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Both Sides Hurt

Posted: 1/27/2016

I was in elementary when this all started. All my friends were cute or already had their body growing. I was the only one the boys called ugly duck. I would feel bad about myself. I would sometimes try to make myself feel better by telling myself I was pretty but that wouldn’t work. Everyday at school I would hear the same thing over and over. Later I was in 6th grade and I was shy and quiet. The middle school was a small school every one knew each other and I felt okay until 7th grade as I had few friends. Some girls that would feel better then others and they would make me feel unwanted because i wasn’t as pretty as they were and even though i was dating a guy they all wanted I felt really ugly and useless. They even got him to cheat on me and after I was so tired of everyone trying and laughing at me for the same thing, Iwas tired of everyone saying i wasn’t good for him. So, i became the bully in 8th grade. In my mind I was cooler now. In my mind it was fine because at home i wouldn’t get the power or attention. In 8th grade middle of the year i decided that what I was doing was so wrong. I got this girl to think i was her friend and then talked about her personal life. One day I needed someone to be there. All my friends that I thought were my friends weren’t there, but she was. She was the only one that was there for me and was there when i cried. Ever since then i regret everything and i am so blessed and happy she forgave me. It hurts to be on both sides.

By: Steph

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Bullying is Real at Leon High School-Bullying Awareness Week

Posted: 12/11/2015

Created by Robert Skrob Media

Bullying has been seen in schools across the nation, but a lot of times we don't realize that it's also happening right at our school. It's important for students who are targets or witnesses of bullying to know where they can get help. Students from Leon High School share how bullying can make a person feel and give advice to how to prevent bullying.

By: Anonymous

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I AM Human

Posted: 12/3/2015

Bullying started for me when I was in first grade, I had no friends. I would always try to fit in but they would always push me away. In second grade it got worse. Then I had 2 "friends" but after they started insult me. Some people said to the teacher that I insulted them and the teacher belived them. He didn’t ask if i did say it. Just wrote my name on the board showing me big eyes. They only said it because I wanted to be friends with them. Some people would think that Its not that big of a deal but for me it is. Anyways moving on third grade new school but nothing changed. Just one thing new, in this school they whe re even more cruel. I would always end up crying. Its just horrible to live in that moment. It went non-stop until the end of primary. Sometimes they would use me to do stuff for them. I dont why they did it. I AM human like them.

By: Su

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My Story and Advice

Posted: 12/3/2015

I was bullied pretty badly in high school. There was one kid in particular who would try to make me feel inferior in every way he knew how. For example, he would throw stuff at me constantly, flick me in the head, punch me, wipe whatever he picked out his nose on my shirt, call me ugly and stupid, mock me and of course – tell me he would beat me up if I ever fought back. It was like his daily mission.

And it was my daily mission to just get through the day. What can I say, it made my world very small because that was my sole focus – just surviving. Everything else fell by the wayside. Unfortunately, that included any form of social life. So not only was my world tiny. It was very lonely. Looking back to that time – which was about 11 years ago – my biggest mistake was not bringing anyone in to that world of mine. I was too proud (and embarrassed) to get help. I would rather not face the fact that I needed help because in my mind, that would mean that the bully won. It would also mean that I was weak.

Let me just say this – bullying someone is a weak choice. The only reason they come after you is because they think you won’t do anything about it. Does that make anyone strong? Absolutely not. Be stronger – reach out to a parent, a teacher or friend. Anybody. Simply admit that you are struggling and need help.

You can put it like this, “Somebody who is weak and trying to build their self esteem up has chosen to do that by putting me down. The only reason they are doing that is because I am nice and I haven’t done anything about it yet. Well I am through putting up with this. I have basic human rights that they are violating to feel better and that it is just not okay. How do I handle this the right way? I don’t want the pain cycle to continue and become someone I don’t want to be."

I will close by saying this – I am okay! I am not just surviving. I am enjoying my life. I graduated from college with honors by the way (being stupid was lie…it is all a lie) You don’t have to wait to live though. Do something today.

By: Daven

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Dash’s Steps to Stop Bullying

Posted: 11/19/2015

By: Dash

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Football Team

Posted: 11/12/2015

I am on the football team at my high school. If you aren’t a starter on the team, you were usually the one getting picked on in the locker room. When I first started I thought I was going to have fun in it because I’ve done football all my life and wanted to continue on in my high school career. When I started I was one of the smaller guys on the team and the coaches didn’t see me as much, but got a secondary position. After the first week there I started getting picked on in the locker room because of how small I was and shouldn’t be on the football team; that was when I started not going to practice. I was scared that if I went to practice, then I would be picked on again and not be a part of the team. I didn’t want to tell my mom because she would be mad if I quit football because it costed her $150 to put me in that sport. So I just waited after school and didn’t go to practice and was on my phone watching YouTube. The only time I actually played was at the games to show my mom that I was still on the team so she wouldn’t get mad at me. So I am questioning whether I want to play football next year because my freshmen year of football wasn’t the greatest and just started here and got the bad look at it. I want to continue football because I’ve played the my entire life, but could now be at stake just because I was bullied.

By: K.C.

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The Outcast

Posted: 11/10/2015

With pain she looks at the world in fear
Broken apart by the ones she held near
An arrow to the soul
A dagger to the heart
Her hopes and dreams starting to depart
You can only see the dread in her eyes

No cuts on her wrist?
Take a look at her thighs.

What once was a girl
Full of hope
Full of light
Has now become an outcast
A shadow in the night.

This is a deep poem. I just wanted to share something that I wrote, with you. This kind of explains my life. Please, remember. You are UNIQUE. They are bullying you and talking bad about you behind your back, because they are jealous. THEY ARE BEHIND YOU FOR A REASON! Because, you could change the world, you could make a difference. I don’t know you, but I love everyone who is reading this. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT.

Just, be true to yourself, go ABOVE and BEYOND.

By: Mackenzie

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Kindergartener on the Bus

Posted: 11/6/2015

On the first day of school, I sat by my big brother. An older girl switched seats and sat by me. I didn’t want her to sit by me but she did. She pinched me. Ouch! A few weeks later, she sat by me again like she always did. She pinched me so hard that it left a bruise. My mom saw the bruise. My brother was sick the next day so I cried about having to ride the bus. I felt scared. Then my teacher said that my mom was going to pick me up. We went inside the building and I told my teacher what was happening on the bus. My teacher helped me stay safe. I still think about it. I learned it was bullying a nd it’s okay to tell an adult.

By: Lydia, age 6

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You’re Not Alone

Posted: 11/6/2015

All my life I’ve always felt less-than because that’s how my bullies made me feel. Every time I’d look in the mirror, I hated what I saw. I tried so hard to fit in. To stop all the "you’re ugly" "you’re fat" "ew". I started ditching class with the cool kids to be excepted. I started wearing clothes that got me dress-coded to look "hot". I started to not do my homework to be "cool". I wasn’t being who I was. And the harder I tried the harder life was. I woke up with puffy eyes from crying myself to sleep. Until, I met some amazing peopl e. They were kind to me, they appreciated me for who I was, they didn’t even notice my flaws. Those are the people you have to be with. I know how it feels, I care. You’re not alone.

By: Gia

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How I Got Bullied in School

Posted: 11/5/2015

When I went to the public school I was bullied from the time I was in Pre-K until my last year there which was 2nd grade. I even got kicked out of Pre-K for hitting the kid that was bullying me. Everyone used to call me names like "Germy" and make fun of me. It felt kind of like being killed and then revived again for them to start all over. Every time I told a teacher or an adult at school they told me ‘That didn’t happen" and then I got in trouble for telling. My Mom kept calling and going to school but the Principle and Councilor just told her that I was making it up, and that nobody was bothering me. Finally my Mom and Dad took me out of the school and put me in a public online school. Now I love going to school every day and I have all A’s which is really awesome, since I kept failing at the regular public school because I got tired of everyone not being nice. You see, I have a high I.Q. but I learn way different than everybody else because I have a behavioral disorder called Oppositional Defiance Disorder or O.D.D. and I can’t be still, so I was always interrupting the class, and that made everybody tease me more. Anyway, my name is Jeremy and I am 9yrs. old and that’s my story.

By: Jeremy

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