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Puppet Program

In 1979, the PACER Puppets, a multicultural cast representing children with various disabilities, were introduced to classrooms of kindergarten through fourth-graders. The puppets, each a unique work of handcrafted art, were created as an innovative teaching tool to educate children about their peers with disabilities and assist schools in efforts to implement programs of inclusion. Learn more about the PACER Puppet Program.

Visitor from England laughing and holding a puppet
Trinidad and Tobago:

December 2009 - Caribbean Kids and Families Therapy Organization (CKFTO) purchased COUNT ME IN puppet set. PACER staff visited Trinidad in January 2010 to present a training for 15 prospective puppeteers.


January 2002 - Bundaberg Area Sexual Assault Services in Queensland purchased LET'S PREVENT ABUSE Puppet set.


January 2006 - University of Toyoma purchased COUNT ME IN puppet set.

United Kingdom:

February 2006 - Wakefield, England Special-Abilities (parents and adults with disabilities), a nonprofit organization serving families of children with disabilities, visited PACER for puppet training and to learn about PACER's methods of helping families.

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