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Press Release

September 30, 2015
Contact: Bailey Lindgren ([email protected])
952-838-9000, National toll-free (888) 248-0822

Schools and communities worldwide unite together against bullying during National Bullying Prevention Month in October

Minneapolis: October is National Bullying Prevention Month, which PACER Center initiated in 2006. Students, schools, and communities across the world unite together against bullying in October to raise awareness and encourage people to take action. National Bullying Prevention Month is supported by hundreds of schools, major corporations, and celebrities.

“National Bullying Prevention Month continues to grow in the United States and other countries as more people unite together against bullying,” said Paula Goldberg, executive director of PACER Center, the Minneapolis-based non-profit that created the National Bullying Prevention Center. “We are grateful for the support from communities, schools, families, and our partners.”

There are many ways schools and community members can participate in National Bullying Prevention Month.

“October is a time when educators, students, parents, and community members can unite to share that they are together against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion,” said Julie Hertzog, executive director of PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. “Together, we can make our schools and communities safer.”


About PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center: Founded in 2006, PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, actively leads social change, so that bullying is no longer considered an accepted childhood rite of passage. PACER provides innovative resources for students, parents, educators, and others, and recognizes bullying as a serious community issue that impacts education, physical and emotional health, and the safety and well-being of students. PACER offers tools to address bullying in schools, the community, and online. For more information, visit or call (952) 838-9000 or (888) 248-0822 (national toll free).