lot. When I arrived in Panama I got bullied. Not phisically but emotionally. I would go to my new school and people would just look at me through the hall and put faces like "she's so weird", in fact they called me "the weird girl". The first day of school I was in lunch line and to girls in the back called me, I turned around and they started laughing at me and whispering. These people have destroyed me, they made e feel insecure about myself, before I wasn't like this, I just wish I could be like I was before. When there were group workd and I would say something, I was ignored, because for them I was just "trash". I came home without saying anything to my parents, I didn't want them to suffer because I was suffering. I would get to my room and start crying looking at the pictures of my old friends, and wondered... would I ever get memories here like the ones I got in  the country where I lived before? I want to be strong, I wish I could be stronger. I realized that even one of my friends manipulates me, and that I never said NO to her. I know being bullied is not easy, and it takes a lot of courage to face it. I'm trying to find that courage. 

Laura - 15 - Panama

i am known as the happiest and friendliest person in my grade but they dont really know me i have been bullied as a small child and i did nothing about it. I guess i just got used to it... One day i almost got into a fist fight but luckily someone spoke up for me and he became my best friend. If he hadnt spoken up for me I would porbably still be suffering. Now im living a hapy life but still has some ups and downs of course, im getting over my depression (i had been diagnosed when i was 8) and im making new friends almost everyday!!! So speak up you can make a huge difference and be positive the cause stops now.

Ari - 12 - NY

No one deserves to feel worthless or be bullied. No matter what they did, I was bullied so I know the pain. Thinking of the people about to attempt suicide because someone told them they were worthless.
But I think people should also remember bullying doesnt just go on inside schoolgrounds by kids your age, its online, in your home, it can be everywhere.
But no one should have to deal with bullying, whether they have been 'good' or not. And its sad that people are usually bullied over things they cant change. 

Sinead - 14 - Ireand

I care because i feel no one should under go bullying.  I beleive that if we all take a stand against bullying we can make a change. 

L - 12 - California

I once got bullied, too. everyone does at some point, but mine got serious. I got bad grades, I thoght about suicide many times, but somehow I got through it. I have many friends now, but I would like to be a frend to the bullied :)

Marisol - 13 - Illinois

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