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National Programs

  • Youth MOVE National
    This organization is the only youth led national organization that works to improve services and systems that support positive growth and development for youth involved in various systems including mental health, juvenile justice, education and child welfare.
  • National Center on Secondary Education and Transition
    This organization coordinates national resources and provides information on transition for youth with disabilities.
  • National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities
    This is a national source for information on disabilities for infants, toddlers, children and youth.  Their Transition to Adult webpage provides helpful information to youth as they get ready to leave high school.

Programs for Youth in Minnesota

  • Minnesota Statewide Family Network
    This organization works with families to create a parent and youth presence in Minnesota that can have a positive impact on children’s mental health health services.  Part of this organization is the Youth Advisory Board on Mental Health.  This board meets regularly and is run by youth who share their ideas and concerns regarding managing their own mental health needs through presentations, social media and written resources.
  • Minnesota Centers for Independent Living
    This organization supports individuals with disabilities in their efforts to have greater personal control over the decisions being made for them, and to help them be as independent as possible.  They provide information and referral, independent living skills training, peer mentorship and other supportive services and programs.
  • Institute on Community Integration
    This Institute located at the University of Minnesota, is part of a national network of programs to provide all persons with developmental and other disabilities information on how to improve their lives from early childhood through adult services. 
  • State Department of Education: Special Education
    The Special Education link at the Minnesota Department of Education offers information and resources for all students including those in transition age (14 years and up).  Their Planning Guide for Minnesota Students Entering Post-Secondary Education Programs is especially helpful for youth with disabilities after high school.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services
    Vocational Rehabilitation works with youth and young adults with disabilities to plan and prepare for work.  VRS helps the youth to create an individualized plan for employment that is consumer-directed so that they can achieve goals for working and living in the community.
  • Minnesota Youth Council
    Minnesota Youth Council is a collaboration of youth and adults working together to empower and mobilize youth across the state to exercise their voices, opinions and ideas to take action on youth issues.

Other programs

  • EX.I.T.E. Camp (EXploring Interests in Technology and Engineering)
    The mission of EX.I.T.E. Camp is to empower middle school girls in the fields of math, science, and engineering. EX.I.T.E. Camp provides a safe and supported environment for hands-on learning as well as a place to meet new friends and create lasting memories.
  • Fun Times
    Fun Times is a volunteer, social program that connects teens and young adults with and without disabilities. The Fun Times concept was originally created by Win Bennett, the sibling of a teen with a disability, and other high school students. His idea: to create a program where kids can meet and go out on the weekend to hang out like any other teen. With PACER’s help, the first Fun Times group was started in 2004 with participants from all over the Metro area. With the success of the core group, PACER would like to help other communities start their own group.
  • Teens Against Bullying
  • Children's Mental Health Youth Advisory Board