As you raise your child with a disability, you may think you cannot make financial plans because you simply don’t have the time to do it or the income to make it matter. And considering high health care costs you deal with, you might wonder what value there is in planning for the future. The value is knowing you did everything you possibly could do for your child. 

It takes courage to plan. Watching financial resources dwindle can crush the spirit. Through your bravery you will find empowerment and inspiration for creative ways to meet your family’s needs. 

Try to work steadily through each planning phase. Pick areas you think need the most attention, then try to be methodical about implementing a plan. You will accomplish what you set out to do. Depend on your mind. It is a powerful tool. By being as determined as you ultimately want your child to be, you will accomplish things that surprise and delight you.

One final note: Your circumstances may not be easy. Only you and other parents who have similar experiences can know how really difficult they are. Stay connected to parents you meet through your local Parent Center, other parent groups, and your community. They are part of your lifeline of support, just as you can be the same to them. 

Thank you for using this publication. Throughout our research we tried to anticipate what questions you might have or topics you would find most helpful in improving the financial well-being for you and your family. We wish you luck in seizing opportunities to accomplish your dreams and goals.



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