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Create a World Without Bullying Resource Kit

Together we can create a world without bullying! This kit is designed so that anyone can set up a display with resources to educate and engage participants about how each of us can help prevent bullying. Resource kits are $50 (includes shipping). Download the flyer.

Resource Kit Order Form

Questions? email [email protected]

Resource Kits are $50 (includes shipping).

  • Please allow two weeks from date of order for delivery
  • All orders are final, no refunds
  • Resource kits can be shipped only to U.S. addresses

Every resource kit:

  • contains printed materials for at least 50 participants
  • is designed to engage individuals to take action steps to help create a world without bullying
  • features a series of 5 large posters (which can be displayed all year)
  • includes takeaways such as decals, action cards, informational brochures, pencils, bookmarks and flyers
  • provides a wonderful opportunity for students to share with peers, educators in their classroom, or at a community-wide event
  • is appropriate for all ages

Materials include:

Idea Guide: Step-by-step information on how to use the resource kit, along with creative ideas to share the materials with participants.

Download Idea Guide

Posters: A series of high impact, colorful visuals to display year round at school or at an event to encourage everyone to help create a world without bullying; five posters, 24 x 36 inches.

Note: The poster series can be ordered as a stand-alone resource for $10

Brochures: Informational handout providing ideas on how to help create a world without bullying; 50 brochures.

Cards with Intentional Acts: Business-size cards with suggestions for intentional acts of kindness, acceptance, and inclusion that  anyone can do; 100 pre-cut cards – average two per person.

Pledge: A fill-in-the-blank form on which participants can add their names to show their support; 5 pre-printed sheets provided, photo copy as needed.

Decals: Participant take-away item with an important message and call to action; 120 round stickers, 4 designs of 30 each, that are 2.5 inches in diameter – average 2 to 3 decals per individual.

Pencil: Participant take-away item with the campaign message; 50 #2 lead pencils.

Informational Flyers: Colorful, informative 8 ½ x 11-inch flyer (2-sided) outlining the creative resources, outreach activities, and opportunities available from PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center; 50 flyers.

Bookmarks: A creative way to encourage elementary school students to “Be A Kid Against Bullying” and encourage middle and high school students to “Create a World Without Bullying;” 100 bookmarks of each of the two versions.