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Teens Succeeding with Technology

The Teens Succeeding with Technology (TeST) Program is a replicable model that has been test piloted and evaluated by several MN schools including alternative school settings and juvenile correctional facilities. The TeST program is a collection of four video trainings; each training incorporates innovative, web-based technologies and resources to help high school students with disabilities transition successfully to post-secondary education and careers.

Through online trainings and activities, such as; e-mentoring, resource mapping, creation of a personal transition plan, and a virtual college campus tour; students explore post-secondary options with an emphasis on technical careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.  

Students also learn about self-disclosure, differences between high school and college, assistive technology and other accommodations that can help them achieve greater academic and personal success. Through this program, students are given opportunities to build self-advocacy skills that can help them successfully pursue post-secondary education and careers.

The following is an outline of the Teens Succeeding with Technology Program. Please click on the links below to access the free video trainings. The selected video will play following completion of the registration screen.

Introduction Video:
Welcome to the Teens Succeeding with Technology Series
This video educates those using the materials on how to use the training materials and successfully incorporate the resources and videos into current transition programs.

Video Training 1:
Career Possibilities: Explore, Dream, Discover!
The "Career Possibilities: Discover, Explore, Dream" video helps teens explore career options and learn about skills and academic areas they can work on in high school to help prepare them better for post-secondary education and careers. Interviews of young adults working in career fields helps to demonstrate a variety of career paths and how to best plan for the future.

Video Training 2:
Mapping Your Future: Creating a Personal Transition Plan
In this training students are encouraged to think about their hobbies and interests as they explore career paths. This training includes resources for interest assessments and accommodation assessments that can help students learn more about their needs and gives them more information about themselves to use in the creation of a personal transition plan. Students learn the value of having a transition plan and explore multimedia tools they can use to create one of their own such as; PowerPoint, Inspiration, Glogster, and eFolioMinnesota.

Video Training 3:
Knowing Your Options: College, Independence, and Beyond
In this training high school students learn about self-advocacy, positive self-image, various college and employment supports and resources post high school, rights and protections of Section 504 of the Rehab Act and the ADA, and understanding what “self-advocacy,” “accommodations,” and “disclosure” mean before and after high school.

Video Training 4:
Virtual College Campus Tour
The Virtual College Campus Tour was created to help teens explore the world of post-secondary education through the comforts of home. This virtual college campus tour t can help students discover and explore the many different types of higher education institutions available and answers the questions a student with a disability needs to ask to have a successful experience.

This project is funded by a Carl D. Perkins Federal Grant.


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