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The WE WILL Generation

Students Leading The Bullying Prevention Movement


The WE WILL Generation Movement

The WE WILL Generation
A program designed to inspire student to student engagement to lead the bullying prevention movement!

Students are ready to lead the bullying prevention movement. “We will be the generation that says, ‘This is our issue and we will be the solution.’”

WE  = Uniting as a community
WILL = Creating positive, inspired change
GENERATION = Recognizing today’s students as leaders

Bullying is an issue that directly impacts children and youth every day. Today’s generation of students is ready to take action and uniquely positioned to prevent and stop bullying. What they need is education, support, and inspiration – and a creative program that will give them the practical skills to be part of the solution. The WE WILL Generation is an exciting new initiative developed by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center that uses a students-teaching-students model to build leadership and encourage a change in culture to address bullying.

FlyerHow Do I Get Involved?

All are invited to join the movement! The WE WILL Generation is student-centered with many opportunities for all students. Educators, parents, and community members play an important role in supporting, inspiring and encouraging students to take action.

A featured resource of the movement is PACER’s WE WILL Curriculum, which is a free on-line, student-to-student curriculum designed for high school student leaders to engage, educate and inspire other middle and high school students to be a part of The We Will Generation.

Why is a Student-to-Student movement important?

Almost 60% of bullying situations end when a peer intervenes.

A powerful statistic, showing the important influence that peers can have.  Imagine the power of student-to-student engagement in which students are educated, inspired, and supported to take positive action to help their peers.


Messages of the WE WILL GENERATION

Respect Differences – Each student has the right to his or her individuality. Through differences we are stronger.
Unite Together – When we stand together we are stronger than when we stand alone. Our common bond is that we all have something to offer.
Take Action – There are opportunities to help those who are struggling. There is power in kindness and building people up.

Safe and Supportive School Climate

A student-to-student program is one element of a successful plan to address bullying. A student focused program should be supported with other initiatives that include:

For more information on creating a safe school climate, visit