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I've Changed For The Better

Posted: 8/2/2013

First day of 7th grade there was a new girl. She seemed nice so i became her friend, and soon my little friend group added her to it. But soon after that, about 3 months into the school year she changed.

We all changed.

She wasn't the nice girl we all thought she was anymore, she was telling lies and starting rumors. That same month I was being called worthless and all these names by the 'popular people' and that really had a toll on my social life; my life period.

I was diagnosed with depression later that year and the bullying never stopped. I was still being called these names and feeling this way. I began cutting. I won't get into that very much, but i began seeing a social worker and man did she help. I'll cut this story short; I'm getting better. I still have depression, but it isn't that bad.

During that school year my group of friends left me. But now i'm with a better group. A group that doesn't make me feel like im nothing. I'm talking to people who are feeling how i am, and its really helping.

Some say I've changed in a bad way, But honestly? I've changed for the better, not for the worse. Whenever i see bullying i try to stop it because i know how much it had affected me 2 years ago, but just knowing people are going through that hurts me.

I want to change the world one day, one person at a time. And i plan on doing that. I plan on making at least 40% of bullying around the world stop, but who knows what can happen in the future. That's still far far away.

Thankk (: Xx

By: Jamie

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Be Strong, I Know I Am

Posted: 8/2/2013

Last year, I joined a group of friends and we all became "BFF's".

We had a group leader, her name was Sandra (not real name). Anyway we all did whatever she wanted us to do, my mom used to tell me that was peer pressure but I didn't listen. Over a month Sandra kicked one of us out by the excuse of that she wasn't allowed to have any other friends. I felt really bad for her but I just pushed it aside.

A few months later the victim was me.

I had been kicked out because I didn't go to the activities they had planned without me. Those days I was really sad and I didn't want to go to school. They had told everybody what happened and all of the other students got the wrong impression of me.

They made me feel so uncomfortable and worthless. Sandra gave me the nickname "Captain Fat". I became very self-conscious about my weight and I went days without eating. My mom told the school counselor what happened but because one of girls in the group's mom knew her boss, she said that all the blame was on me. I eventually ignored them and found out that I was living a happier life without them. As for Sandra, she has gotten in a lot of trouble with the principal.

My advice is be strong, I know I am.

By: Anonymous

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My Story

Posted: 7/3/2013

When I was younger I didn't have any friends, I was a germ that no one would go near. I would sit alone at lunch and when someone did come over it was only to throw food. They would call me names like piggy because of my turned-up nose. When they hit me they would pretend to wipe the germs on someone else before saying ‘injection, injection, no infection’. I didn't really speak much and I was really shy. Sometimes I thank them for making me a stronger person and helping me get involved with helping others who are being bullied. It made me so upset, I used to shout at my family, I couldn't stop myself. This is my story and I will do what I can to help.

By: Rosie

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Am I Normal

Posted: 7/1/2013

I always wonder if I am normal. Through my teenage years I used to think there something wrong with me because I had a hard time learning, reading and writing. People used to call me names. I would feel like I am not a normal person, that I am ugly and no good. The bullying took such a toll on me I had to almost be put in the hospital. It also caused me to have depression, low self-esteem, anger problems and caused me to run away. It took me until now to notice I am normal. There is nothing wrong with who I am. It took me a long time to recognize that being bullied hurts and can follow you for the rest of your life. I have a quote, "it's better to be hated for who you are then to be liked for something you're not". The reason I am sharing my story is I want to help teenagers get through it and put a stop to it.

By: Sarah

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Posted: 6/28/2013

Hello, My name is Marjon, I'm 14 years old and I'm going to the 9th grade. I've heard lots about you all's website and how you guys help to prevent bullying. Well I just wanna start off and say keep up the good work!! Here is a link to my video and I would be thrilled if helped me get it out there to where the world could see it. Bullying is an huge issue and it’s up to people like us to put an end to it!

By: Marjon

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A Group of Kids

Posted: 6/28/2013

Once when I was in the second grade a girl in my class formed a group that would make fun of me and my friends they used to call me names like stupid face, bug eyes , wimp, loser and they used to whisper to each other and say that I was useless and that I was not needed in life that group didn’t just make fun of me they made fun of all the girls in my class when they made fun of me I used to feel so rotten inside and feel that no one would understand if I told them so I tried so hard to ignore them but it didn’t help it made it worse I used to cry sometimes at night and used to hope that it would get better it did after I told the teacher.

See that shows a lot of bravery that if you tell someone it will get better trust me.

Hanan's Story

By: Hanan

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Marina V

Posted: 6/24/2013

My name is Marina V. I am a recording artist, singer and songwriter in Los Angeles. I grew up in Moscow, Russia, and came to America when I was 15. Since, I have toured the world and have been very lucky to do music for a living.

But before that, when I was a kid, I was bullied at school. That's one of the reasons I strongly feel what PACER is doing is incredibly important.It is nice to know you're not the only one going through something like this, and it's nice to know you can get help and support.

My song SPEAK is about believing in yourself. About not being afraid to be yourself. It's about standing up for who you are, no matter what people may say or think.

SPEAK on YouTube:
Twitter: @MarinaV
---- Plz take a sec to Like my FB page:)

By: Marina V

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Inspiring Girls

Posted: 6/24/2013

Inspiring Girls

By: Shaun Robinson

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Posted: 6/21/2013

Bullying was my inspiration to make poetry and I hope that my poetry influences at least one person to always stay strong.



kids didn't live through life but trust me they been through life so

here's to the kids who write because it's their only escape from this dreaded place we call earth — here's to the kids who get bullied every day but still are strong enough to express at least a little  mirth  — Here's to the kids who don't wear a size zero and are proud — here's to the kids who live in hell but their heads in the cloud — here's to the kids who hide their feelings like they don't exist — here's to the kids who relieve all  their pain just by cutting their wrists — here's to the kids that work so hard to impress someone that is never impressed with them — here's to the kids that think they are ugly but in reality they are as beautiful as a priceless gem — here's to the kids who try so hard to become what people want them to be

but don't worry child your life will get better I can guarantee 

Please step in my shoes 
And walk the life I am living 
And if you get as far as I am 
Just maybe you will see 
How strong I am 
BE . . .
The girl who who follows her heart instead of the trends 
The girl who stares at the stars instead of the tv 
The girl who reads Poems  instead of magazines 
The girl who wears sneakers instead of heels
The girl who looks at people's eyes instead of their clothes
The girl who wants to explore the world instead of just traveling the world
The girl who judges their personality instead of their closet 
The girl who would rather go to the  beach instead of the mall 
The girl who values trust instead jewelry 
The girl who ends rumors instead of starting them 
The girl who avoids gossip instead of listening to it  
If you have more friends
Doesn't make you any nicer 
If you have more clothes 
Doesn't make you prettier
If you have more money 
Doesn't make you have more value
When people say your fat it doesn't make them any skinnier 
When people say your dumb it doesn't make them any smarter 
When people say your immature doesn't make them mature
When people say you can't do it
Doesn't mean they can 

By: Eman

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Just Because

Posted: 6/21/2013

Just because I'm different
Doesn't mean I'm lame
Doesn't mean I'm trying hard to get a bit of fame

Just because I'm different
Doesn't mean I can't play
Doesn't mean that I can't hear the mean things that you say
Doesn't mean, in your belief, that I have to pay

Just because I'm different
Doesn't make it right
For you to make me cry myself to slumber every night

Just because I'm different -- Please be nice

By: Claire <3

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