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Posted: 5/23/2011

This needs to STOP!!!! NO ONE should ever feel afraid for their life everyday going to school. My grades are hurting because I can't focus on school work when all I'm thinking of is how to survive walking down the hallway to my next class! I also don't participate in any sports or other activities because there's always one of "them" there ready to harrass me! They drive by my house and yell out their window mean things,they crank call my phone and harrass me,threaten me,put me down! They chase me down the hallways at school and yell mean things,slam me against lockers,throw things at me,laugh at me,imitate me,pull my hair!!!! It's harrassment and whenever I tell the nurse,guidance counselor or principal they tell me to ignore it and it'll go away or to change and become more like them!!!! NONE of these things will help and no one seems to understand or care or wanna help!!!! I feel helpless and all alone in a battle that I didn't start!!!!

By: Anonymous

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