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I Was Bullied and Bullied Back

Posted: 5/24/2011

I was bullied throughout my 5th grade year. People would walk and say something mean and rude to me I felt really bad and would feel like I had nothing else to do but make fun of that person back. The reaction I saw in that person's face reminded me of someone and that someone was me. That whole night I thought about it and wondered how embarrased that person was. It was like he felt like me. So the next morning I went up to him and said sorry.

At that moment his friends came up and he said '' Get away from me you dumb pig. You probably have a disease and I do not want to catch the uglies so get away ''. At that moment I just walked away. I ran to the bathroom and cried because I was so humiliated. That night I just wanted to die. I thought to myself that i shouldn't care what other people think I should just care what I think of myself. I think I am beautiful and no one can tell me different.

The next morning I walked into class and everyone was staring at me and giggling. Then the boy who made fun of me came up to me and bumped into me and said '' move fatty ''. Everyone laughed. The rest of the day I had my head down with a frown on my face. I wanted to tell the teacher but I was embarrased and thought everyone would think of me as a tattle teller.

I went home and thought that I needed to learn how to stick up for myself without hurting someone’s feelings.

That next morning I went up to the boy and said '' Okay I am fed up with you bullying me and I am asking you please to stop. So please stop''.  The boy was speechless. He walked away. Then I walked to my desk. Later that day he came up to me and said that he was sorry and he was not aware of how much he was hurting my feeling.

A burst of happiness rushed through me and I had no more problems throughout the year. Now I am in sixth grade with confidence and happier than ever. I will never forget that week and I encourage everyone to do the same.

By: Terran

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