Planning Your Child’s Future

Planning Your Child’s Future

Before we begin this chapter, let’s reflect a moment. Consider everything you’ve accomplished thus far, on all fronts of your life, and in your child’s life, too. Even though you might feel a lot of things are left undone simply because you don’t have the time to do everything you’d like, you have covered a lot of ground while caring for your child. From the moment you learned of your child’s diagnosis up until this moment, you’ve learned and applied a lot of skills.

It’s time to take some inventory of those skills:

  • Creativity: You’ve found creative solutions to complicated problems.
  • Zest for Knowledge: You’ve learned about many topics presented in this publication and beyond.
  • Decision Making: You’ve analyzed situations, considered the pros and cons, assessed consequences for certain decisions, then made the actual decisions.
  • Self-Motivation: On days you’re beyond exhausted, you’ve answered the call of caring for your child, other family members, and, hopefully, yourself.
  • Verve: You’ve dug deep to be persistent, tenacious, and resilient.

These are incredibly valuable life skills. Let your child experience you putting those skills into action. As much as your child’s health will allow, include the skills you develop and work on every day as part of your child’s learning process—as part of your plan for your child’s future.




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