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Taking Action

Posted: 5/26/2011

June 9, 2010

PACER Center
8161 Normandale Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55437

Dear Sir or Madam:

My name is Clayton. I'm helping stop bullying in my school. I am going to give you $5. Bullying is mean and it needs to be stopped. You can tell the bully to stop, or go tell the teacher, or tell your mom and dad.

Thank you.


By: Clayton

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Locked Alone

Posted: 5/26/2011

I'm scared of what there is to come,
from heartache and neglect.
Why should I be afraid of it?
I have the love I get.

I don't know why I'm scared of it, 
I have my mom and dad.
They love me and the comfort me, 
Why do I feel so sad?

I do not want to come to school, 
I'm scared I'll see them there,
they laugh and talk behind my back,
It's just not very fair. 

The laughing and the bullying, 
it has to stop right now.
That is a choice I have to make, 
all by myself, alone.

I have no one to turn to now,
I fight the pain inside.
I'm scared I might go way too far,
My life is full of lies.

I have support right by my side,
they love me and they care.
I have to call out on my own,
no pain, no strife to bare. 

There is a person that I like,
She helps me make it through.
She cares for me and understands, 
what I am going through.

She comforts me and hugs me tight,
when I am crying hard.
I pray to God for her to know,
What's really going on.

I cut my arms with razor blades,
to dull the pain inside,
but that can only last so long,
I don't wanna be alive.

I cover up the bleeding scars,
cause no one understands.
It doesn't hurt, it just feels good,
I cover them with bands.

I do not know where I can turn,
so I can feel again.
I'm full of sadness, hate, regret, 
Why can't I say 'I can'?

I cry myself to sleep at night, 
I wipe away the tears.
I always have to be so strong, 
I have so many fears. 

Why don't I stand up for myself,
they think they draw a laugh.
Inside I'm crying out for help,
My life is worth just half.

I'm pounding on the walls so hard,
but no one seems to hear.
I want to get out very bad,
I'm trapped inside my fears.

I need you and I know you're there, 
I just need some advice.
To make this issue go away,
so I don't take my life. 

I pray someday I will be free,
no longer walk alone. 
I am determined to get there,
no longer locked alone.

By: Laura T.

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Posted: 5/26/2011

bulllies make u feel low and make u feel different

By: Anonymous

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Posted: 5/26/2011

Some kids are bullied but are embarassed to talk about it. My parents told me it was probably my fault that i did something mean, but I didn't. I tend to be quiet and nice to everyone but still people are mean to me. I wish someone could help me, I don't know what to do.

By: Anonymous

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Too Scared

Posted: 5/26/2011

People are either too scared to get involved or ignore it, kids and adults.

By: Anonymous

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I Survived

Posted: 5/26/2011

I survived my bullying experience. Grew up and became free.

However, during the time i was bullied, it was hell. I contemplated suicide, running away, thoughts of violence. I just wanted to be free. It was the worst experience ever. Even now I'm not a confident person.

Anything i can do to help others get through it, I'm up for it.

By: Anonymous

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I Am Ok Now

Posted: 5/24/2011

Is this what you need?

Really, for me to be taunted and laughed at?

do you seriously think its funny.
Calling me a dummy...

I am called horrible things, pushed around each day, everyday I come home with a new bruise!

I need to find my salvation...

Leaving life is not the answer, but letting myself be pushed to the ground isn't either.
I don't want to live this way, help me to find a friend...

I need you to help me,
to help me find my real life, where it is peaceful and happy.

I walked into school today, the bully wasn't there...
I asked where she was, and a teacher said she'd been expelled! :)

I jumped for joy and shouted "Yippee!" and sung a song and danced!
This was what I wanted, I wanted her to feel how I felt!

Though I didn't want to hurt her...
I didn't want to stoop to her level,

But I am ok now,

So, my story ended happily, what about yours?

By: Anonymous

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I Need Support

Posted: 5/24/2011

I'm from Mexico and I was BULLIED in school, since I was a little boy until this day, I dream of being a great singer, but at school the people bullied me, after that, my voice shake it every time someone listens to me sing, and that is the reason I'm afraid, fear of defeat, to spoof, fear of not achieving my dream, but with this campaign I feel I can do, I just need the support of people like me who has suffered rejection and bullying. I just ask some words of encouragement for trust me and to overcome fear.

By: Roel

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I Don't Know What To Do

Posted: 5/24/2011

It's getting so repetitive that I just don't know what to do. It used to be little things, like her saying I wasn't cool or I was a tag-a-long, but now, it has gotten personal. She rips at everything I say, everything I wear, everyone I know. She acts like she's my friend, but then she pulls the world out from under my feet.
She talks behind my back, and thinks I don't notice or hear what she says, but I do. I've learned to cry soundlessly. She is tearing my whole worlds apart, turning my friends against me, and talking about me when she thinks I can't hear. I can't bear it anymore. I don't know what to do.

By: Anonymous

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Doesn't Know What To Do

Posted: 5/24/2011

I go to a school where only a few people like me.

I am 13 years old and being bullied not only because I am Bisexual but because I am not smart nor am I skinny.

I am sick of this and I’m not sure on how to make this go away.

I will not deny who I am. I shouldn't have to.

I guess, I just want help on how to ignore this issue better and not allow it to get to me.

By: Anonymous

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