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Become a Champion Against Bullying

2019 Champions—Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

AL West Limestone Tech School Making a music video to show the effects of bullying.
CA Boo2Bullying Boo2Bullying is a collection of artists and visionaries who are dedicated to helping transform this generation into one of strength and empowerment. Boo2Bullying was founded in 2011 in response to the challenges faced by our youth today around the issues of bullying and intolerance. We are located in Palm Springs, California, serving that community, as well as Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County and Los Angeles. Boo2Bullying creates an initiative between schools, parents and communities to help eliminate bullying.
FL Fitwize 4 Kids The Weekly Parent and Teacher Q/A Bully Magnet.
FL Youth Empowerment Summit-YES We offer Anti-Bullying Workshops, Forums and Live Interactive Skits for Elementary and Middle/High School Classrooms and Community Organizations.
GA Growing The Seed Youth Organization, Inc. Our bullying prevention campaign focuses on awareness, education, advocacy and recovery. We partner with schools, community centers and libraries monthly, providing workshops that aim to prevent bullying and issues related to suicide. This year we will be hosting a public awareness event in June (Ride Against Bullying) as well as October (Take The Pledge). In addition, we will host a monthly confidence building tools and techniques for parents and children at local libraries.
GA Towns County Middle School No Name-calling Week, Random Act of Kindness Week, Beyond Differences, Red Ribbon Week, Yellow Ribbon Week.
MD The Bradley and Nikki Bozeman Foundation Bradley & Nikki visit local schools to speak about kindness, bullying prevention, and the importance of being true to yourself.
MD EGS Gymnastics Parent Association 4th Annual EGS GYMNASTICS, ANTI-BULLYING INVITATIONAL, January 12-13, 2019. The goal of this meet is to raise more awareness of bullying and encourage everyone to take a stand against bullying.
NC Catman2 Shelter We have a DVD in which a cat, who was bullied by other shelter cats solves his problem by taming those who were bullying.
NY You=Love We give stickers, pens, and pins with the message/equation You=Love! The You=Love equation is a response to hate and fear. The You =Love non-profit encourages humans to use there Love Power to be the cause of great peace and equality.
SC The S.A.F.E. The S.A.F.E. Organization will host an Anti-Bullying Rally and Walk, Saturday April 6, 2019, 8:30 am at Edisto Garden’s Art Center Shelter.
SC Aftershock Youth Empowerment Creating stress free zones in the classrooms by providing resources, life coaching, mentoring and tutoring to students that are experiencing bullying.
VA Project Bully I am currently working on ideas for another video focusing on cyber bullying.
WA Madskills Basketball Academy We would like to hold an event or a seminar that would help educate and empower others to help prevent bullying.
WA Stronger Together As this is a very small organization, we have only done activities in Mountain View High School. We have made posters about bullying prevention, and reminding others on how amazing/loved they are. I have contacted the Evergreen Public Schools board of directors to make a change to our district's current bullying prevention program.
WA Blind Judo Foundation and Cahill's Judo Academy Coach Willy Cahill of Cahill's Judo Academy, Co-Founder of the Blind Judo Foundation along with Co-Founder Ron C. Peck have zero tolerance for bullying. All instructors are alert to any and all forms of bullying again with a zero tolerance approach. Civility and respect is practiced on and off the Judo mat.

2019 Bullying Champions from Around the World - Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

- Canada United to End Bullying Everything we do is to start conversations on bullying prevention and kindness, to empower youth, and to end bullying. We offer the UEB Annual Grant Program in the spring and an annual Coloring & Poster Contest in the fall. We support schools and organizations working with students to encourage their bullying prevention and kindness initiatives.
- Canada Difinity Dance Studio and Productions We have several Disability related inclusive Dance Crews that focus on the education and empowerment of youth. We prevent bullying through inspiring dance performances and inspirational workshops by youth and adult students who have experienced bullying as a child or teen.
- Nigeria Bullying Is No Option Outreach programs, workshops, distribution of sensitization materials.