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Housing Videos/Trainings

Home Is …

This five part Housing Video Series called “Home Is…" features the voices of young adults with disabilities describing what “Home” means to them and what they have learned along the way. This series focuses on the multidimensional aspects of home - Home is not just a getting a “place” but getting “a life."

Videos in this Series

Home Is …

3:04 min

Home is Independence

2:37 min

Home is Responsibility

2:50 min

Home is Socialization

2:40 min

Home and the Community

3:03 min

Amy & Jennifer: A Journey to a Home of Their Own

Brad and Karen W. share their journey to create an Individualized Housing Option for their 29-year-old twin daughters, Jennifer and Amy. Learn from Brad and Karen about the type of challenges parents and young adults face when choosing supports and finding the most appropriate housing and services based on their daughters’ person-centered needs.

Videos in this Series

What Really Matters: Developing a vision for the future

3:53 min

House Hunters 101: Finding the right place to call home

4:16 min

The Devil is in the Details: The challenges of choosing a provider, developing a plan

6:17 min

A Home for Devin

From one parent to another: Sharman shares her thoughts about planning for housing and services for her daughter Devin.

Housing: First Steps to Independent Living

Most parents aren’t sure how to begin planning for their son or daughter’s transition to independent living in the community, but this webinar will help you get started. Participants will receive an overview of available housing and services options and person-centered planning concepts to help their son or daughter develop a vision for independent living, housing, and services.

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