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Activities for Youth

These free activities and resources are designed for younger students. The goal is to start conversation and creatively engage students to build their understanding of how to prevent bullying.

Take the Pledge

Learn how you can take the “Kids Against Bullying” pledge. Students promising to speak up, reach out, and be a friend when they see bullying can download the official certificate and sign their name.

Kids Coloring Book

Color the Crew! The Kids Against Bullying cast is captured in a coloring book which gives teachers and students a great opportunity to talk about bullying while they have fun. Each page includes an important message about respecting others, valuing differences, and being a friend. Download these pages and discover how kids and crayons can help prevent bullying.

Kids Against Bullying Classroom Activity Book

Free, downloadable activity book designed with engaging activities that incorporate the website. Available in both full color and black/white versions.

Kids Against Bullying Newsletter

Download and share in classrooms and libraries. Involve your friends, teachers, coaches, and parents, and unite for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion!

Kindness Catcher

A fun way to get ideas for being kind to others.

  • Print
  • Cut out
  • Fold

Then go be kind!

Create a Poster

Send us your story, poem, artwork or video on the topic expressing your ideas on bullying prevention. It can be about what happened to you or someone else, how you feel about bullying, how you think it affects students and schools, what you have done to prevent bullying, or what others can do to prevent bullying. We want to hear from everyone—teens, parents, teachers, and others with great ideas who want to improve the world.

Unity Dance

Students across the nation can come together in song and dance to raise awareness for bullying prevention by holding a Unity Dance. Get your school or organization together and use PACER’s online toolkit to organize a Unity Dance where you live. The toolkit includes the designated song for the dance, choreographed dance moves, and much more.

Where’s Pip?

Pip, the hamster mascot of the Kids Against Bullying, loves to travel. He has been known to visit schools, homes, and other locations all over the globe. Where will Pip show up next?

Unity Banner

Create a huge banner with the word UNITY as the central theme. Ask everyone to make a voluntary contribution to sign the banner, define what unity means to them, or make a suggestion about ways to unite as a school or organization. This can be done on Unity Day or anytime during the year.

A Wrinkled Heart

Designed for younger students, “A Wrinkled Heart” activity provides students with a powerful visual that shows the effects hurtful words or behaviors have on someone. The activity is simple and a great reminder to be kind to others.

Want more? -- Check out over a dozen Educator Toolkits with activities designed for the classroom, community, and toolkits designed by students for students.