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Press Release

April 24, 2013
Contact: Brian Eisenberg (248) 752-8181
[email protected]

FamilySignal announces partnership with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center

Birmingham, Mich. – FamilySignal – the online service that helps parents monitor their children’s social media accounts – announces a partnership with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, which unites, engages and educates communities nationwide to address bullying through creative, relevant, and interactive resources. PACER’s bullying prevention resources are designed to benefit all students, including those with disabilities.

FamilySignal helps protect children by monitoring Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for conversations involving bullying, sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, profanity, racism and hate. Parents are notified within minutes – with a simple text message on their cell phones – when potential danger is detected so they can take immediate action. The service costs $4.99 per month and can be canceled at any time. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, 43 percent of teenagers nationwide reported being targets of cyber-bullying in the last year. Only 11 percent talked to their parents about instances of cyber-bullying.

“Every alert related to bullying will now include a link to to lead parents directly to their helpful resources for families and their children,” said FamilySignal co-founder Brian Eisenberg, a father of four. “PACER will in turn make people aware of the online monitoring service we provide for families. Working together, hand-in-hand, we can broaden our reach and help young people who experience bullying.”

To learn more about PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center go to

For a live demonstration of FamilySignal’s software, and to learn more about how this new technology is protecting children, contact Brian Eisenberg at (248) 752-8181 or email [email protected].