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We Will Generation
Student-led bullying prevention movement
uniting peers to create positive inspired change

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Welcome to The WE WILL Generation,

The WE WILL Generation is a student-led movement uniting students to create positive inspired change.

Bullying is an issue that directly impacts children and youth every day. Today’s generation of students are important leaders and are ready to change what has happened to so many for too long. The WE WILL Generation says, “This is our issue and we will be the solution.”

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I pledge to join “The WE WILL Generation” and unite with students leading the bullying prevention movement. Join me at to take the pledge and create safer communities for all. #wewillgen

I pledge to join “The WE WILL Generation” and unite with students leading the bullying prevention movement at

I pledge to join #WeWillGen and unite with the bullying prevention movement

Nearly 60%
of bullying situations end
when a peer intervenes.

A powerful statistic, showing the important influence that peers can have. Imagine the power of student-to-student engagement in which students are educated, inspired, and supported to take positive action to help their peers.

  • Today’s students, like no other generation before them, have the opportunity to address bullying and change the culture within their schools, communities, and online.
  • This generation knows that bullying is an issue for their peers; they want to help, and research shows that their actions will make a positive impact.
  • To be successful they need a school-based structure, supported with online resources that provide practical strategies, solid information, and action steps.
  • Students often have an intrinsic understanding of their social environments and can exercise more “social leverage” with peers than adults.
  • Students who feel ownership of their communities, and realize that they can make a difference, can be powerful influencers.
  • In a student-to-student model, the presenters and the audience both learn powerful lessons about bullying and what they can do to prevent it.
  • This generation is ready to take action. What they need now is education, support, and inspiration – and a creative, practical program to make it happen!

WE WILL Reach Out

When you see someone being hurt, harmed or humiliated, do you think, "I want to help, but what can I do?" You're not alone in thinking that way—they are many who feel just like you. Kindness, support and hope are things that everyone can give—and your actions matter.

WE WILL Speak Up

Want to know what really impact attitudes and creates change? It's older students talking with younger students. When older students show that compassion, tolerance and respect are important, they create a culture that raises the standards of behavior for everyone. These interactive ideas are a great way to engage, interact and connect.

The WE WILL Classroom Curricula

Are you a student—or an educator—looking for an opportunity to build leadership, develop advocacy skills and educate on methods to respond to bullying? The WE WILL Generation curriculum is your answer. A free on-line, student-to-student curriculum designed for student leaders to engage, educate and inspire other students to be a part of The We Will Generation. To sign up for this opportunity, complete the registration form, and follow the instructions to access the lessons, activities, video, and other resources.

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Online Curriculum

Stories We Love

Osseo Nice Things

Disturbed by the amount of cyberbullying he saw among his classmates, one high school student from Osseo, MN took it upon himself to build up the students at his school. He created a Twitter account called Osseo Nice Things that posted only positive things about students – complimenting their talents, kindness, and achievements. Other schools across the country have taken note and created their own positivity campaigns. Sometimes all it takes to create a more supportive school environment is for one person to speak up!

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WE WILL Represent

  • Posters

    Share the We Will Generation with your school or organization. Display these 24’ x 36” posters which feature the We Will Generation pledge and how to get involved.

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  • Bookmarks

    Provide every student with a bookmark as a reminder that they are part of the We Will Generation—and that they are making a difference.

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PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center

The WE WILL Generation

A program designed to inspire student to student engagement to lead the bullying prevention movement! Students are ready to lead the bullying prevention movement. “We will be the generation that says, ‘This is our issue and we will be the solution.’” Bullying is an issue that directly impacts children and youth every day. Today’s generation of students is ready to take action and uniquely positioned to prevent and stop bullying. What they need is education, support, and inspiration – and a creative program that will give them the practical skills to be part of the solution. The WE WILL Generation is an exciting new initiative developed by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center that uses a students-teaching-students model to build leadership and encourage a change in culture to address bullying.