Organizing Your Thoughts:
Perspectives of Your Reality

Organizing your thoughts—trying to assemble the big picture of how you will go about making decisions as you manage the practical realities of your child’s disability—is a beginning step in getting organized. Creating this big picture is hard work, but in it, you’ll find your guiding principles on how you want to care for your child. They will help ground you and keep you connected to the work you know you must do even as new and unexpected challenges arise.

Your priority is to provide your child with the best care possible. But how do you define “best care possible?”

Part of that answer will be based on experience. After you’ve cared for your child for a while—after you’ve met with doctor’s and other health care professionals, and have felt the financial impacts of that care—you may find a vision of the long-term care you want for your child begin to emerge.

Another part of that answer will be based on finding a balance in meeting your child’s growth and development needs while also caring for yourself, your spouse, and other family members.

Give some thought to what the “best care possible” means to you. Over time that meaning may change as the needs of your child, spouse, and other family members change.