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Bullies and Bystanders:
What Teens Say and What Experts Say

Two videos created by BeSmartBeWell provide insight into how students can help students.

Bullies and Bystanders: What Teens Say

Show the 4 minute video, “Bullies and Bystanders: What Teens Say” created by BeSmartBeWell

What is bullying? Bullying is all about power, and one person or group of people using their power—whether it’s physical strength, popularity or sharing embarrassing photos or information—to control or harm someone else. It can take place in person or online. Unfortunately, bullying is a fact of life for many kids and teens; research suggests almost half of teens have experienced bullying while on-line or over their cell phone in the past year.

Bullies and Bystanders: What Experts Say

Show the 3 minute video, “Bullies and Bystanders: What Experts Say” created by BeSmartBeWell

Many kids and teens believe bullying is hurtful and they should act to stop bullying; but when confronted with an actual bullying or cyberbullying situation, few intervene. Hear from experts how bystanders can stand up to bullying, and help prevent it in the future.