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Stop It

Posted: 5/27/2015

Hi, I’m almost 14, Polish girl and this is my story. I’ve always been really shy. When I was in kindergarden, I had a lot of friends actually, but also there was a one girl that I was afraid of. She wasn’t doing anything to me, but I was just scared. Then, when I stared school when I was 7, I was a lot more confident. I had a lot of friends and I wasn’t care about this girl that was in my kindergarden and now she’s in the same class as me. And then I started 6th grade. Things starts to be a lot more harder to me. This girl is really popular in my school. A lot of people hate her, but no one ever said her h ow rude and mean to others she is. Anyways. I’m really trying to ignore her but it doesn’t work. Everytime I’m hearing that she’s talking about me, I want to cry. When she walking in the way I’m in, I’m walking away. When she’s staring at me during the lesson, I’m trying to act like I’m not seeing her and I’m writing something in my notebook. She’s always like "Why are walking away? Why are you can’t stop writing? Why are you’re hiding from me?", she’s saying that while laughing and making fun of me, because she knows that I feel uncomfortable and sad. That not all of what she’s doing but it’s not that important right now. I’ve always wanted to ask her, why she’s doing that to me. I it really that funny? Even if I’m only standing, sitting, fixing my hair or even talk to my closest friend, she could laugh at it. Everyone who knows it are saying that I need to tell the teacher or my parents. But what if she will find out and turn my last days of school into hell? People are saying ‘Just ignore her, she’ll get bored about it’, but it doesn’t work. Now, I’m having social anxiety because of her Now, I’m even trying to not sleep, because I know that tomorrow is next day, and another reason to cry. Bullies from all of the world needs to know how painful their words are, and realize that’s not cool when you’re bullying someone who is more shy or just diffrent. That all needs to stop…

By: Anonymous

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Bullying in My Life

Posted: 5/19/2015

Hi my name is Miranda, and I’m 15 and this is my bullying story. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been bullied for something; Me being so called ‘fat’, me not being the way they had wanted me to in general. Third grade is really when it all had started. I moved around a lot as a kid so when I came to that school half way through third grade I figured it would be a new start for me. Boy was I wrong! A few weeks after I had started there, I started getting picked on by these groups of girls (and boys too) for not being what they wanted me to be. They told me I was fat, a nerd, and that I was the teacher’s pet. Fast forward from 3rd grade to when I was in 5th grade at the same school. Things had relatively stopped all until one day when the same girl who had bullied me in 3rd grade had pushed me into a bookcase. It hurt when she did it then I began to wonder, why would she do that? Later on after I had moved away I found out it was because she just about had enough with me.

As stated earlier, I moved around a lot as a kid. So when I had moved towards the end of 6th grade to a completely different town, I figured again that it would be a fresh start and that I wouldn’t get bullied. And for a little bit, I was right. Everything went really smoothly and I had made some new friends along the way. When there was a few weeks left in the school year is when things started to get really bad. Maybe I set somebody off but there was this one boy who decided it was his mission to make my life there at school miserable. He tried to break my fingers in my locker when they were in the locker door by slamming the locker door shut on them. Thankfully I had pulled them out in time. He also would slam all my books to the ground, and once he tried to push me down a short flight of stairs in my school. Again, I was able to catch myself on the hand railing before anything was done. Of course he would call me the typical names; fat, slut, teacher’s pet.

After 6th grade there wasn’t really any bullying because he had been moved to a different part of the school so I never saw him again. Now here comes the time of my Freshman year in high school where it was without a doubt the climax of all this bullying. There is one class, World History where it had really all started back up again. There was this one guy in my class, and he would constantly berate me. This was the point where I first had gotten glasses so now I started getting called Four-eyes. Also at this point, I was having some personal stuff going on in my family, and somehow this kid knew about these issues. He had started making fun of me because of these issues in the middle of class. Then he would always mock my appearance because again I wasn’t exactly a skinny girl at this point. Since we’re in middle school though, the names had gotten much nastier like whore, skank, and so on. That issue with that kid had stopped when someone in my class (who I still don’t know) had gone to the dean’s office and told somebody. Then it was peaceful for a few months again until it had picked up again in the 2nd semester of my freshman year. In my gym class, there are these group of four guys who are the class troublemakers. They do nothing but cause stress to the teacher, who is retiring at the end of this school year. I started helping her out and just being a nice person. This entailed that if these group of four boys were doing something really bad, I would tell her so she could handle it accordingly. These boys had eventually found out I was doing this so they started calling me a snitch every time they saw me. Things like “hey look, it’s the f’ing snitch” and “snitches get stitches” would be told to me along with name calling as well. After one of these kids had screamed and yelled in my face in the middle of gym class, I started crying in the middle of gym class. Now before when kids would call me these names and do what they were doing to me, I could usually hold it in til I got home and then I would cry my eyes out upstairs where no one was able to hear me. People like them started to make me wonder why I was getting bullied? I mean was it something I was doing that was causing them to constantly tear me down? Was there something wrong with me? These thoughts and my emotions would be concealed by what I would like to call ‘my mask’. I would act like I wasn’t hurt and I was this brick wall that nothing could break through. That worked until that day in gym that I had previously had stated before. My days started getting rougher and rougher, but slowly my friends were backing me up, especially the ones in school. There were two kids in particular in the school, and in my gym class. They are Sophomores and one’s a girl the other is a boy. They really started helping me and were there for me during school. They made me feel safe and secure, knowing that nothing would happen to me during the day. They became part of my ‘family’.

I’m not going to lie, I’m still getting partially bullied as I am writing this to you guys. I may never stop being bullied, who knows. But I do know one thing, if you find the right people that will always be there for you no matter what and will stick by your side through thick and thin, it makes life in bullying a lot easier. I’m one voice out of millions who are being bullied, but all you need is one success story of someone who is properly dealing with bullying, and it starts a chain reaction of people who want to make a change in their lives and stand up for themselves.

By: Miranda

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Posted: 4/30/2015

When I was in elementary school I was picked on like you wouldn't believe, and it's something that I had to go through my entire elementary school career. I was constantly ignored, no one wanted to be friends with me. I remember when I tried sitting at the lunch table with a bunch of other kids they would always move away from me. It really gave me sort of a depressing feeling inside like no one wanted to be near me. There were times to when I was told by quite a few kids to my face that “No one wanted to hangout with me”, because of this that and the other. I am kinda glad that I don't remember some of the stuff they said back in elementary but what I do know is whenever I would report them to the principle's office they would not care and tell me to ignore them or blame me because I did something wrong when I never did.

Middle school was probably the worst time of my schooling career. I remember one time after a gym class I was going to the locker room to change into my school clothes and all of a sudden this random kid takes my hat away. All of a sudden he starts dragging me to the shower and starts punching me everywhere. He eventually knocks off my cochlear implant the most essential part of my everyday living. Without it hearing with just my hearing aid is very uncomforable and we wouldn't be able to afford $6000 to replace it. After the bell rings the kid stops punching me. The bell rings I am on the ground for a few minutes, then I get up go to my guidance councilor's office. Long story short they wouldn't do anything about it. They told me it's the end of the day and they would deal with it the next day. My mom picked me up I told her what happened, long story short I had to write a police report, next day kid gets suspended for just one day! My thought was unbelievable.

My first year of high school wasn't bad I went to a new High School. But my sophmore year was really bad I was targeted at school and online by kids. A girl from school that set me up online. It was another person I liked and she sent me a message saying that she liked me when she really didn't. She was pulling me a long by saying that I really liked you and I wanted to date you all that stuff that I thought was true really wasn't. I got very emotionally upset because here I thought this person really liked me and it was all a joke by her and her friends.

I was very impressed by Luna Lovegood's Ideals. It seems she had the ability to develop a hard shell towards individuals who had negative things to say about her. This is a great skill I wish I knew how to master when I was in her shoes, as a victim if bullying...... I read that she is very trusting, and never has betrayed any of her friends. I grasped this information from reading. It seems that that she cares about kids, people, and the world in general.

By: Corey

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Breaking the Silence

Posted: 4/27/2015

Jess, is the owner of Positively Oakes, a Motherhood and Children’s Lifestyle Blog over at . Here she shares her story and experience of bullying behavior first hand.

“ I remember we were all playing around with cheer stunts and I wanted so badly to be a flyer for fun, I asked and asked and these girls ignored me for a while (common) but finally after they all got a turn, I was heard! I was so excited! I had flown before and knew exactly what to do! The first time we did just a basic stunt and I was feeling pretty good, I nailed it. Then the girls said why don’t you try a harder stunt? So I thought why not, they’re talking to me, they’re encouraging me, I went up and tried to hit this stunt, we tried this a couple of times and then finally I hit it for half a second or so but then came crumbling down. Well the entire point of the bases and the back spot is to catch the flyer, right? Well my bases tried to catch me, but my entire left side fell right through their arms. This wasn’t a big deal, I wasn’t hurt and I knew it was probably an accident, I had made such accidents before as well, it happens! But here is where it took a turn for the worse, and now looking back I realize how incredibly wrong it was, the girls started whispering, things were said, and the worst thing that was said that I could hear was, “she’s too heavy to fly, I could barely hold her up.” My name is Jessica and I was a target of bullying.”

By: Jess

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Singing My Blues Away

Posted: 4/27/2015

This song by Alex Shier features middle school students and encourages them to think before you say something mean, because you never know what someone is going through.

By: Alex Shier

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Poems About Bullying

Posted: 4/23/2015

Help At Last
Unity is evident now
With community support against bullying
Schools join forces and persist against violence
Original videos great
Support the need

Help stir harassment reduction
Take the Pledge; Stand up and end mistreatment to all
Resources galore; Web search bully prevention
Petition Governor for aid
City backing

Shelter Me
All practice bully prevention
School protection commitment with youth and parent
Student wellbeing team that educates inclusion
Leaders inspire total respect
Value people

Shield yourself by sticking with friends
Postive self-talk for increase in confidence
Ignore the tyrant; say “whatever”; walk away
Get help from your peeps and adults
Power in Prayer

Approaches to keep others safe
“KIK” the mistreatment with always Keeping It Kind
Do not watch; refuse to join in the harassing
Speak out and stand up for victim
Support; get help

By: Dana

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End Bullying!

Posted: 3/27/2015

My name is Taylor. I am 25 years old and studying to achieve my second degree at a University here in Montana. I posted my relationship with my long-time, on/off boyfriend on a social media website. The next day there were two comments on the status from his sister and ex girlfriend encouraging him to dump me. I deleted the comments and messaged the girls letting them know that those comments would not be tolerated on my posts. I received several extremely hurtful messages from both girls. Both girls’ names and profile pictures would be blocked out for privacy purposes. My goal in sharing my story is simply to add another voice to the growing thunderous roar that will become the bullying prevention campaign. Let’s rid the world of bullying forever!

By: Taylor

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Head High

Posted: 2/23/2015

He walks down the hall with his shoulders hunched,
When his head should be held high.
He keeps his chin down to stay out of sight,
Just trying his best to get by.
Insults fly by his head…horrible and mean,
He looks for help everywhere, but no help can be seen.
He sighs and looks down,
Not a teacher in sight
As dozens of students laugh at his plight.
He just wants a friend, is that too much to ask?
Just a friend to stand by him among this faceless mass.
Suddenly, a yell rings out,
An angry one at that.
Is she mean, kind, friend, or foe?
He looks to where the face is at.
Her face is angry, she steps up,
To yell at everyone else.
He dares to hope…is she on his side?
Will she help him in this fight?
She takes him by the shoulder,
A smile on her face,
Leading him away from the chaos,
And to a safer, kinder place.

By: Sarah Luttrell, 8th Grader

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Thanks for the resource

Posted: 2/13/2015

Dear PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center

Thanks for making "Safety in the Online Community: A conversation with your 13-year-old about Facebook and Instagram" it's such a great resource. I loved it and learned so much about bullying and computer safety. Here is another link that also helped me in my learning about online safety that helps protect kids online.

Keep up the good work and thanks again!

Sincerely Lauren, Age 12

By: Lauren

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Inspiration in a song

Posted: 2/12/2015

When Connor experienced bullying at school, he turned to his favorite country artist for comfort. Being able to sing along with Rich Cloke’s song “Wanting You” brought this young boy with Tourette Syndrome delight. To thank Rich for all the happiness his song had given him, Connor sent him a wonderful letter.

Hi Rich Cloke
I love your song wanting you I think it’s the beast one. I love the video, I have turrts, I twich and jurk and gasp and sometimes they hurt me. Some times they make me cry and some times I cry and say I don’t want this. Y do I have to have it. When I have a bad day I watch or lisin to country videos it makes me feel better. Have a good night.

This message touched Rich, as he saw the joy his music brought Connor after experiencing bullying. In response to this meaningful message from Connor, Rich decided to reach out with an amazing message of his own.

Hi, Connor, it’s Rich Cloke, and this is a special message just for you, because you’re an awesome guy. Your letter meant a lot to me. And I was blown away by the video of you singing along to “Wanting You”.

Living with Tourette’s can be a pretty big challenge, especially when you get bullied. Kids bully for all sorts of reasons. But, know this, it’s not your fault and you don’t deserve to be treated that way. There are people you can count on for support, like your mom, your friends, teachers and other adults, and it’s good to ask them to help. There are lots of people who care about you, and now I’m one of them.

I’m really proud to have a fan like you, Connor, and you should be proud, too. I want you to stay strong and believe in yourself. And when you get sad, remember that you’re not alone and that everything is going to be OK. Hang in there, little buddy!

This powerful story shows that bullying is truly a community issue, as it involves students, parents, educators, and even country artists! When we all stand together, no one has to stand alone.

By: Anonymous

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