Types of Personal Information Identity Thieves Steal

You have many types of personal information that thieves use to steal your identity. What are they? Take a look through your wallet or mailbox, for starters. Or, if you use a computer, consider the type of information you use while shopping online. 

Each family member should understand why it is important to protect this information. If you think your child with special needs will be unable or find it difficult to understand that, you’ll need to protect this information for him or her as well.

Your Personal Information

Full name


Social Security number

Date of birth

Mother’s maiden name

Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) used for ATM, debit, and credit cards

Passwords or pass-phrases that access online accounts

Bank and credit card account numbers

Your Personal Items

Social Security Number card


ATM Card

Birth certificate


Credit report

Financial statements: bank, credit card, investment, life insurance, loan

Information about your child’s benefits: Medicaid, SSI

Estate planning documents: will, special needs trust, powers of attorney, letter of intent