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Keep Going - Starting the Discussion Toolkit

More Than A Week — Keep the momentum going

Bullying prevention isn't just a week. It's an attitude and a cultural shift. Keep the momentum going all year with some the ideas listed here or on PACERTeensAgainstBullying > TakeAction

Join the WE WILL Generation

The WE WILL Generation is a student-led movement uniting students to create positive inspired change.

Bullying is an issue that directly impacts children and youth every day. Today’s generation of students are important leaders and are ready to change what has happened to so many for too long. The WE WILL Generation says, “This is our issue and we will be the solution.”

Peer (School) Projects

Creative ideas for peer to peer involvement on bullying prevention awareness and education.

Students with Solutions

An initiative which engages students to address bullying through videos, art and writing. After viewing and discussing a video(s), students can share their poetry or stories, create a drawing, film a short video, or design a graphic that are then eligible for awards and recognition.