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Press Release

September 8, 2010
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Contact: Julie Holmquist
952-838-9000, National toll-free 888-248-0822

Be a partner during National Bullying Prevention Month in October with PACER Center

Sept. 7 CNN report highlights event

MINNEAPOLIS:  PACER Center is inviting communities, organizations and schools across the country to become “Partners” or “Champions” of bullying prevention during National Bullying Prevention Month in October. The month is sponsored by PACER.

“We’re urging organizations to become leaders of this important cause in their area,” said Paula Goldberg, PACER’s executive director. Organizations can sign on as partners or champions at, where they will also find resources and ideas for bullying prevention activities.

To learn more about the month, people can view “Standing Up to Bullying,” a Sept. 7 CNN Newsroom interview of PACER spokesperson and Disney star Demi Lovato and PACER Board Member Michael Keller at

“This event is about individuals, schools, and organizations uniting to raise awareness of an issue that directly impacts students and school culture,” said Julie Hertzog, director PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. “Those who are bullied often feel that no one cares, so let's send the message that peers, adults and parents do care."
Partners are national organizations that have bullying prevention initiatives, help children with disabilities, or focus on educational opportunities for all children. Partners are asked to disseminate information about National Bullying Prevention Month through their media channels.

Champions are national, state and local schools and organizations that are sponsoring events, providing classroom activities or raising community awareness in connection with National Bullying Prevention Month.

Participating organizations and a link to their website will be posted on, along with a list of any activities or events they are planning in connection with the month. They also have access to PACER’s bullying prevention resources, including exciting new activities, information, and contests that will engage youth, educators, and parents in creating a safer world for children.

Those resources include:

To sign on as a Partner or Champion during National Bullying Prevention Month, visit

PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center unites, engages, and educates communities nationwide to prevent bullying through creative, relevant, and interactive resources.

PACER Center is a national parent center located in Minneapolis, Minn., serving all youth, with a special emphasis on children with disabilities. Learn more at or call 952-838-9000; 888-248-0822 (national toll free).