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Video - Jetset Getset - Stronger (Than You Seem)

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“Stronger” is a song written for the group Jetset Getset to help young people who are feeling discouraged. The writer, Jennifer Eliason, shares, "The teenage years are a time when self-esteem can take a beating. We wanted to write a song about how you can rise above the challenges and the experience can make you stronger."

Find out more about this song as well as singer bios on the Jetset Getset student created toolkits page.

From the album "Saturday Night" by Jetset Getset. Courtesy of Playback Records
Words and music by Jennifer Eliason & Trent Eliason
Song produced by Jack Gale & Jim Pierce. Video by Barking Fish Entertainment
Copyright 2013. Lovey Music (BMI) All right reserved.