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SUPER Service for Used Assistive Technology

The PACER SUPER Service connects people seeking to buy used assistive technology with sellers. Buyers must contact sellers of used equipment directly. PACER does not provide technical support for products. PACER requests all items for sale are clean and in working condition, but can not in any way guarantee the quality of the product.

Post An Item

Post a used item using our online form. Items will remain posted for 6 months or until sold. You can feel free to re-post an item if it has expired. Alternatively, you can also print the seller form and send it to us.

Free printed reports are available by calling PACER Center at 800-537-2237 (toll free in MN) or 952-838-9000.

To notify PACER of items that have sold please contact the Simon Technology Center at 952-838-9000.

Items Can Be Posted in the Following Categories:

Ambulation & Walking

  • Wenzelite Prone Supine Vertical Multi Positioning Stander OS 1000/2000 (added 3/21/2016)
    Asking: $600
    Contact: Dana Zimmerman at – 651-249-3208
    Description: Wenzelite Prone Supine Vertical Multi Positioning Stander. Features: Prone Supine Vertical MultiPositioning Stander with a central post with tilt mechanism. Ratchet handle also provides simple and secure angle adjustments. Foot restraint and heel cups are height adjustable with individual angle, depth, lateral and rotation adjustability. Curved rigid hip supports are height adjustable and swings open for easy transfer of child. Lateral supports on each side are individually height and width adjustable. Height adjustable trunk support. Headrest used in the supine position is adjustable in height, depth and angle. You can get the tray, but it's NOT included. Angle adjustment range of 0 to 90 degrees. Base with 4 swivel wheels with locking casters. Positioning pads are upholstered in vinyl and have additional fabric covers that are removable and can be laundered and dried. Some added features are, wedges can be placed anywhere on the headrest for additional positioning and support. Foot mounting brackets provide individual height adjustability to allow for leg length discrepancies. Knee block mounting brackets provide individual height and depth adjustability to allow for leg length discrepancies and severe knee and hip flexion contractures. Available with a variety of optional accessories. Medium: Weight Capacity 150 lbs. Basiclly we've used the stander and it's in great shape and ready to go for your son or daughter. This stander cost us over $1,000 new. We are looking for 600 or a reasonable offer. Feel free to contact me with questions about the stander.
    Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3
  • Adult Stander by Rifton (added 1/4/2016)
    Asking: $500
    Contact: Brenda Moffitt at
    Description: Like new condition. Rarely used. Has basket and tray. Blue Frame. Will send picture to anyone interested.

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Augmentative Communication

  • Dynavox T10 (added 6/28/2016)
    Asking: $3000
    Contact: Sue Webb at – 507-895-6234
    Description: Portable communication solution includes the industry's most robust research-based communication software. Just 1.9 pounds with an average thickness of less than 3/4 of an inch. Retails for $6,449 without insurance and $4,049 with insurance. Only been used a couple times because we couldn't get proper training.
  • Dynavox Maestro Series 5, version 1.07.2 (added 5/5/2016)
    Asking: $4000
    Contact: Jane Schneider at – 612-669-8991
    Description: Dynavox speech generating device with advanced eye gaze/tracking upgrades. Purchased for $12,000 in November of 2012. Have all parts and user manuals. Also have attachment arm for wheelchair use along with case and table stand. Used relatively little due to my sister's rapid disease progression. All items in original box.
  • Dynavox Maestro (added 4/11/2016)
    Asking: $5000
    Contact: Jess Jones at
    Description: Item was obtained in 2012 and retails for $8000+!! My non-verbal son used the Maestro for about 2 months off and on. It was very gently used and has been safely stored for the past few years. Please visit the following website for more specifics regarding the Dynavox Maestro: I am hoping the device can go to someone who will benefit from its use, therefore, I am flexible with my asking price. Please contact me via email with any questions or interest in the item - I can also supply as many pictures as needed. Shipping is included in price.
  • Tobii CE (added 1/19/2016)
    Asking: $25
    Contact: Jennifer Mundl at – 651-633-6482
    Description: Advanced AAC system which uses eye gaze for operation of the device. Speaking Naturally Pro is the communication software which is used. It is a complete system and everything is in operational mode. It can be used immediately without service.
  • Tango (added 1/19/2016)
    Asking: $25
    Contact: Jennifer Mundl at – 612-775-2577
    Description: A communication device which has five buttons but many levels to give it a larger choice of statement.
  • PRC Vantage (added 1/19/2016)
    Asking: $25
    Contact: Jennifer Mundl at – 612-775-2577
    Description: Like all AAC devices from PRC, Vantage Lite enables rich, independent communication through PRC's proven Unity® language system, which allows users to progress from simple words and phrases to novel and spontaneous communication. The device's expanded Unity Toolset features make it easy to build vocabulary, while 4-, 8-, 15-, 45-, 60- and 84-location display options allow communication capacity to grow along with the user's abilities.
  • Vmax by Dynavox (added 1/15/2016)
    Asking: $25
    Contact: Jennifer Mundl at – 612-775-2577
    Description: Small communication device which can be set up for scanning, switches, touch, and voice output.
  • Tobii (added 1/12/2016)
    Asking: $15
    Contact: Jennifer Mundl at – 651-633-6482
    Description: A communication device which is controlled by eye-movement. This is the first version which was made.

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Early Childhood

  • Stander by Rifton (added 1/4/2016)
    Asking: $100
    Contact: Brenda Moffitt at
    Description: K15 Dynamic Stander. Blue. Good condition. Purchased 5-19-97.

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Health & Therapy

  • Homestand II (added 1/25/2016)
    Asking: $845
    Contact: Laurie Russell Pickert at – 651-766-8956
    Description: This portable swing frame was purchased for indoor swinging to meet the sensory needs of our child. We purchased this in 2009 and it had infrequent use. The frame and all swings have always been indoors. The frame has all parts and has been very well cared for. We have four swings included: IKEA seat swing, IKEA hanging seat (Ekorre), mesh hammock, and trapeze bar. Originally purchased frame for $930 and four swings for $125. Link to swing features: HOMESTAND II
    Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3

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Recreation & Leisure

  • Rio Mobility Dragonfly Lightweight Handcycle for Manual Wheelchair (added 5/23/2016)
    Asking: $1000
    Contact: Julia Washenberger at
    Description: Rio Mobility Dragonfly Lightweight Handcycle for Manual Wheelchair (age: 1 year) (used: two times short trips) (condition: excellent) (original price: $1,175.00) Please see Rio Mobility link for pictures. Attachments for the bike are currently on a Quickie wheelchair that may be available to come with this purchase. Serious inquiries only please. Cash only. Will not donate. Paid privately for this item (not Medicaid/Medicare funded) Pictures and further description available at:

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Seating & Positioning

  • Mount-N-Mover by Blue Sky Designs (added 1/12/2016)
    Asking: $25
    Contact: Jennifer Mundl at – 651-633-6482
    Description: The first version of this custom built mounting unit for communication devices and other electronics.

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