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Bullying Feels…

Posted: 4/17/2011

Why does that bully make fun of me?
Why doesn't he know it is as mean as could be?
Why did he put gum in my hair?
Why does he bully me everywhere?

Why doesn't he know that it's really not cool?
He thinks he is great, but he's really a fool.
Oh, why is he the only one that is mean to me?
Should I push him down too, or just let him be?

Now it was enough and it was going to stop.
I asked, "Why are you always bullying me?"
He said not a word.
He knew he was wrong and that he was not nice to me one bit at all.

It has been a few days and he leaves me alone.
Now he feels guilty most of the day.
Bullying is mean,
And that's all there is to say.

By: Stephanie, Grade 6

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