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Press Release

March 9, 2011
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                         
Contact: Julie Holmquist 952-838-9000, [email protected]

Local bullying prevention advocates invited to White House Conference

Minneapolis, MN: Paula F. Goldberg, executive director of PACER Center, and PACER advocate Lynn Miland, along with her daughters Kelly and Maggie, have been invited to attend the White House Conference on Bullying Prevention on Thursday, March 10.

President Barack Obama, the Department of Education, and the Department of Health and Human Services are welcoming students, parents, teachers and others to the conference who have been affected by bullying as well as those who are taking action to address it. Participants will have the opportunity to talk with Obama and representatives from the highest levels of his administration about how all communities can work together to prevent bullying.

“It is an honor to be invited to this conference,” Goldberg said. “For the past five years, PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center has been working to educate communities about this serious issue and provide communities with the tools to prevent bullying. I’m glad to see that the president has made this a priority.”

Miland’s daughter Kelly, 19, has autism and was verbally and physically bullied during her school years. Miland worked successfully with school administration to keep Kelly safe at school. Miland’s other daughter, Maggie, has seen the effects bullying had on her sister and others and is taking action to prevent bullying and create awareness of the issue at the Northfield, Minn. high school where she is a junior. She created a sign titled “NHS Stands Up to Bullying,” which hangs in the school’s entry way and contains hundreds of student signatures. The signatures are surrounded by a Martin Luther King, Jr. quote that says: “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center provides information on bullying prevention for children, teens, schools and communities as well as tools that everyone can use to take a stand against bullying. Learn more at

PACER Center, a national parent center located in Minneapolis, Minn., serves all youth, with a special emphasis on children with disabilities. Learn more at or call 952-838-9000; 888-248-0822 (national toll free).