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How Bullying Makes Me Feel

Posted: 5/17/2011

Bullying makes me feel less than what I am. It makes me feel like I’m not wanted. Bullying does not make someone feel good, it hurts them deep down inside even if it doesn’t show. This thing called bullying makes me feel like a nobody. When I look around I see many people who are no different than me but I’m the one who feels this way. Bullying makes me feel exposed. Many kids love to make others feel uncomfortable. At times I feel depressed but I don’t talk about it, I just let it build up. I’m starting to feel confident because I see changes in some friends who may be in similar situations.
I go home and I see many people who love and care about me, but when I go places such as school I feel like other students judge me. It doesn’t feel nice but I deal with it. People stare at me and then smile or whisper. My classmates have bonded and the whole class gets along and acts like a family, but other kids make the situations worse. Sometimes I feel like I don’t care.
I don’t like coming to school every day having to be talked about. I want to be treated like everybody else. I want to feel like I do when I’m at home. I come to school to get an education, not to be judged. I deal with the judgment because I know that everybody’s not the same and I also know that everybody’s not going to like each other. I just don’t want to be bullied or see anyone else being bullied. I want to be treated with respect like everyone else.

By: Kyirea

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Posted: 5/17/2011

Always want to fight. Can't ever be nice. Punching, stomping, and taking lunch money. Is it because I'm little or because I can't fight. Why do you want to bully me that's just not nice. Scared to come to school because the bully's only pick on you because they think it's cool. Well that's not cool. Cool is being nice but bullies think otherwise that's why they want to fight. A bully's favorite sentence is "Is what you get me for lunch." After that they are chewing down on your food. Scared to tell someone because the bullies are going to knock you out. Tell someone and your worries about the bullies will be out.

By: Maurice

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Single, Lonely Life

Posted: 5/17/2011

I can’t help but to feel that no one’s there,
No one to show love, kindness, and care,
Being name called, laughed at, and pushed all around,
Almost as if everyone is putting me down,
Wanting someone to be there when I cry,
When everyone’s hurting my feelings making me want to die!
Everyday my life is getting less easy,
When all the stuck-up kids want to laugh and act cheesy,
Life is hard on me, especially not having a friend,
But hopefully all this bullying will come to an end.

By: Kirsten

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What Is Bullying

Posted: 5/17/2011

Bullying is something that should not be going on in school. Everyone is entitled to have a say at school. School is an environment in which children come to learn and make friends. Not to be judged upon their appearance. Bullying makes people feel bad and brings down there self esteem.
Sometimes I put up a personal defense that some people might take as bullying. Bullying is not a label to me, it is a sign of trying to show off their ability to pick on other people. Bullying should stop, so that everyone can live without felling like they aren’t important, or good enough for anything. Bullies take advantage of those who aren’t capable of fighting for themselves. People should be able to live without judgment against appearance and be judged by character and actions.

By: Inndia

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Do What's Right

Posted: 5/17/2011

Stand up for bullying,
even if it may be adorous.
Take it from someone who knows,
I know it can be  tough.

What your friends do,
you choose to do it too.
The person has something you want,
so you put up a  front.

You say they smell, you say they snitch,
you call them  a witch.

You talk down about them to everyone else,
when the truth is:
that's how you feel about yourself.

Your problems need to be expressed,
but not through hurting someone else.

They've done nothing to you, yet you don't care.

You talk, you stare.

You threaten,
yet after words you think it's funny.

Until it happens to you,
then you want to tell your  mummy.

It's wrong, that's why I'm writing this poem.

Be better that everyone else,
because when you talk  about others,
you're talking about yourself.

Talking about others is the way you hide
how you really feel inside.

School should make you want to come,
make you feel safe.
It shouldn't matter about
your hair, your clothes or your race.
Choose not to discriminate.

You should want to come to school,
and the only thing  you should worry
about is following the rules.

You shouldn?t have to worry about the days
that you want to come to school.

So as I rap up what I'm saying.
Take it serious  because I'm not playing.

Don't put others down because in the end
what goes around comes around.

By: Destiny

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How Does Bullying Make Me Feel

Posted: 5/17/2011

When I see a bully bullying people or little kids I try to help them. If you don’t want to be bullied then don’t bully others. I wonder if bullies feel bad for bulling someone else. I look at bullies like something is wrong with them because being a bully doesn’t feel right. Not like I’ve been a bully before. I just know that it doesn’t feel right being one. It feels real bad. Especially when you’re about 10 years old bulling someone that’s like 5 or 6 years old because they cry, scream, and get depressed.
They don’t even want to go to school. I don’t know why people bully. Is it because their life is so bad so they want to mess up someone else life. I hope bullies feel bad for being a bully. I know that they can’t bully me. No one can bully me because I’m too strong to get bullied. But I just don’t want anyone to bully someone. Everybody that bullies someone should stop because I know they feel bad for doing it. They don’t care if they cry. All they would do is laugh in their faces. They might cry too. To me, it’s so sad to see people getting bullied every day. I’ve got bullied before when I was a younger I was about 4 or 5 years old and it was a girl that was about 15 or 16 years old. I couldn’t do anything about it I was too young. I use thought they were just playing but they weren’t they was serious. Being a bully isn’t so nice. I don’t there are bullies at our school. I hope not because if there are, I would make them stop bulling.
It’s not right to bully someone. I want someone to bully them and treat them the same way they bullied that person. I would be glad to see everyone getting along with each other. And not arguing with each other and cursing at each other like they’re grown but they’re not. It’s time for them to stop bulling people. I hope they eventually know that bulling is a wrong and mean thing to because if they don’t want to get bullied then they shouldn’t bully others.

By: Kayla

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Being A Bully

Posted: 5/17/2011

Everybody has they own opinion and one of mine is that I don’t like when some people bully other people especially nice people, nice people that don’t bother no one or keep to themselves.

Bullying is a person that is mean and to weaker minded people.

Bullying is not a good thing to do to other people it makes yourself look bad, and certain people wouldn’t have no respect for you and you’ll pay back the wrong you did to people at the end.

I have a story to tell about this young 14 year old boy Ricki. Ricki was kind obese and tall for his age. He lived with his mother and his little 8 year old brother Devon. Ricki and Devon and Mrs. Johnson is a hard working single parent, she lost her husband which is Ricki and Devon father, a couple of years ago he died of an sickness, every since the boys lost their father Ricki started getting in trouble in school, getting kicked out, starting fights with people, bullying younger kids younger than him telling them what to do, forcing the kids to do things they don’t want to do taking their lunches and money from them, bullying younger kids in the neighborhood, also sometimes Ricki will bully his brother Devon and his friends. He will make Devon do his chores and his own chores while they mother gone to work, which Devon is short and slim for his age which he would do what his brother would tell him also he gets tired of his brother ruling him around which the punishments Mrs. Johnson gives Ricki no privileges to do nothing. It won’t do any good to Ricki. Mrs. Johnson found out Ricki got kicked out of school for a week for bullying a younger boy around. Mrs. Johnson got fed up with it put Ricki on another punishment made him go outside to rake all the leaves, cut the grass, water the grass and cut the neighbors grass for free, while Ricki was doing that the younger kid he bullied at school went to go get his bigger older brother he were bigger and taller than Ricki. He came in front of Ricki house told Ricki off about his brother Ricki became kind of scared shaking a little in his shoes as Ricki looked up at him as a bigger giant. He attends to pick Ricki up by one hand from his collard as Mrs. Johnson heard noise outside in the yard she looked out the window as it wasn’t no surprise but a shock with her mouth open and stayed still didn’t attend to come outside to break the fight up as the bigger boy pick Ricki up from the collard, he threw him up on the porch Ricki landed near the door on his rear, as he was hurt, then the bigger boy begin to walk away. Mrs. Johnson hurry and moved away from the window came to the door opened it and told Ricki don’t come in the house until you finish his chores it wasn’t a sign from Ricki mother if she cared about him that moment as she threatened him next time he gets in any trouble and want to bully people she offer him to a boot camp a camp that is not to pleasant to be in for younger boys every sense then Ricki start straightening up being nice to his brother and his friends, kids in the neighborhood, kids in the school attend not to get kicked out of school Ricki promise his self and his mother he wouldn’t be a bully again!

By: De’Jah

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Stop Bullying

Posted: 5/17/2011

What I can do to help stop bullying. I can tell the bully to stop picking. The bullies may not listen to me. The bullies may beat me up. But they should stop picking on the little kids. Don’t be afraid of the bullies.

What I can do to help stop bullying. I could tell the president. He would have a press conference. It would tell the bullies to stop what they are doing. Bullies should not pick on little kids.

What I can do to help stop bullying. I could tell the principle. The principle can give him detention. Or he could get suspended.

By: Geordan

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Posted: 5/17/2011

When you bully you can really hurt someone. Bullying is very mean. Bullying is taking your anger out on someone else. You shouldn’t bully. These are my opinions on bullying.

I’m going to tell you what I can do to stop bullying. I can always tell an administrator. They could suspend or expel the bully. They have a conference with the bully parents and he or she. These are some of the things I can do to stop bullying.

I can do more things to stop bullying. I can talk to the bully. I would ask a lot of questions toward why he/she bully. I would try to make them stop. These are things I can do to stop bullying.

I would encourage the victims to tell an adult. I would tell them to speak up. I would tell them not to get someone to beat up the bully. These are ways I can and you can stop bullying.

Don’t bully.

By: Jake

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Posted: 5/17/2011

My 8 year old son is being bullied by a fellow classmate. I am going to talk to the principal in the morning. It is heart wrenching when a child doesn't want to go to school and would rather die than have to face another day at school.

By: Wendy

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