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Welcome to The WE WILL Generation,

The WE WILL Generation is the generation of students that believes:

  • bullying is never an acceptable behavior
  • everyone deserves to be safe
  • we all have a responsibility to look out for each other

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1)Post these messages to social media or create your own message that encourages people to pledge to join the WE WILL Generation.

I pledged to join “The WE WILL Generation” and unite with students leading the bullying prevention movement. Join me at to take the pledge and create safer communities for all. #wewillgen

I pledge to join “The WE WILL Generation” and unite with students leading the bullying prevention movement at

I pledge to join #WeWillGen and unite with the bullying prevention movement

2)Read WE WILL Reach Out for ideas on how provide support for peers

3)Visit WE WILL Speak Up for resources on how talk with peers on creating safe and supportive environments

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5)Download the flyer and share with teachers or administrators and encourage them to share the resources school-wide


Nearly 60%
of bullying situations end
when a peer intervenes.

A powerful statistic, showing the important influence that peers can have. Imagine the power of student involvement in which students are educated, inspired, and supported to take positive action to help their peers.

The WE WILL Generation is the generation of students that believes:

  • bullying is never an acceptable behavior
  • everyone deserves to be safe
  • we all have a responsibility to look out for each other

The WE WILL Generation is about providing education to students with ideas on how to take action and be a part of creating safe and supportive schools. The resources of the program are designed to be used in schools to encourage conversation and engagement around creating a culture that is together against bullying—and united for kindness, inclusion and acceptance.

Why is student engagement important?

  • Today’s students, like no other generation before them, have the opportunity to address bullying and change the culture within their schools, communities, and online.
  • This generation knows that bullying is an issue for their peers; they want to help, and research shows that their actions will make a positive impact.
  • To be successful students need a school-based structure, supported with resources that provide practical strategies, solid information, and action steps.
  • Students often have an intrinsic understanding of their social environments and can exercise more “social leverage” with peers than adults.
  • Students who feel ownership of their communities, and realize that they can make a difference, can be powerful influencers.
  • In an interactive, conversational model, all involved –especially with students who are engaged- learn powerful lessons about bullying and what they can do to prevent it.

This generation is ready to take action, students are important leaders and can be catalyst for changing the culture of bullying that has happened to so many for too long. The WE WILL Generation says, ”This is our issue and we will be the solution.“ What they need now is education, support, and inspiration – and a creative, practical program to make it happen!

The WE WILL Generation includes the following resources for students (and adults) to create safe and supportive school environments:

  1. Ideas for students –and adults-on how to REACH OUT and be supportive of peers
  2. Resources that provide creative ways to SPEAK UP and initiate conversation
  3. Curricula designed to EDUCATE students about the dynamics of bullying and the important role students have in intervention and prevention. Presenters can be:
    • educators in the classroom, or
    • student leaders trained by an adult advisor

Want to share information about The WE WILL Generation with your school? Share this informational flyer!

WE WILL Reach Out

Students reaching out to peers — When you see someone being hurt, harmed or humiliated, do you think, "I want to help, but what can I do?" You're not alone in thinking that way—they are many who feel just like you. Kindness, support and hope are things that everyone can give—and your actions matter. Read these three strategies (1) Being There (2) Build Them Up and (3) Turn a 180 for ideas on how to be supportive. After reading through the ideas, be sure to take a moment to fill out the evaluation.

WE WILL Speak Up

Students speaking up to promote safe environments — Want to know what really impact attitudes and creates change? It's students talking with other students—especially older students talking with younger kids. When peers show that compassion, tolerance and respect are important, they create a culture that raises the standards of behavior for everyone. These interactive ideas are a creative way to learn about how to address bullying and have meaningful dialogue about how each person can make a difference. After reviewing the activities, be sure to take a moment to fill out the evaluation.

WE WILL Educate (Classroom Curricula)

Are you an educator—or a student—looking for an opportunity to build student leadership, to help develop advocacy skills and provide education on methods to respond to bullying? The WE WILL Generation curriculum is your answer. A free on-line, curriculum designed for (a) educators for the classroom or (b) adult advisors to train student leaders to engage, educate and inspire other students to be a part of The We Will Generation. To sign up for this opportunity, complete the registration form, and follow the instructions to access the lessons, activities, video, and other resources.

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Stories We Love

Spreading Love, Not Hate

When an anonymous hate page about a fellow student appeared on Instagram, concerned girls from Benicia High School (CA) decided to do something with social media that would make a positive outcome in their community: they created another Instagram account devoted to compliments. On the “Benicia Compliments” page, the first thing you’ll see is this motto: “Spread love, not hate. Benicia High School student who just wants people to feel happy.”

You’ll also see warm comments about the people tagged in the smiling selfies and candid photos, comments that praise kindness, beauty, inclusion, and much more. The responses from those tagged are grateful (“Thank you so much this means a lot”) and touched (“Awe thank you! I really appreciate it, this really made my day”). In an online world that can be harsh and unforgiving, Benicia High students created something positive for their peers and the social world around them. Read the full story

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “The WE WILL Generation”?

The WE WILL Generation is a movement designed to engage students to take powerful action to address bullying in schools, online, and in their communities. Bullying is an issue that directly impacts their generation and a student-centered program provides the opportunity to own the issue and to be the solution.

PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center

The WE WILL Generation

The WE WILL GENERATION was designed for schools and other organizations to leverage resources, at no cost and easily accessible on-line, to encourage student conversation to educate, inspire and support peers to address bullying and create kinder and safer schools.

Students are ready to take a significant role in the bullying prevention movement. “We will be the generation that says, ‘This is our issue and we will be the solution.’” Bullying is an issue that directly impacts children and youth every day. Today’s generation of students is ready to take action and uniquely positioned to prevent and stop bullying. What they need is education, support, and inspiration – and a creative program that will give them the practical skills to be part of the solution. The WE WILL Generation is an exciting new initiative developed by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center that uses an interactive, conversational model to build leadership and encourage a change in culture to address bullying.