Your Child’s Housing Rights—The Fair Housing ActYour Child’s Housing Rights—The Fair Housing Act

The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities. The Acts basic provisions follow:

  • No one may refuse to sell your child a house or rent your child an apartment based on disability.
  • A housing provider, say of an apartment building, must provide “reasonable” accommodations for easy access to a housing unit or common area, such as a parking facility. What is “reasonable” is not clearly defined, but housing providers must do everything they can to provide access without incurring excessive financial burden.
  • Your child can request to make “reasonable” modifications to improve access and enjoyment of a housing unit. An example is requesting that a wheelchair ramp to a building’s entrance be installed.
  • Your child can make modifications to their own unit, but may have to pay for them him or herself. A landlord may also require a renter who such changes pay to have the modifications removed when the renter moves out.



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