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The Food Chain

Posted: 5/23/2011

I’ve been bullied or talked behind my back for almost 10 years. I get pretty used to it since I did have this kind of unusual personality that people don't see as normal or good to look at. I would always be happy, do weird stuff that amuses me or even make the others laugh. I just don't know how they started to talk about me like I'm some kind of a threat or weirdo.

But I endured all of this because I have friends that understand and support me and it would just make me ignore all of it. For the kids out there who have been bullied, don't mind those bullies for talking behind your back, it’s just their either jealous for your open personality. For those who are bullied physically, don't be afraid to consult the adults or confront them why do they bully you like that.

But if cases comes to death threats or something like that. It's a serious matter that you tell the principal or the adults. Mostly, these kinds of bullies are the outcasts themselves in my opinion. Afraid of going down of this so called 'food chain' , popular, normal, geeks. What's with all that? Is it just because a person does theater their gay already? That doesn't make sense for me. This is one of the things how I got over bullying, I would just think that I'm more emotionally prepared for anything that happens to me, may it be outcast by the others because of the rumors being spread.

Rather than the others who are afraid to equalize themselves with the others and make them think their they're in the top. No one was born higher than the other. We are all equal. Those so called princesses or jocks grew the same way as we do. Just a they grow up pride filled them under the influence given by them and that's how the food chain starts where the predator aims for the prey, us outcasts. So to all my fellow people of the world who have been bullied into thinking that we want to die.

Don't give up, all of us can have a strong point in our heart that we can surpass this obstacle in our life that will just make us more strong-willed in the future.

By: Anonymous

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