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I Just Want To Be Included

Posted: 5/23/2011

this girl i thought was my friend said i was a frizzy-haired bookworm. ever since then i have been so self concious about my hair and how i look. i don't kiss people for the heck of it. she called me a loser because i went to this popular hangout and she doen't go because she thinks it's stupid. my own bestfriends won't save me a seat at lunch and when they do they don't talk to me.they leave me out of stuff when they know im in the room. i'm bored and tried of staying home. it's boring and i'm alone. i have low self-esteem. the populars don't like me because i get straight a's (this quarter for the 1st time). i'm smart and i get called a nerd. i'm tried of all the name calling. in 6th grade there was a anti-(My name) group. it was awful. my school is filled with snobby kids tho. i've come to the point of wanting to cut myself. i never do. or never will. i just want to feel included.

By: Anonymous

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