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Posted: 5/23/2011

I happen to have Asperger Syndrome. I like a quiet classroom because it helps me pay attention to the teacher. I am very interested in what the teacher is telling us and I find it extremely frustrating when the other kids are too noisy for me to hear and the teacher doesn't make them be quiet. I also like to collect sticks and bring them home, play pretend video games during recess and sing songs when I'm happy. I know I can't sing while I'm in the classroom.

Mom and Dad have taught me that would be disrespectful of the other kids trying to concentrate. But why are they allowed to talk? And why do they get away with teasing me about wanting to take a stick home when the teacher gave me permission to take it?

Why do I get in trouble when I tell adults what happened and they don't do anything, so I figure I have to make the mean kids stop myself and the mean kids don't get into trouble just because nobody SAW them be mean to me?

The BIGGEST thing for me would be if teachers would believe me and give the bullies consequences, instead of just me when I try to stick up for myself after I've told the teacher and nothing was done, so I feel like I have to take care of it myself. I just want to learn in class and have a few friends.
If someone doesn't like me, that's ok, just leave me alone then. But they don't have to be mean to me.

By: Anonymous

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